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  1. the downward spiral in rent is growing strongly. Even more young couples are moving in with parents and putting thier place up for let only to find 3 months later it is still empty. It is having an impact on nice areas as there are too many empty properties around and at risk from squatters and vagrants
  2. It may not but it'll give the seller a more accurate idea of what is happening rather then focussing ontheir own mortgage or debt
  3. this is still only the start - there will be dozens of 'surprise and hidden black holes in balance sheets' for years I've heard about leveraging risk..turns out they're just simple fraudsters. Even more homeowners will go to the wall as loans are called in
  4. nonsense you need to be putting in offers like that now. sellers should be clear what an honest value fo their property is
  5. Be Patient. The problems of the economy will last 5-10 years not 5 months. There is no protected area - london or otherwise. There maybe a few cash buyers but they tend to be in big cities and are getting fewer by the day. the banks balance sheets are in amess the government may cover up the details but they canonly do this over a few weeks. Hasn't darling just said the 'trillion dollar bailout has stabilised the banks' give me a break noone knows how much leverage the banks have and even a trillion hasn't been near enough
  6. thats where my son's flat is and i can't say hes had any interest at all yet
  7. I think the unemployment thing is only just starting to hit home. Those too young to remember the 70's should take heed it won't be nice
  8. what i like about the irish is that so many thought this was going to happen even when they were in the middle of it. I never felt the Irish really bought into being rich based on debt. If they can get out of the shackles of the franco-german alliance then they will eventually recover
  9. from what you've said 250k would be a fair and reasonbable offer. Maybe too generous on your part.
  10. A lot of these people knew it couldn't go on and fooled themselves. they bought into the media hype and the idea of being a part time property developer. How many people were into property. Or doing property up on the side. Its nonsense and they will lose out unless the government destroys the nation in trying to keep these people afloat which it has failed to so far.
  11. I really hope it is, but they'll find a way to weedle more cash out of us
  12. If you consider this is the peak time for sales historically, if deals aren't happening by May its all downhill for EA's for the rest of the year. I hope people are more realistic and sell quickly which would help the economy as a whole
  13. i think foreigners are leaving rather then coming.The number of rich europeans and middle east people has definitely fallen in london. I tend to see a lot of them in my shop and the drop off has been noticeable. When times get tough people turn homewards - sort that out first and then consider external investment
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7992352.stm Think of those lovely 2nd homes once the leeches..sorry MP's have tog ive them up and move into affordable hostels!
  15. that mindset is changing I think the lack of bounce and the fact that there is no more finance coming into the housing market makes a huge difference People who could have got a better price by dropping prices 6 months ago are now waking up to the fact that now and in the future they'll be accepting even lower bids if they want to sell
  16. that is the problem with liars you can't trust them even on the basics of settling a price
  17. she sold in 2005/6 and i think shes made enough profit through good judgement. oh look how much is she saving in the next 10 secs...1...2...3...4.......wow that must be anther £200 in house prices crashing
  18. the number of people who are not productive - some genuinely unwell, many just playing the system.Add those to the underclass and we have a huge population who live off the work of the hard working class - those who do an honest days work
  19. they may have been dumb - but newspapers and politicians fed into this lie
  20. but a lot of these fools bought homes not investment properties and i feel very sorry for them
  21. my son did the same - to be fair i didn't have a clue about the housing market at that time as my mortgage was sorted some time ago. i do feel there was a lot of pressure on young people to 'not miss the boat' my son can afford the hit but most people won't and it does anger me
  22. I agree a few complaints to OFCOM should be placed .. it downright irresponsible
  23. very good, i guess shes just copying a more competent economist
  24. thats a fair comment - greed and stupidity never a great combination
  25. unfortunately people have spent the equity on their houses, on meaningless cosmetic changes in the house to holidays and cars. its stupidity but not as we know it
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