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  1. you've got to respect the arrogance, meritocracy for those who went to the right school and have the right background..the truth is that the talent in the city doesn't sit in the boardroom. its these schiesters we need to get rid of
  2. It sounds strange but despite the zanu labours best efforts to destroy us we are somehow still a leading maufacturer nation. We would be even stronger with good government. Look at pharmaceuticals, security/arms, engineering we're still good. Of course it may not last, but compared to our european neighbours we're in a good posotion. Of course thats pure luck and its the reason why sterling will do OK. At least we know our bankers are fraudsters as the americans do. But there are big chunks of europe who think their banks are sound...f***wits!! I think if we can get more competitive and undo some of the damage to our education system we are in position to do very well. But thats optimism for you!!
  3. Its exactly this sort of ideologically driven rubbish which is making us umcompetitive. I actually believe in fair pay...but not some sort of protected ground for public school types or dogma leading to job losses The economic crisis means we're going to get poorer and those who do the work should get paid, those who don't just shouldn't. The only exception should be those who are genuinely ill or disabled. It means getting rid of paternity, maternity and the other none productive pay situations
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8173445.stm Every few months the equality quangos claim the pay gap is not falling and always back it up with fraudulent data. yet no-one ever criticises them for it. Its very easy to see through it: they usually take a cohort of people and just compare average female pay with average male pay. You can see how poorly this is done when they compare male and female doctors pay. I've seen how strictly this is regulated with levels of years of service contributing to paygrade. There can be no 'gender pay gap'. yet the equalities commision would claim there is in the NHS because they deliberately ( and fraudently) avoid the facts and do not compare like with like. So as there are more male senior doctors and more females work part time that will skew averages. But any simpleton can see when comparing like for like there is no gap. Now consider they fail to use simple logic in every report they produce how are they still being taken seriously? We've seen in the banking world its going to the right schools that make the difference - male or female. If you're from a working class background or from an ethnic minority I suspect you don't get invited to join the quango/board of companies merrry go round. We need to recognise going to the right public school still is more important then anything and the 'gender' issues are exclusively played out for public school girls in city jobs so they can get massive payouts when they want out.
  5. its outrageous, one incompetent schiester after another. It seems though it doesn't matter how incompetent one is as long as you belong to the right old boys/girls club - you're guaranteed a place on the gravy train of mediocrity and lots of money
  6. The houses are quite nice, the schools are rubbish and people aren't the nicest. My daughter is looking around there for some reason. Its not an area to bring up children
  7. I've come across 1 story of a vendor pulling out after exchange. They were trying to get more money for their house. These sellers were relatives and they thought they could pull a fast one. The buyers weren't stupid and demanded the sale go through or they would sue which would prevent the sale to anyone else. After 4 weeks of begging letter from my relatives with made up stories they capitulated and sold. Their solicitor had essentially also told them they had no chance and their estate agent also wanted their fees immediately. Unfortunately greed is a nasty thing but needs and can be stamped on immediately.
  8. I had to crack up when I saw the Phd method of selling a house at approx twice its value http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...es%26index%3D70 Just to put you in the picture , at the peak of the market a 4 bed house was costing between 450 - 500K Some con artists should be jailed..i just hope there aren't too many F***wits out there
  9. aren't we proud of these superior bankers who are able to make profits..its almost as if they were making the figures up and conning us all. God forbid, of course they're not..its just that they are so clever. well done goldman ...shall we all stop bending over now?
  10. The so called resilient areas are getting fewer and fewer. Previously resistant areas such as kingston have taken a fall whereas wimbledon and putney are still riding high. I guess in London transport is starting to win over areas with good schools. Outside london I'm sure there a revery few places that havn't taken a huge hit. I have relatives in Manchester and Birmingham and those cities are disaster zones. Especially in the luxury flat market!!
  11. hopefully the whale is now extinct...he was so rubbish another radio presenter with the intellect of a stale doughnut
  12. Unemployment less then it was under the tories..NO its not. Any simpleton should be able to realise that the labour party changed the definition by which they count unemployment, taking about a million off the figures. Also note how the labour scymbags always talk anout employment rates not unemployment...
  13. I have to admit to my sins I am one of those who voted him out i 1997. If only if we could go back in time. How was I to realise that I was voting for the criminals blair and brown. I apologize and ask for forgiveness. I think Major talks a lot of sense, even as PM he tried. But the tories were on the path to self destruction which left him in the lurch. Can you imagine if he had stayed. More conservative spending in the Boom - no social engineering, no ideological gibberish in schools. Wow its a shock to think we, the electorate are to blame for our own ills!!
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8131682.stm This tripe by the chairman of HSBC has driven me to distraction.. shocking (maybe too honest) by a leech - like all senior bankers
  15. its an unfortunate truth thatthe swiss have made money froim the blood of innocent. Be it their connections with nazi fundings and in modern times corropt pakistani and indian politicans have billions stashed away there. And a load of madoff types also keep plenty in switzerland. unfortunately this is what will save them. There are no shortage of dodgy thieves and mobsters and politicians who need a a safe untoucable bank...the swiss will live on
  16. In the real world you can tell this is a joke as evryone knows Foxtons overvalue hugely. If I was going to choose places in Kingston and its a great area but foxton's don't get good quality or value properties to sell. Kingston has really taken a hammering and if you can get 325K you should find plenty of homes but really keep away from the cons from Foxtons
  17. Its quite clear that most areas and especially 'luxury flats' will see falls for a long time yet. All the new build flats in birmingham, manchester and london are still largely empty
  18. For all the financial incompetence of Brown the bad news on the horizon for the eurozone is worse. The impact of eastern europe has barely made it to euro banks. It is no coincidence that european banks have not released their figures, the obvious reason is that they are in dar worse state then any US or british bank. All this nonsense about this being purely an anglo nmerican problem is starting to unravel. Yes the US/UK started and worsened things but the greed got to the europeans as well. The fact they're being dishonest means medium term they could find themselves in greter difficulty. I wouldn't commit completely to suros. Keep broad portfolios of currency if you can and get ready for major european finance problems. We in britain are going to be Ok not becasue of browns abitity but even more incompetence in europe
  19. What a load of C***, having lived in many cities around the world this survey must have been generated by some of those deviant sections of the community. How can a survey be taken seriously if vienna is seconfd and manchester makes the list. Grant you the canadian citites mentioned are good places, but the rest of them are bland souless dumps. London can be everything and anything to everyone. If you're looking for 24 hour london then there are plenty of places for it - if you want family london there are numerous places. I wasn't born a londoner but having travelled and lived in several places in the UK and north america and middle east, london wins hands down.
  20. Which may explain why all biblical texts speak against usury and without it the value of profiteering from money
  21. Unbelievable, today we had the town of thanet giving money away at 0% interest. Trasy houses in wales for £80K who buys these places. The programme is taking on comedic values. There were a lot of carpenters who became property developers on the side and now they're shafted with no real CV and deskilled in specialist carpentry
  22. They haven't stabilised at all but the bulls*** continues
  23. If you're willing to rent out out and accept well below market rates you may get away with it Otherwise it depends if you gat a property at the right price. there are still too many vendors/EA's asking silly prices
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