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  1. I don't think sibley is here for honest discussion so don't hold your breath
  2. it was a reasonable assessment of tough times ahead.
  3. How much do they cost and how often do they need to be renewed? It does sound vaguely useful. Do buyers get them automatically or only if you request them
  4. I hope they have some positivity rather then just cold facts
  5. Our nations has flourshed because even politicians put the nations future first..sometimes...this needs to be one of those times
  6. Inflation in the real economy is already going up. I don't see any action yet. Just because houses are collapsing doesn't mean real costs are not increasing
  7. The government has to lead the country - even they should realise they're finished. They should leave the country with sole little optimism
  8. As someone with no debt that's why i am surviving. But as a manufacturer who employs skilled people losing people now will mean they may never return to this industry. The governments attempts to prop up the housing market have failed. And the fact we have no more money to throw away and growing unemployment means things will get a lot worse before they get better. If the government was to encourage the bottom of the housing market it may allow people to move down, get rid of BTLs by land taxes on 2nd homes. They will win some voters over and also stabilise things so FTBs with their store of optimism can buy homes and start the economy going forward
  9. Its clear that we're only part way through this disaster but I don't think its all good news. the economy is struggling
  10. Most nurses are not particularly bright. Nowadays they don't even nurse they seem to swan around trying to be doctor wannabes. I am all for fair pay but lets start paying health care assistants as they seem to be the new real nurses Lets get nurses nursing and caring. Last time in hospital I met a consultant with the title doctor - turnes out to be a nurse 'consultant' with a Phd in social policy. I was outraged at the growing deception
  11. They do look useful? So right now what information can you ask for? Does it apply retrospectively?
  12. Why can't we have a serious discussion here? We don't need EA's trying to talk up the market or people trying to shoot down things. The truth is grim enough. I don't see 3 million unemployed being particularly good news. We should be discussing how to get the economy back on its feet in the next 12-18 months. We shouldn't allow house price crash to drift down over the next 5 years - short sharp pain is the best way
  13. To be fair I am not bothered how far the house price does crash. I do have a vested interest as a struggling small business I need the economy to move on. So however far It needs to go down I want it to happen ASAP. I want us as a nation to move on as soon as and if prices have a long way to go down - which seems very likely I'd rather it happen over the next year rather then next 5 years. I'll survive the year not five!
  14. Its starting to get picked up by news - radio 5 and website. I just hope the economy can last before people wake up and start selling houses at realistic prices. Only then can we move on and focus our money on a more productive economy
  15. Its time the government was clear - the sooner we reach the bottom the better. It may be worth publicly saying that prices will stabilise at 2001/2002 level and thereby force the bottom of the market. It may prevent the price going lower?
  16. As house prices continue to collapse we need to recognise that we need to reach the bottom ASAP other wise we will all suffer
  17. Typical Niall Ferguson - its quite funny seeing an free market ideologue suggesting state support for homeowners. He doesn't state his own vested interests but it does sound like he has some. Its fascinating how these 'principles' are falling apart
  18. its clear the only way to sell is to be realistic aout current house prices and future value 20-30% should be a minimum starting point off asking price and you shouldn't pay any more then 15% off
  19. My son was advised not to take his flat off the market and then reconsider selling later as the new hips rules come in then. Is this going to have a significant impact? Are they available now? are they any use? Or will they just be an additional problem when selling a house?
  20. The germans haven't devalued their education system and their science/tech/medical industry hasn't fallen in relative position. Also they value manufacturing ( with the requisite protectionism that is required!)
  21. Thats very impressive - how do people remember such things , unless of course mr g davies reminded the FT !
  22. It is true there is huge variation in sellers expectations. But in an economy where we heading to 3 million unemployed there will be a substantial crash to come. If sellers are unwilling to accept reasonable bids move on. My son has not accepted offers less then what he paid on his flat even though you can buy identical flats for 20% less at asking price. So its hardly a surprise its not sold for over a year! Also take into account many people who are surviving because of low interest rates have put their house up for let and moved in with parents. These people will slowly drop off and put their houses on the market and as things worsen they will accept lower prices. Its strange how incompetent Brown has given rise to an expectation that we'll be out of trouble in just 2 years. Considering how bad this recession is, this will be with us for several years, after all far smaller recessions have taken about 4 years to recover from.
  23. isn't that the point of AIG - its so complicated that only a few people understand it
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