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  1. Came accross this for a free iPad http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Z8958S8 Interesting to see results
  2. I read some bad reports about homesale online, seemingly the owner was involved in a letting company that kept all client money check the link http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/life/consumer/2009/02/15/it-s-simple-simon-keeps-your-cash-78057-21124383/
  3. Yeah if you want to save money use one of the online HR providers like Allscot and then agent Scottish house move, it saves you a fortune and I just think all the big agents and surveyors rip you off. good luck !!
  4. Thats two more RE/MAX offices shut in and around Glasgow this week. Uddingston and Blantyre. That must make about 10/12 in and around Glasgow in last 2 years. Any other agents gone this month ?
  5. Every EA out there are going to tell you that they are the best. I went with a GSPC agent after moving from c/wide as the new EA was on rightmove and GSPC. Most companies like C/wide, clyde, SHogg A&H only really use righmove but for the same marketing fee I got on both website and in paper. But agree the EA you choose should be an experienced agent that do letting as they will survive.
  6. There are a lot of ads from people looking to buy properties at 25% less than survey value. I called out of interest and asked why 25% less and was told that if they could buy a house at £75K that was surveyed at £100K then they did not need a buy-2-let deposit as the bank would lend 75% of the £100K. My broker tells me this is wrong as the bank only let 75% of the purchase price which is £75K. Anyone any idea how this would work?
  7. Managed to sell (had to move agent after 4 weeks) sold for the asking price on my home pack.. On speaking to my agent he seems to think that the prices won't fall much further. There was 4 houses on my street for sale (some for 12 months) and I sold - neighbours very jealous. MY EA basically was honest and told me sometimes is just down to luck selling but he did say that propreties with home reports are selling a lot quicker than those without. He says down to 2 reasons, 1 you are on the market at the right price as there is a value on the house and two buyers are asking for the reports. I am now looking to haggle something off some of the properties on the market for sometime.
  8. I am a newby and thought I would post. I am selling with C/Wide and they told me about this policy and I told them to let anyone see it who asked and they have being doing this. Not been much use though as had NO veiwers in 4 weeks. I paid £600 for the report so there is no way I did not want people to see it,
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