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  1. I don't get why so many remainer Brits are obsessed with FOM. How many Brits are actually in the EU because of FOM? I've seen a figure of 1.2M Brits in the EU. Half of these are retired people or self sufficient. So we are talking about 600,000 Brits living/working in the EU (bugger all!). Surely this number would be the same even if we weren't in the EU? Have you seen the unemployment rates for young people in some of the main EU countries? Young people have 10x better chance of getting a job in the UK. I think some people are living in a dream world in which they will be working in a bar on the med shagging Italian waitresses/waiters etc even though the reality is they will end up working in a Tesco Express in some sink estate in Hull.
  2. Scotland's Exports (Source: http://www.gov.scot/) 2014: Rest of UK: £48.5 billion Rest of World: £15.2 billion Rest of EU: £11.6 billion 2015: Rest of UK: £49.8 billion Rest of World £16.4 billion Rest of EU: £12.3 billion ^ And they want to leave the UK and join the EU, for trade purposes they say.
  3. Maybe re-brand it as "first member to leave before the collapse of the EU". Not sure why Scotland are keen on a new referendum, the stay in the UK vote is at 52% and those are the people willing to admit it. Maybe they will just hold a referendum every 2 years until they get the right decision then immediately stop holding them.
  4. Why are MPs allowed to do other jobs? They constantly moan how busy and hardworking they are. Are we taxpayers paying expenses to run his constituency office whilst he is off working privately for a bank? Someone should start a petition, no MP should be allowed to earn more than say £50k privately. If they want to do so they can sod off and stop being an MP!
  5. We could end up with another 500,000 showing up from Eastern Europe in that time though to get their foot in the door.
  6. I have no problem with an unelected house looking over the laws. I would fill it with retired judges High Court level and above who had no political party affiliation or at least quit any political party they were a member of before sitting in the house. Having read the amendment, I can't see what difference the thing makes that is already available in the current law? Can someone point out what extra rights the amendment would give EU Citizens they don't already have? The amendment in full: "Within three months of exercising the power under section 1(1), Ministers of the Crown must bring forward proposals to ensure that citizens of another European Union or European Economic Area country and their family members, who are legally resident in the United Kingdom on the day on which this Act is passed, continue to be treated in the same way with regards to their EU derived-rights and, in the case of residency, their potential to acquire such rights in the future."
  7. None of these amendments are saving us from "mental things" though. They are just little tweeks in the law here and there. Putting EU Citizens rights above British Citizens is more than a tweek and is a "mental thing" more than all the above examples you have provided added together.
  8. So give me some examples then in say the past 20 years in which the Lords have saved us from mental things. I look forward to your reply.
  9. May should accept the amendment. Trigger A50, then immediately create 100 Tory Lords and repeal it in 12 months time, along with introducing a new "Abolish the House of Lords" Bill. Maybe even call an election after A50 is triggered on this basis. Labour will end up with 60 seats and the SNP will become the Opposition Party. I don't see why we need the Lords or to replace it. Get rid of it completely and see how things go. The MPs should be doing any job the Lords does incase. I don't see it as May suffering a "bloody nose" I see it as the turkeys in the HoL voting for the mother of all Christmases.
  10. Surely it's no surprise that most benefit claimants in Britain are British people? I bet a good % of these are disabled and the over 60s, i.e. retired, something non-UK/EU citizens will be under-represented in. I have no problem with us looking after all UK citizens, it's not like we can deport them anywhere is it? Even if non-uk people claim benefits as a less % in like for like age group comparison, I don't see why that argument matters, why should we pay anyone who wasn't born here any benefit if they haven't worked? Their own country should look after them, save for the few odd cases of people who came here as children etc.
  11. Some reports about Carswell in secret negotiations to rejoin the Conservative Party. How long can UKIP last now when their only MP buggers off?
  12. I am sure there are just as many British people in Pakistan claiming benefits there.
  13. Just watched the BBC documentary a few pages back. That ends with Brexit might not matter in the long run as there might not be an EU to leave in a couple of years. It was an eye opener to see that 90% of Italians blame the EU/EURO for their problems. They have 50% youth unemployment in some of these Southern EU countries. The parrot is DEAD. It is not sleeping or having a rest, it is DEAD.
  14. Maybe they are busy enacting the will of the people. The EU will die once it is de-funded and when the only counterweight to German rule (br)exits.
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