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  1. I dont necessarily think that they are, I was only making a proposition for debate, perhaps some of you dont understand that. I have to say, I am a bit astonished at the aggressive nature of the response to this thread. Why do you all see the need to vigorously attack any opinion other than your own? Perhaps you are not as sure in your own mind as you used to be. Anyway, that's all from me. I wont be reading any more responses, but it has been nice chatting to some of you. I will leave you with the re-assertion that I do not think prices are bottoming out or that they will rise again any ti
  2. Again, I have no strong views for or agsinst. Some of you seem very defensive.
  3. It seems I have picked the wrong place to try to have a balanced debate with people who attempt to see both sides of the argument. I shall withdraw to my own little thread about apartment management companies.
  4. I bought in the late 1990s. And this brings me to another point - VIs are mentioned very frequently here, but surely every single person has a vested interest. If you do not own a property, do you not have a vested interest in prices falling, just as most property owners have an opposite interest? I would like to stress again that I have no strong view on the market, I only joined because I thought that this might be a good place to air my views on our previous managing agent (see the thread on 'apartment management companies'), but I am interested in having a friendly debate.
  5. what is your e-mail?

  6. Ballygowan, would love to get in contact. What is your e-mail?
  7. That is sort of my point. You only listen to one side of the argument, and therefore probably have a slightly unbalanced view which could skew your judgement. I dont want to hear that the argument that all is well, I dont really have a strong view on the subject, but I thought it might make an interesting debating point.
  8. Like it or not, there does seem to be a bit more optimism about the housing maket and more positive stories appearing in the press. Everytime there is, regulars on this site dismiss it as misguided, being from a vested interest or just wrong, yet the positive news stories keep increasing in number. The way in which everyone here reads and backs up the opinions of fellow posters, who are almost all like-minded, to keep themselves convinced that the crash will continue and prices will drop significantly more, increasingly reminds me of the behavior of the bulls 2 years ago. I heard increasingl
  9. Just to keep everyone updated as to the skulduggery of our previous managing agents - they are now phoning our new managing agents posing as a representative of an owner of one of our apartments who lives in Dublin to try to get information to help them with their fight against the sack. Our new agents phoned the guy in question who had never heard of the people supposedly representing him. We are in no doubt it was the old agents. Why are they resorting to these tactics???? I'll say it again - they must be in real trouble.
  10. He did, but they cant take much action as they are more like a 'library' than a 'police force'. he has informed our solictior who he is meeting on monday. Should we tell the police or something?
  11. I have just heard some fairly astonishing news from our director. He was at companies registry today and it seems our previous agents had attempted to fraudulently resign him as a director and sign themselves up instead. If they are up to this kind of stuff, then they must really be stuffed financially. If you are with them, or you know anyone who is, then get them out. Quick!
  12. Our new agents told us how easy it was. You have to look at the Memorandum and Articles of Association of your management company, but usually it is a straight majority in a meeting cosisting of at least 10% of the company. This is easily acheivable if you have a few committed residents who want to change.
  13. Thanks doccy. we are now in touch. Hope it was ok to post e-mail address.
  14. just e-mail me chousekiller@yahoo.co.uk I will fill you in!
  15. No, it is even easier than that! Or at least it should be - our old agents are being very, very disruptive and we are worried as to the reason why. Our new management agents are excellent and will be able to talk you through everyting. I tried to PM you too, but I dont know how either (I am pretty new too!). Does anyone know how the PM works??
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