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  1. We are promoting a different sort of property investment in France, that might stand up well for those who do ot seek an annual return but good capital growth. Basically it is a separation of the walls and the use, like freehold/leasehold but no leases involved. The use and the property are sold sparately. You buy the property at about a 50% discount to the market, but have no use of it for 16 years. the owner of the use pays all taxes and bills in that period. At the end of the 16 years the use comes back and hence you can sell the propertythat you bought for 50% at 100% of its value, reaping also 16 years of property price appreciation on the whole 100% of its value. As after 16 years you have no Capital gains liability on property in France, it is a simple investment with no taxes, costs etc after the initial purchase. details are here http://nizas.com/france_properties/French+...perty-ref5.html and an example assuming 5% annual growth is here http://www.moving-to-france.com/buying_inv...ties_france.php Interested in opinions, as i am not well up on the capital gains tax implications in Britain and Ireland on an investment like this. Best, Rob
  2. Hmm, I agree. Bookings are up for the Herault summer. Swallows are coming back to roost. House prices and sales seem to march hand in hand with house rentals. I predict prices rising again from late Spring. There are already flocks of buyers around the Pezenas area. Rob
  3. True, quite a few regions of France have seen and will see prices stabilising, some dropping. The Languedoc and notably the Herault should be an exception. With the population of the Herault increasing by 1000 heads of population each month, and this set (according to Insee) to continue for the foreseeable future, land and property prices are unlikely to drop. This river of migrants is French. Better communications, airports, TGV etc, good climate have made this an attractive region for French retired, unemployed etc (why sit in the wet and windy North with little money when you can do the same in the sunny Mediterranean Herault?). The TGV and better air service means that families can settle here, the husband commuting up to his Paris apartment for the week, coming home at the weekends, and others, with the spread of broadband, can work from home. In English see Renover Louer for some details of state reaction to this. In French RenoverpourLouer.com The state is also looking to build more low cost housing in the Herault New build starts are at record levels in this department, but because this is essentially a 'green' area there are huge bottlenecks and problems in finding more tracts of constructable land in the department. Paris, I'd group in with the other major European capitals as a risk investment.. We cover quite a large area of France, but for best security of investment I would look no further than the Herault. Best regards, Rob Thorne of ***************
  4. I have some friends with another house in the same village .Click here to see their house covered pool, gite possibilities etc. They want to stretch their wings and do some new build up in the hills. They will consider any buyer options/offers - Straight buy Sell Half (Can be divided into two properties very neatly, the larger one keeps the pool and courtyard. The other has windows over a little street and access via there. Fractional ownership, sell it to an SCI or a Brit limited company (SCI is easier for the mortgages) and sell proper shares in the SCI tied to parts of the property and or periods of use. If you can think of any other, 3/4 baked as a minimum, ways of buying/selling let us know. They've just put the downstairs apartment (sleeps 6, private pool shared use of the courtyard up for rent for this year, so if anyone wants to try'n buy!!, mail me!) best Rob
  5. Unless it was you Tony offering me a hanbag <<Congrats Rob You've been selected to participate in our 'Free*Designer Handbag promotion. To claim Burberry or Coach handbag, Go Here>> it has nor come through. Best, Rob PS i have sent you a private message here in the forum with my tel no.
  6. Hello there, Well I sold a wreck in Gabian for 29000 euros last week, so.... there are still some bits and bobs about under 50k. Tony, please get in touch with me, I was asking Kevin of Jane and Kevin if they knew who owned the house you are selling, because I might very well have a buyer for you. Otherwise, the market, well it has slowed down yes. On one of my sites I have got 4 BnBs in Caux all for sale at the moment. There's a French Marchand des Biens I know who has been looking for a deal, he says most of the sellers he has seen recently have been Brits. Traditionally the market down here has been slow and patchy, it is only over the last three to four years that it has flamed and everyone and their grandma chucked every old unused family owned house onto the fire. So when demand cooled a bit after the outbreak of the Irak war, the supply was also limited as all the slack surplus houses had already been sold. Prices stayed up and even continued to climb a bit. Bur now that effect is wearing off and, unless we see a return to pre Irak levels of tourism down here, prices on the bigger places are going to stagnate and possibly dive. Those who bought expecting to use summer lets as a partial mortgage payer, have felt the pinch over the last couple of years, and this year is seeing just a 5% hike over last year in rentals which is nothing. Ive got owners offering 20% and 30% discounts on high season lets and still not filling ....... Smaller properties and building plots will definitely hold their own in the face of the Languedoc population explosion forecast to conntinue over the next 15 years. The Languedoc has just put together an ambitious project called 'Renover Louer', if I remember, which will give owners in certain communities grants of up to 60% of the renovation costs to bring a village house up to letting standard. The house then has to be rented out at a rent not exceeding a given level, but it is quite reasonable, for a minimum of 9 years, and this rent is index linked.. The department effectively garantees the rent, the renters get special allocations and part of their rent paid for them for moving into one of these properties. At the end of the 9 years it is easy to get free posession and you have nice capital growth. better to wait for 16 years though to avoid capital gains. Montagnac is one of the selected communes and i am just waiting to find out if a total ruin there would qualify. Best, Rob But Tony can you mail me please on rob@frenchpropertyco.com, thanks.
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