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  1. The village I live in has no mains gas, will the rest of the country mind subsidising us to have British Gas bring it to us? I'm sure they would and quite rightly so. If we want mains gas, we move to the town.
  2. Did you ever learn the difference between there/their and they're at school? Your sister BOUGHT her shoe box, she didn't BROUGHT it! FFS.
  3. I have my log-in saved on my home computer but when I view on my work computer it shows me as an anonymous user. Could this be the reason?
  4. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. How depressing. If ever there was an incentive to pay attention at school and hopefully get out of that place, there it is. Great photos though.
  5. And who do you suppose paid the taxes to enable you to be educated, given medical treatment etc. The whole point of paying taxes is to help the people who can't help themselves. Don't be SO selfish!
  6. I've just done some digging and have answered my own question. No wonder they're in a pickle! Income Tax levels in Ireland are amongst the lowest in the world - but still people seem to moan about it. One in four irish workers pay no income tax because they fall outside the threshold. A brief summary of taxation in Ireland is given below - the figures shown are effective from Jan 2009 Note: As from Jan 2009 there is also a 1% Income Levy on most incomes - see more about the Irish Income Levy Rules here Calculation of income tax due is done by applying the percentage rates shown below an
  7. Am I correct, but are the Irish rates of income tax set at 2, 4, and 6%. Can someone explain these rates to me?
  8. We have about 20% LTV at the moment, but we all know this is growing daily. No cc debts, 2 x ten yr old cars. No savings though, but we are massively overpaying on mortgage while interest rates are so low. We've always said 'If you can't afford it, you can't have it' attitude. We know loads of people who can't sleep at night but they have a 50'' plasma and a brand new car. They think we're daft waiting for things until we've got the money. Are we?
  9. I suppose the government could buy all the empty inner city apartments at a knock down price and create the 'social housing' they promised. How would you feel if you had paid a fortune for one of those 'penthouse' apartments in Manchester or London etc. to find you now had Wayne and Waynetta living next door to you?
  10. Am I right in thinking that if your house is repossessed and sold by the mortgage lender for less than is owed, they will come after you for the difference? I haven't heard anyone mention this issue, or do people think it just gets wiped off the slate?
  11. I think you've just about covered all the scenarios it could be. It also means there's less chance of your purchase falling through.
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