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  1. Hi I'm German and have lived here for 20 years. We never had an interest only mortgage available. You have to take out repayment mortgages. Anyway my friend in Germany is an accountant and when I told her about interest only mortgages she said:"thats is CRIMINAL". Now you have to have a minimum deposit of 30%, (before was was about 20-25%) otherwise you DON'T get a mortgages. Hey, this rules should be make law here and house prices would only rise with inflation (which they did in Germany over years approximately 1.8-2,5%) I'm astonished how obsessed the English are with house prices. Nobody i
  2. watched this afternoon BBC "escape to the country" Young couple wanted to move to Battle region, they had a flat in Richmond, EA came around to value the flat (October 2008) value £360,000, couple said "thats great we bought the flat 2 years ago for £275,00. I fell almost of the chair, EA are still in LaLa land
  3. thanks very one for your replies (Trolls are excluded)
  4. You are an insulting TROLL I have more cash than you have in your pocket Did you go to Uni and studied economic? Maybe they will give you a grant because you have no idea what is going on in the world
  5. Had an eye on a little cottage (repro) unfinished by the builder, asking price £120,000 I offered 20% which was refused by EA. He told me EA got already 2 offers of full asking price (one FTB one had to sell own house) I told him I'm a cash buyer (divorce)and will only offer 20% in a falling market. Last week decision was made which of the two full asking prices will be accepted by the management company. The funny thing is cottage is still on the website with no under offer. I get the feeling that EA didn't forwarded my offer What can I do?
  6. Hi all here, I still have an eye on a little cottage (repro from builder) price £120000. I offered 20% less £96000 EA refused and told me they got 2 offers for full asking price (FTB and 1 that has to sell own house) I told him I'm a cash buyer and will only offer -20% in a falling market. He said that the management company will decide ( last week) which of the two full asking offers they will accept. Today I checked web site again and the cottage is still NOT UNDER OFFER!? I got the feeling EA didn't forwarded my offer. :angry: What shall I do now??? PLEASE help
  7. the same happened to me. little cottage repro asking price £120000 EA saying they got 2 offers on the house of the full asking price???!!!! One has to sell their own house, another buyer is a FTB. I offered 20% off asking prices which was rejected with a sarcastic smile in his voice. I said I'm a cash buyer and will not pay the full price. But left my number in case sale will not get through. Suddenly all EA have 2 interested parties on the property. They seems to get really really busy
  8. Hi I'm German and have been living here in England for 18 years. An the mortgages HANDOUTS shoked me since I came to this country. In Germany you must have minimum of 20% deposit, and no more than 3 x times salary!!! our house prices only increased with inflation of about 1.2 or 2%. And nobody talks about is obsessed with the value of houses :angry:
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