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  1. OK, a view from an EA. Here is a common issue, we recently sold a house in an area for £200K, we then got a valuation on one accross the road. Same house but in better condition and we told the owner to expect about £205-£210. They had that backed up by two other EA's (Countrywide valued it at £235 - nothing new there). They got a HR and the surveyor valued it at £180K and would not budge. We advertised this at £205K fixed price and had 4 people after it. To be fair to ALL parties we set a closing. 2 offered £205 and there were 2 higher offers. The client on our instructions took one of the £205 offers as the buyer had sold and was looking at a 5 week doe. The couple on getting the property at closing ordered a survey via a different surveyor and low and behold it surveyed at £205K. So if you see a price higher that survey this may be a reason. It is also more vital to get the RIGHT buyer these days rather than just a buyer. At the moment we tell all our clients if they get an offer and the people have not even got there house on the market is NOT to accept that offer or accept it but keep their house on the market.
  2. There is a major difference from an EA actively trying to poach your customers AND someone who calls you to say they are having no joy from their exisiting agent. C/Wide are desperate as they have money issues.
  3. Yes I work for a member firm... The whole thing re C/Wide is very justified. Two months ago they wrote to ALL my customers trying to poach them, so unethical it is untrue. We complained but they do not want to know.... Not one customer has left and we are taking two from them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. thanks for the advice will phone all my clients Sunday and tell them to drop there knickers As the GSPC has 200 odd companies if I was wanting to advertise here I would advertise MY company name and not our network !!!!!!!! PS no chance of me going bust, Ive got a 60% market share where I am !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. By the tone of your mails, what RE/MAX office do you work for ? Re RE/MAX there are good offices of course there is, some actually have a strangehold on some areas e.g. Motherwell but bottom line is the agents make NO money and the office owners do. Yes I work for the GSPC and YES I do hate cuntrywide (oops spelt that wrong) and Slater Hogg. Same company as you all know.
  6. Who do you work for Countrywide? The GSPC offer by far the best marketing out there. Yes there are some small firms in the GSPC whom I would never use because they are Solicitors that sell homes. But the larger chains like oursevles are EA's that offer legals. All the big corporates have laid off staff, most of the GSPC firms have laid off legal staff but not the EA staff. In fact I hired someone from SH last week as my sales and letting are now improving. Do not tar all GSPC agents the same...
  7. Being a GSPC agent in Glasgow we have been trying to establish what other estate agents in our area are doing when clients request a home pack. The GSPC have a fantastic online system of getting home reports to the potential buyer compared to all the corporate chains. You ask to see it giving your details and unless it is the next door nieghbour I will let you see it as long as your details are correct. Countrywide will only let u see one if you have proof you have a mortgage in place. Total scandal from this mob, the most hated EA in the south of Glasgow. S Hogg will only let you see it if you put a note of interest in. Most of my potential buyers ask and we will show them. If I was a buyer and SH or CW told me I could not see then I personally would NOT buy from them. My objective is to SELL my clients houses not worry about who sees or doe not see the HR, Thinking of selling using SH or CW how many buyers will not see your report ??
  8. Like Bailey too, I was in the system. It is a bit like a pyramid scheme (yes really). As an agent you pay about £2K to join for a weeks training and then you are an ESTATE AGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! On my course there was 22 people (£44K) and with 12 months 21 had left including me. The office oweners basically take all the business for themselves leaving the scraps (or the craps as we knew it) and you have the benefit of paying for it. The basics are you spend 5 hours each day putting leaflets through doors (or marketing as they call it) and then you do viewings at night. Essentially you pay the owner £500 a month to deliver leaflest. You become the most expensive postman in the world. 95% agents leave within 12 months !!!!!!!! 17 offices have shut or changed hannds in the last 12 months !!!!!!!!!!! Still thinking about it ??? DON'T
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