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  1. Taken from the South Wales Echo local newspaper HOMES BEING SNAPPED UP South Wales leading housebuilder has reported strong sales performance in the first three months of this year, adding to hopes that the worst of the economic gloom may have passed. Barrat South Wales has sold 252 new homes in 2009
  2. I'd watch what your saying in these forums if I were you , I got called a turd from a member of these forums for saying the same thing.
  3. This guy from Currency Today states: 12.30opm sees the highlight of US data in unemployment claims which could weaken the USD is these come in higher than the 649k expected. However because of the range of factors affecting the USD price it’s always a difficult one to call. Nonetheless I am expecting the GBP/USD rate to dip below 1.4500 and possibly 1.07 against the Euro. http://www.euros-pounds-currency-news.blogspot.com
  4. Thank you I am a turd Can you not accept all I said in my original post was I'm seeing more sold signs In Cardiff? Is the above statement the end of the world for some in these forums? Ok here goes: Every house in Cardiff is now up for sale. Prices will drop by 150% in the next day or so. Are we all friends?
  5. You can't say statements like this in these forums ! Your about to be called lots of names ................................... Post 10 yippy
  6. FYI I have read these forums for well over 2 years and agree that property prices need to fall from the silly prices put on them in the past. You sir are an idiot who dosnt want hear anything that may suggest properties are in fact starting to sell in my area. I stand by my statement that sold signs are once again appearing. Have a nice day.........BTW I now have 5 posts, does that mean my posts will become more acceptable or do I need 9000 before I am no longer an outcaste within these forums?
  7. Another rude person but i can take it. May I suggest you check your calendar and flip a few pages. We are nearing the end of March....doooh !
  8. Rubbish? Your only half an hour from Cardiff, come and take a look........... The problem with some people on these forums is they have a VI in talking the market down. "mortgage lending has fallen dramatically" The sold signs I'm seeing will not be factored into these figures yet. "the banks are not lending" So your saying the banks are not lending ? That statement is rubbish my friend check the figures for this, are they zero? " land registry figures are showing that the numbers of houses sold in Wales has fallen off a cliff" The sold signs I'm seeing will not be factored into these fig
  9. So why am I seeing for sale boards turn to sold boards in Cardiff Wales? Properties in Cardiff are selling like Iv'e not seen for the last 18 months. I am not an Estate Agent and have no reason to talk the property market up. The evidence is for all to see if they walk the streets of Cardiff, particularly Faiwater and Canton
  10. Can we please change the thread name to "Bleak Friday", we need to remain politically correct you know.
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