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  1. The thread starts off asking how 40% can be supported. Good to see thats been accepted as a reality as 4 pages later Mr RnR is researching th epossibility of 100% Keep thinking big. One for the weekend...The nice chaps at Eirgrid propose to build a new line from COS to Belturbet creating a node for wind farms to connect to. They finance it at the bank over a 50 year period. All other things being equal it costs the Irish consumer +2% on their bill for 50 years, but the wind farms generate and sell at a competitive rate. the increased competition in the market adjusts the SMP by -2.75%. Who
  2. Well well well Good question, I have a view. lets wait n see. Watch this space in 2010. Maybe you could lobby the Queen and tell her its a bad idea. And what do you do with stored energy when yer main source is intermitent Should have gone to Turlough Hill - its much closer. What fledgling technologies will mature fastest? We wont be short of generation capacity, how about more something else? v2g? caes? Good to see you haven't given up being factually incorrect all of a sudden
  3. It is only legal when the auctioneer has a pre arranged reserve price. Obviously that would remain confidential at/before the sale but if challenged later on they need to have evidence that the reserve was in place. Different kettle of fish if the EA is inventing offers.
  4. Are there tax implications of so doing?
  5. Good advice there BVI. On the whole, energy efficiency measures will deliver much greater savings than micro generation. Sustainable design, heat exchangers etc are worthy investment other stuff can be bolted on later anyway. Marty have you thought about how you're going to get planning consent for the house before you think about other stuff.
  6. Read it again, read it again. Did I say it was all wind? Its happening http://www.dcenr.gov.ie/NR/rdonlyres/1B7ED...erviewJan08.pdf Because I'm not in la la land I dont need to tell you anything other than 60% is better than 100%. You clearly managed to ask google how much was capable on a system and it told you Denmark stopped at 20% renewables several years ago, since your out of date article was published they've gone up to 50%+. So by 2020 what will Irelands landmark be? 60%? 80% Where will it come from? Two things for sure - firstly it'll be a combination (Wood, Wind, marine tidal, pu
  7. Was a bit fed up watching that, two nights in a row the same arguments on either side getting trotted out over and over...dont know how they're gonna make 6 hrs out of it
  8. Don't you read? Thats why it says houses - its pretty easy to come up with an average energy consumption for a home - same as why acres are described as football pitches - easy for joe bloggs to come to terms with. Where does it say towns in my post? Not much mention of fuel cost or availability in the comparisons with power stations! Keep up the google based research rocky
  9. Although thats about all you would be prepared to put up with from his morning show callers
  10. What a disgustingly bad way to rape a period property of its character. I saw that patio furniture in homebase a couple of weekends ago - 30% off!!
  11. Excellent I look forward to it. Perhaps it'll be full of "facts" like your article above Heres something to educate you in the interim http://www.amazon.com/Wind-Energy-Explaine...7927&sr=1-9 http://www.amazon.com/Wind-Power-Systems-T...950&sr=1-10
  12. Watched this programme last night, it was fairly balanced and bordered on the bear if anything (thanks to Merryn). The investor guy was talking about going back into residential, but they failed to pick out his reasons why - a return on capital in rent at 3-4% is better than 0.5% in the bank. Note he didnt recommend mortgaging yerself to the hilt for 25 yrs. Its on again tonight there are 6 in the series.
  13. This deliberately perpetuates the central confidence trick practised by the wind industry, by confusing "capacity" with the actual amount of electricity wind produces. In fact, as the Government's own figures show, wind turbines generate on average only 27 to 28 per cent, barely a quarter, of their "capacity". In other words, far from producing those "3 gigawatts", the 2,000 turbines already built actually contributed - again on official figures - an average of only 694 megawatts (MW) last year, less than the output of a single medium-size conventional power station. Far from producing "enoug
  14. Malthus, the current drive will lead to a most efficient energy network, but one that would not evolve naturally because of the upfront cost of providing it. None of our electricity grids in the UK or Ireland have been designed, they've just evolved over time and are hopelessly inflxible inefficient and not up to the job in many areas. This time of change will beneift many generations to come. Unfortunately some people just like to complain about anything that has any form of monetary cost to anybody. Read that article RnR keeps posting - a one sided argument, they compare setup costs not life
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