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  1. Spreadbetting tops my salary up although I only aim for 25 pips a day and then stop. Only put on £2 per pip but most weeks hit my 125 pip target so make approx 1k a month tax free give or take. I once stepped outside of my rules and got greedy. Lost every trade for 2 weeks trying to claw back losses. Dont try and beat the market as it is impossible but piggy back the big boys. If you have a system you think is the holy grail and noone else knows it then you are doomed. Go with the obvious trades as thousands of traders round the world will be looking at the same screen you are and will see the same trades. Keep an eye on news releases as these skew data and best to stay out for an hour or two. Keep charts clean, too many indicators cloud everything and keep away from small timeframes, 1hr is the absolute minimum for me and even this gives you lots of noise. 50 Fib and round numbers (00) are the only indicators I use.
  2. Who are they?? We will be a new start up but need to get them to trust us so they jump ship. Am in the process of overhauling one of them for free as a template for what we can do and to be honest all we have done is implement remote working (vpn), access to mail from phone and voip and they are wetting themselves so looks promising.
  3. I know where you are coming from and trust me I have been banging the same to friends and family over the last 3 years to the point I dont even mention it anymore as I seem to be the big nasty wolf. But in this case the kids have to come first before anything else whatever I think about the state of things to come..
  4. Looking at starting and will only do so if the sums work. Have 15 smallish - medium sized companies looking to jump ship from their existing IT support contracts due to por service and working with them to see what myself and a partner can do to satisfy their needs. Bread and butter work to me but need to get them signed up and jobs a good un and a mortgage may be a thing of the past in 5 years anywyay.
  5. Alas no 3 year leases in this village and the reasons we want to move there I have already pointed out. We will save nearly £200 a month on petrol straight away as schools, work and child minder all walking distance. Kids come first on this one due to school and their school friends living in said village and if I end up paying over so be it as we will be there for at least the next 20 years. Also gets the missus of my back
  6. I know I will regret it but offer accepted on Friday so I guess once we complete the crash will finally happen so hang in there guys Got a 2 and 5 year old and just need to get on with our lives and the house ticks all the boxes except price but we knocked 25k of the asking price so not too bad. It ticks everything for us, village location, big rooms and garden, open countryside in all directions, partner and i both work in village, childminder lives round the corner, oldest goes to school there already and the house has been extended and done up to decent standard etc etc. Would rather have waited but finally caved in. Looking to start up my own business later this year too so may have had trouble getting finance which was another factor.
  7. Access to a14 withing 2 minutes and Ipswich 12 miles and Bury St Edmunds 14 miles. Plenty of jobs around here is you have half a brain cell. Good pub in village and Stowmarket 3 miles away which has all the amenities you need plus direct rail to Liverpool Street.
  8. Lovely little cottage and if it had another bedroom would be interested http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23497288.html
  9. Interesting stuff and one that fascinates me. Its the biggest scam in history and hardly anyone is aware of it. http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20Government/Federal%20Reserve%20Scam/federal_reserve.htm
  10. I have ordered stuff online from HMV and I am pretty sure it came from Guernsey. Actually thinking about it I ordered 10 7" vinyl which were all the same. They came in individual deleveries which is something to do with the VAT loop hole as in only single items are allowed.
  11. We put an offer in today. 4 bed semi detached ex council house in rural village. Primary and Middle schools within 1 mile as well as pub, village store / post office. Plus close to work so a 2 mile trek across fields. Huge rooms as it has been expanded to almost double its original size. Couple split up, he owns it and she is still living in it. On for £220k, offered £180k and said that is the only offer we will be putting in. Renting with nice £30k deposit and need to give 1 month notice. Estate agent phoned back to say she had spoken to the male who is going to speak to the female tonight and get back to us in the morning so sounds promising.
  12. winner is selling up. Walk my dogs past here and noticed at weekend it was up for sale. linky
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