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  1. What would you define as the right reasons ? Im not here to defend anything which I have done, I lurk mainly out of curiosity and also like to keep an open mind. I was a bear between 2003 and 2005 and listened to what a lot of the bears had to say and was pretty brainwashed by it all, I ended up not buying at the time when it would have financially benefited me immensely by now. I just find a lot of the stuff written now is rehashed from 2005 and I feel a lot of it will mean nothing like it did back then.
  2. I remember reading in 2005 someone wrote almost an identical piece that you just did... ...
  3. As an update I got my money in full 5 mins after posting my last message. Must have put the wind up them! I'm still thinking of filing an n208 but I don't have a copy of my tenancy agreement, and the agent say they have not kept a copy. Thanks for the replys, I guess my thought process is one of morals, guilt and also lack of tenancy agreement so unsure!
  4. I called the agent 10 mins ago and mentioned I was considering filing an N208 as the landlords avoiding me. 2 mins later I got an email from the landlord stating hes paying my deposit back in full and will be in my account tomorrow. ...In my position would you bother to claim against them for non protection, or just leave it ?
  5. Hi Guys, Moved into property 03/03/12 - Moved out 02/05/13. Cleaned through, house is in good condition, lawn left needed mowing and front drive probably needed weeding. Just found out my deposit is not protected, asked landlord via email for details, they avoided the question, said they'd return deposit when back from holiday on friday if checkout report was OK with them. Friday passed, not heard anything, sent a mail yesterday chasing up and heard nothing. I do not have my copy tenancy agreement, I called the letting agent, they said this was let only and they do not keep records on file or manage the deposit (even though I paid them it) they say they give it to the landlord and its managed through them. Just checked with TDP, MD, DPS all 3 say nothing on record for protected deposit. Just some advice really, would you guys advise filing an N208 for non protection ? If it looks likely ill eventually get the deposit back, would you guys advise I file anyway ? The letting agent said it can take up to 28 days for my deposit to be returned by the landlord and also the copy agreement is probably kept with the landlord and not with them as they are let only. I assume I couldn't even think about filing an N208 without this tenancy agreement, and obviously will not get a copy from the LL if I threaten this ? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. The notice thing isnt really the issue for me. Just the principle of the matter, I dont want to reply back with incorrect information but is it the Landlords responsibility usually to ensure someone can be there for the service of the boiler or should I really be expected to be there? As I say I dont mind someone letting themselves in, I just have issues with leaving work at the moment and I want to fire back something to them on email which is correct and not my own opinion Thanks!
  7. Just a quick query really. I'm not a fussy person, but have a lot going on with work currently. My landlord wants me to be present for a boiler service, I had a little communication by email this morning and feel a little offended by it. I couldn't see anything in my tenancy about this, but does anyone know if I must be present for a boiler service?, I don't mind the landlord being there when I'm out its just I am unable to get the time off work at the moment and I cant seem to get any out of work hours options or weekend options, and I feel they're being a bit rude. They live a few hundred miles away so I guess they do not want to be there which is understandable. ------------------------------------- From: xxxxx Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 10:19 AM To: xxxxxxxxxxx Subject: GAS SERVICE Dear xxxx If you are unable to provide a 2 hour slot on any day for the annual gas inspection to take place then unfortunately we will have to give you notice to quit as we will be unable to insure the property. Please remember this is for your safety and it is a requirement by law. It seems strange that you cannot facilitate a two-hour time slot! Not even an extended lunch break?? xxxx. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: xxxxx Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 09:31:41 +0000 To: xxxxx Subject: Re: GAS SERVICE Hi xxxxxx, It seems British Gas do not do out of work hours appointments or weekend visits. I’m not sure what I can do about this currently! Kind Regards, xxxxxxxxx ------------------------------------ From: xxxxxxxx Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 9:17 AM To: xxxxxxx Subject: GAS SERVICE Hi xxxx I've had a couple of reminders come through from British Gas re the annual service. All you need to do is call 0800 294 9650 and give your postcode. British Gas have also text me saying you can book it online by going to www.britishgas.co.uk/booking, enter your reference xxxxxxx& postcode, then pick a day and 2 hour time slot to suit. Please keep me updated ASAP, and as requested previously, I need a copy of the paperwork British Gas leave with you. Many thanks, and kind regards. xxxxxxxxxx.
  8. Zeb, This was the idea in November, I wanted a term of peace and quiet then obviously throw an offer of a 30% discount for the rolling contract after November and ill help him show people around and keep the house spotless. I would like to refuse all entry currently as Its not all about the money, I just thought after the stress of moving 5 months ago I deserved to have peace during the term with the family. If they are desperate to show people around now, maybe I should ask for a large discount for the hassle, otherwise im paying them full whack to be their showroom which seems unfair.
  9. Im not fussed about them selling the house, Im more concerned about having to be a showroom for them while they have their cake and eat it ?
  10. Thanks for the opinions. Our tennancy ends in November (so around 5 months remaining now).
  11. Hi Guys, I moved into a property with my fiancee and daughter in November which we rent. Before we agreed to move in I spoke to the landlord who explained they were moving to canada and couldnt sell the house so decided to put it up for rent. He explained that after the 1 year he would probably put the house back up for sale again to see if it sells. We decided to move in, its a lovely house and great location for the schools etc and we havent been happier anywhere. In April I got a mail from the landlord direct (as we do talk a fair bit) saying they want to sell the house. I replied back explaining I felt this was quite unfair as we have only been in the property 5 months and they were already trying to resell it again and if this was the case why rent it in the first place. Since then it all went quiet until last week when the agency called to let me know that they had been instructed to put the house on the market and wanted to know how i felt. I explained that I wasnt happy with this. I also explained I was under the impression we'd get at least a year here and then maybe help them sell the house with some discounted rent after this period so they can still get an income and also sell the house. Im just wondering what my options are ? Its just turning summer and now im worried my evenings are spent having to show people around the property. We have a 7 year old daughter and a little dog whos alone during the day (not the daughter!) and wouldnt want people coming in and out the house while we are at work. Can I flat point refuse viewings ? Am I wrong in thinking its unfair for them wanting to list this house for sale 5 months into letting it ? Any ideas / opinions would be great, thanks.
  12. A roof over your head is more important, but stop whining and pay the 97 quid for her school trip, if your saving for a deposit then 97 quid isnt going to put you out. "have to keep paying these costs" - Do you have to pay £97 for school trips each month or something ?
  13. Hey guys, Hoping for some opinions / help on a renting issue we have, We signed up for a 6 month tennancy, the house was advertised as a mid terrace, 3 bedroom, with garden and garage at the back. After moving in it became quite obvious that the landord was a DIY Bodge Job guy. He's done everything himself, and a lot of things are falling apart. We recently had an issue with the kitchen, its old and the doors are falling off etc, we argued and got the handy man who the agent employs to fix all the hinges so that was one of our issues solved. Our other issue which we brought up at the time was the back garage.... Having not heavily rained for quite a few months we have not noticed untill recently that the garage roof (cheap roof) has almighty leaks running down the walls and also leaking in other areas. This has damaged our tumble dryer and also ruined some furniture and boxes we were storing as the floor began to flood. We asked the agency to come look and the guy who saw it said it was a bodge job. The roof needs to be replaced and also he was concerned it also contained asbestos. SInce then the Landlord has refused to replace the roof and no one has been around to check anything in regards to asbestos. The landlord claims that we can move everything from the garage and put it in our loft as therese space in the loft theres no reason to use the garage (Which we use for tumble dryer & freezer and bigger items). Once we move the bits the landlord will shut the electricity off to the garage. Where do we stand with this ? We signed up expecting to have a garage, can they simply just close the garage and say do not go in there? It seems a little harsh. Any opinions would be great, (Please dont say just move out end of contract, its not as simple as that). Thanks!
  14. I disagree with Realistbear's angle on this post. Its just a new store opening yet hes spun it like this. Posts like this just put me off looking at this site sometimes :/
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