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  1. You are correct, it is 7 out of 100 companies. My main point is that figures like this should be thrown at w**kers like Bob Crow and co when the Q1 Shell and BP profits are announced. As a former employee of one, current employee of the other, I declare my vested interest, but I think it's fair to say, in terms of Dividend and money bought into the UK both by taxes and spending, we pay our way..............................Unlike the politician's best friends.......................
  2. As I said in my post............. Yesterday's telegraph business section, quoting the Hundred Group, i.e the companies themselves. The 34% comprises corporation tax and PAYE/NI on employees earnings. So, if you take the FTSE 100 companies, total their corporation tax and their employees' taxes. Oil and Gas companies and their employees make up 34% of the total. I can't find internet link, but I have the business section right in front of me.
  3. Also this quote from same Telegraph article: "Banks in particular have made use of tax reliefs to reduce their taxable profits, with Barclays paying £113m in corporation tax in 2009 on group pre-tax profits of £11.6bn"
  4. It is also worth noting the article in yesterday's Telegraph showing how much the Total Tax contribution of the various sectors (both corporate and employee). Oil and gas account for 7 percent of the FTSE 100 companies and contributed to 34 percent of the total tax contribution. Banks account for 7 percent of the companies and contribute 13.5%. Being in Oil and Gas myself (drilling), bonus wasn't bad, let down by the production boys (as usual) and 8% pay rise, but at same level in banking, would be on a lot more whilst contributing a lot less to the country no doubt (Yes I pay PAYE and NI a
  5. No, not in Eire, northern city heavily dependent on public sector. Will be a massacre here............
  6. I don't want to give location for reasons that will become apparent. Wife and I have eye on property, in January it was up for 350K (bought in 2007 for 500K), when we enquired and asked if there was room for negotiation, we were told "No, it has already been reduced". Well, 3 weeks later it's up for 335K. The real peach is the house next door-Exactly the same, which also sold for 500K in 2007, is now up for oieo 575K!!!!!! I phoned estate agent for the house up for 575K 30 minutes ago........... Me: Hi, I'm calling about property in x, I just want to confirm the house number and location
  7. BP Ties Up 'Historic' £10bn Deal With Russia Last Updated 22:46 14/01/2011 Pete Norman, Sky News Online A company controlled by the Russian government has agreed an "historic" multi-billion-pound deal with BP that will open up massive Arctic oil fields to exploration by the London-based oil giant. Rosneft has agreed to take a 5% stake in BP, which itself will get a 9.5% stake in the Russian firm in return. BP chief executive Bob Dudley and Rosneft's Igor Sechin signed contract documents at BP's London headquarters on Friday night. Mr Dudley said it was "an historic moment for BP". Mr Se
  8. Yes, BP does. North Sea, West of Shetlands where I've worked for last 5 years, as well as Alaska. Harsh environment and cold temperatures, subsea. A lot of experience in BP.
  9. Massive tie up. As a BP employee in drilling-very excited.
  10. Yeah, the lefties loathe us in public but love our corporate and personal taxes to spend. Ed Milliband in Copenhagen "We've 24 hours to save the world". Next scene, he's in Aberdeen with the oil company bosses doing a Sarah Palin impression:"Drill baby Drill", except that wasn't publicized was it? What a tool.......
  11. No, not at all. US safety Standards are not as "good" compared to UK, Norway etc., read the government oil spill commission report into Macondo and you'll see that. But, read towards the end of Chapter 4 of the report and you'll see an almost carbon copy of Macondo happened on a Transocean rig in the UK on 23rd December 2009, working for a major Oil Company (not BP!!!). Better safety Standards are not the answer on their own, you are dealing with an industry where one or two people at the rigsite can make massive decisions-that will never change and it's the same if you are in UK, middle e
  12. Sorry, you are wrong there, it DOES affect deepwater Drilling. If the US had followed safety Standards in UK it wouldn't have happened? Who knows? Been plenty near misses world wide..........., But I know of deepwater exploration/development projects in Libya, Brazil, UK and Angola (especially Angola as I will be working on it-I get daily reports on it) that have been delayed by at least 10-12 months post Macondo or rig issues arising from . I know a fair bit more than most of you-I worked on the investigation into Macondo. There are big implications for whole industry.
  13. This morning's a belter!!! Bought house in 2001, 100 odd k, wanted to sell for 800K! Estate Agents valued at 325K and the woman is in complete state of denial-Erm, asset prices can drop dear!!!!!!
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