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    I wish Rightmove allowed comments.

    https://nethouseprices.com/property/details/mea21_mea2mee1002064/glen%20road,%20poole/sale 56% Drop, only another £200k to go!
  2. Perfect UKIP storm, the Tories are going to cut benefits to the bone while carrying on with HS2, International Aid, etc Rise in food banks, house prices, inequality, etc Roll on 2020 There only hope will be to implement PR by then or they will be wiped out Patience is a virtue!
  3. Blue Nose Bear

    Mp's Thinking About Banning Second Jobs

    Surely if you only need to spend x% of your time doing your job as an MP your constituency must be a near Utopia! We need a list, house prices must be astronomical! Oh Kensington, they are, no wonder Kirsty lives there!
  4. All she needs a good script writer, like Ed!
  5. Was also glad to see how watertight Westminster security is, when journo's possing as employees of a chinese company are given access to private chambers and a guided tour of westminster! Who checked them out
  6. Glad to see the back of the obnoxious, self serving twit. To be an MP and Chairman of the Intel and Sec Cttee shuold be more than a full time job if your actually doing them. It's blatantly clear that he considered his seat secure and put in little effort for his constituents, rarely attending parliment and voting. And has been pointed out by previous chairman the role required hours and hours of reading classified material which Rifkind clearly wasn't doing. But he did need to earn much more than £67k, because he was worth it!...........T*ss*r
  7. To be fair Rifkind probably forgot he is paid as an MP as it's such a piitance compared with his income from his other 'outside' interests http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmregmem/150209/150209.pdf and these are only the ones he declares
  8. I'm voting UKIP as I also believe this will inflict the most damage on LibLabCon. The greens have some good stuff in their Manifesto, some of which LVT, CW, ect I wish UKIP would adopt, but some of it is very disturbing like disband the armed forces and close down the UK defence industry (Policies of Lunatics!) But, as any election promises and manifesto claims aern't legally binding anyway, none of it matters a tosh Just need to give LibLabCon a good kicking and as I see it voting UKIP is the only way to achieve this, otherwise the a**e r*****g will continue
  9. Blue Nose Bear

    Swiss Police Raid Hsbc's Geneva Office

    They should be searching the Tory Head Offices before Dave and George shred all the documents and delete all the emails......probably too late now though
  10. Sex in the Library!! On the night bus and undeground!! Really Winkie!! the mind boggles!
  11. Blue Nose Bear

    Is It Game Over?

    Hi Spoony, Sorry your thread seems to have been hijacked. Haven't posted for a while but your original has prompted me, as I can sympathise with your position, but have now realised that in the Uk, the £ and property prices are linked by a very short elastic. The crash you and I were expecting hasn't and wont happen, not in the terms that I (and sorry if I do you an injustice) you, would recognise. You see the linkage between UK Houseprices and the £, is fundamental to the way successive governments have manipulated the electorate in raising the 'feel good' factor at key election periods and the situation remains, as it is a key motivator to the majority. Unless you were extremely fortunate to be a successful boomer (Trust me, not all boomers are living in out right owned houses they bought for thrupence). Or if your really clever (if you haven't already guessed, I'm not!) The key is to step out of the UK Housing/£ linked market and into other investments at the right time ( Yes that is a hat tip to the gold bugs, who read it right), you are not ever going to see an HPC, that I would recognise. Must admit, I haven't read the whole thread, but there has been some good advice from what I've read. Didn't catch what your 'trade' is, if you metioned it, but I'd seriously consider emigration if I were you. And don't be down hearted about your last 10 years, there are some loonies on here, but also some wise people, your original post and experience indicates that you are in the latter. Use your experience to your advantage. Best Regards and Good Luck BlueNose
  12. Blue Nose Bear

    The Link Between Schools And House Prices

    Why? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_grammar_schools_in_England
  13. Blue Nose Bear

    The Link Between Schools And House Prices

    Sorry, but you obviously have no school age children The Grammar schools do still exist, they are just called 'selective' and kids still sit 11+ type exams to get in to them. Your second statement is somewhat misleading, are you saying that the kids of well-off people are more intelligent than 'regular people' (whatever they are ) or the school attracts better teachers?
  14. Nope, foundations are still there, it's what's surrounding them that's disappeared. When the building turns into a pile of rubble, then the foundations have disappeared Wonder how many people reading this are sitting on chairs in properties just a quick deluge away from a scenario like this, without the concrete pylons
  15. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/35421 Make interesting TV if nothing else.

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