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  1. Aloha newcomers and oldtimers, I have not posted for more than six years having been waiting for IRs to start creeping back up to their insanely low long term average. This day has finally come.
  2. FACT: Almost daily I used to buy a pack of 200g cooked coldwater prawns at Tesco for £1.99 Suddenly three weeks ago 1) weight has gone down from 200g to 190g 2) price went up form £1.99 to £2.49 This is a shock increase of 30% overnight?! ACTION: Stopped buying them. It's only a small local Tesco. RESULT: Every 4 to 5 days there is a huge pile of unsold prawns packs discounted to £1.99 or £1.49 depending on time of the day. I usually get 4-5 packs at £1.49 and that lasts until the next unsold batch comes through.
  3. Yes, lovely and very touching humane reason: I cannot afford to sell at a lower price.
  4. The program kicked off with an account of a woman who had her house repossessed a month ago she bought it 20 or so years ago for £42,000 the house is valued now at £125,000 on which she owed a bank £156,000 General assumption is that she deserves sympathy However I can't feel anything for someone cuddling an A-bomb to get warm but gets blown up to smithereens when it goes off.
  5. I really can't stand Balls. He is at it again - "Please gimme a little bit more dope mate. I'll kick it sometime in the future mate, no probs. But please gimme another joint for now." When is the good time to cut spending? It has not been the right time in good times and it is not a good time in bad times so when?! I'd say bring on huge financial crash and get these debt junkies go cold turkey. Rating agencies, please downgrade UK debt status to below sh!t. Creditors please stop lending more and start demanding the payback. We will all lose savings, yes. But I want to see dole claimants chasing dirty jobs like sharks. I want to see bus drivers fighting to get onto a route in the morning. To see plumbers undercutting each other. I want to see few competing bin collectors servicing the same area. There is a crap load of work around. Always was, and always will. But until you can spend without earning what's the point of working?? I'd say we can't afford (we never were, we just pretended so) to care for terminally ill for many years. Please bring on financial disaster. That's the only way to clean up the mess and start afresh. Sure, it will come back to same old ways in 70-100 years but at least we will have some sensible period of revitalisation, progress and hope. I can't see this stale crap going around again and again anymore.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13723337 Will others finally come to their senses and follow?
  7. For country that imports mores shit that it exports stronger currency is a net gain.
  8. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanners were originally called NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) scanners. No amount of PR was able to calm down general ignorant public. Local governments became desperate. In the end marketing had to drop the word "nuclear" from the name. NMR has nothing to do with any radioactive materials. It just refers to the fact that any atom in any molecule inside any living organism has a nucleus.
  9. Things are really coming home to roost. I still don't understand how the UK economy can be planned to "grow." Self-delusional old farts in BoE and numerous government-sponsored future prediction bodies just keep on mumbling. The sooner we shake off consumerism and imperial snobbery the better is our chance for survival. We may still carve out a reasonably good niche in the second world countries ranking but even this need humility and hard work. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-12885271
  10. Economy is me. The Muriel won't get any job (=money) from me. She must be an idiot to go through Labour years during what should have been a peak of her sanity and come out with no savings, no life exit strategy and nothing else but a huge hysterical whinge.
  11. When budget specifies GDP growth does it include expected inflation? From the first thought it should otherwise we'd be still measuring GDP in "old money?"
  12. Great argument indeed! We will make up in quantity then!
  13. What a scum folk they are. It's not only pay gap that is widening but also a moral gap. Some people fight and die in radioactive hell, some - grab their hair gel collection and a copy of Business Week and elbow out a seat on a jet.
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