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  1. The point is, a few people can beat the system - like you appear to have done but this does not seem a good reason to defend the status quo. Personally what I object to most is people with VI's defending a system which is demonstrably unfit for purpose. Anyway - I have probably done everyones head in now trying to work through my own PTSD so I am going to call it a day on this topic.
  2. I did '0' level English coursework in the 1970's - completely unaided and got a Grade A but it was the only subject that did have any coursework. TBH I think you are just proving my point.
  3. Well apparently some guy with a dodgy moustache started a World War despite the Daily Mail warning what was happening
  4. Well ok. The difference now is coursework. Coursework can get a grade B student up to an A or drag a grade B student down to a C and everyone in the system knows this. A private school will do a practice lab right before the test which virtually replicates the test A state college won't even give the kids the right equipment or in date chemicals In my experience.
  5. The 'beauty' of the system is that no one who manages to beat the system can say how they beat the system. Think about it.
  6. I believe that some sort of system is inevitable but it's patently obvious that the one we have at the moment is failing the majority of people the majority of the time. The people defending it can only be doing so because they have a vested interest in its survival. They are wasting their time because it is falling apart before our eyes and at an ever increasing pace.
  7. Bullsh*t And that's why so many kids feel failures - because when they get poor results their parents blame the kids because otherwise their parents would have to consider the possibility that they failed them by sending them to a cr*p state college and then leaving them to their own devices. Anyway - as Mrs GameOver is now insisting that you are Trolling I am going to call it a day.
  8. Very few people are intellectually capable of getting an A level in Maths - let alone a grade A You did well. As did my children - but the statistics show they are the exception. At my sons Uni the number of kids who aren't either rich foreigners and therefore paying or privately educated is tiny.
  9. My two sons are both at Russell group Uni's doing Masters degrees - the oldest has been offered a PHD My daughter is Dyslexic but is very good at Maths and is studying for professional accountancy qualifications at a blue chip company. The fact that they beat the system doesn't mean that it is fit for purpose - or that I wasn't scarred for life by the experience. The thread is about young people not being able to cope with life well the fact that they either feel failures due to no fault of their own or have worked for years for valuable qualifications that only get them a job flipping burgers can't be helping - can it?
  10. Sadly most smart kids aren't fine anymore. You can't get top marks with out of date chemicals or missing equipment and you can't compete with coursework written by top class public school teachers unless of course your parents buy you in date chemicals or are capable of writing your coursework for you. 95% of kids at Uni now got there by cheating - either their parents paid someone to give their kids an unfair advantage or they gave them an unfair advantage themselves. For example, one or two kids at my kids college got straight A's - but their parents had degrees in the relevant subjects. I don't have a degree but my kids are geniuses (take after their Mother) and fall in the 5% who got there entirely unaided and on merit.
  11. An ideal school system would maximise each individuals potential this would represent equality of OPPORTUNITY. Socialism, however, demands equality of outcome - which of course is impossible - as we are all individuals - not robots. The only way of achieving equality of outcome is to give EVERYONE the same meaningless dumbed down qualification This gives the illusion of equality and the illusion that the state system can educate our kids Whereas the reality is, the current state education system is failing the vast majority of our kids.
  12. It's a particular ideology Prizes for all is just a way of burying the brightest in a sea of mediocrity. Here's a question for you - individual private schools send more pupils to Oxbridge than whole cities so are these people vastly more intelligent than the working classes or is the state education system failing bright working class kids? Because it's either one or the other.
  13. Everyone can't but they are not allocated on the basis of who can best do them they are allocated on the basis of who your parents are.
  14. Sorry but most people are in denial - same with the NHS. They send their kids off to school wanting to believe that they can leave the state to provide their kids with a good education. Well - it can't. The state is incapable of educating your kids - or keeping you in good health - or looking after you in your old age. This then begs the question - what are we actually getting for our money and the answer is - very little. Try finding the stats for how many kids who got free school meals end up at Oxbridge You stand more chance of being struck by lightning
  15. There are only so many top jobs and once the kids of the elite are allocated their share there are very few left for anyone else. If you then cream off the brightest working class kids and give them these jobs it achieves two purposes prevents them from leading the masses in revolt and these people clear up all the **** ups made by the kids of the elite. None of this is rocket science Its been going on for hundreds of years.
  16. For once I agree with Injin this is utter Bullsh*t sorry - but it really is.
  17. We are either preaching to the converted or banging our heads against a brick wall here Apparently anyone can get A's at A level Well all my kids all did A level Maths and I would like to see the Socialists - for want of a better word - here pluck ten random kids off the street and get them an A grade A level in Maths. Unfortunately if my kids did not attend all their lessons this cost them 30 quid a week EMA + bonuses. I say unfortunately because a huge part of the time they spent at college actually detracted from the time they could spend learning anything which was mostly at home with hundreds of pounds of revision guides with me sat helping and keeping them company - usually arguing with bloody teachers on my laptop - on this site at the same time. Even so - at exam time we chose to lose the 30 quid and my kids skipped lessons and revised at home instead because this dramatically improved their chances of doing well. On the other hand - I probably imagined all this - because everyone knows we have the best public services in the World.
  18. You love me really And your problem is you 'think' too much Hasta la Vista
  19. You just can't resist me And - no they can't most people can do at least something well - very few people can do everything well
  20. Nu Labour destroyed social mobility in this country In the Thatcher years any working class kid with brains and ambition could make it Now the whole system is designed to elevate thick middle class kids at the expense of exceptional working class kids. Course work will elevate a B grade student in a private school to an A grade student - because the school does it for them - FACT In a state school it will drag a B grade student down to a C because the kids are left to sink. And everyone in the system knows this. My sons teaching for one of his pieces of English coursework was 3 unsupervised lessons watching a Shrek video over and over again. I could fill a book with this kind of anecdote - but the stress of writing it would kill me.
  21. +1 Well this is the point isn't it. The democrat politician who claimed that increasing unemployment benefit saved jobs is another example of left wing fantasy economics. If the state takes 50 quid in tax off someone - then gives it to someone else - it doesn't increase demand at all. What it does do is reduce peoples incentive to generate wealth and increase peoples incentive to live on welfare the net result of which is state bankruptcy which is what the US is staring in the face now as a result of these crackpot economic and social policies
  22. I used to tell a relative these stories and they were not interested. They subsequently decided to go into teaching. They have now left teaching after being completely unable to cope with the unfairness and chaos. Had they listened to me in the first place they could have saved themselves three years of blood, sweat and tears.
  23. It isn't easy if you are given the wrong equipment. And some students lost their first choice university places as a result of this. The two examples I have given are just two of literally dozens I could quote - these are not even the worst. I gave the examples to back up my point about the state education system failing pupils - when someone stated they would be really interested in details of how the system fails pupils. But as I said - no one wants to believe these stories. My kids all did well because of the thousands of hours they spent working and studying at home. This should not have been necessary - because they are all exceptionally bright but if they hadn't have done this they would have failed. The reason I keep whingeing on about it is because I am still scarred by the experience and I feel sorry for the parents and children who were chewed up and spat out by the system - which is an utter disgrace. As to doing anything about it, just getting my own kids through was a nightmare - I really can't be responsible for what happens to anyone else's children. All I can do is wish people luck.
  24. If you take out increased Government spending and debt and increased personal debt I doubt the 'real' economy has grown for decades However, you don't need growth to get inflation hence the term Stagflation. You can generate inflation at any time in any economy simply by printing money demand has absolutely stuff all to do with it IMHO
  25. Another example - my sons A level Physics final mark included a lab session. When he went to get his results he just missed out on an A grade overall because he was given a U for the lab session. When we queried this, all the other students with the odd exception also got a U for this lab session. After talking to my son, he said that no one could do it, but that the girl next to him just made up some results so got a pass mark. I tried to pursue this at the time, but all the relevant staff went off sick. As my son needed AAB for his first choice Uni place and he got A's in his other 2 subjects I gave up at that point - but another member of staff told me that some students had lost their Uni places as a result of this. After talking to my son later, it turns out someones unqualified wife had been paid to invigilate the session and had not realised that the students had been given the wrong equipment to perform the experiment. Whether anyone who lost their first choice Uni places as a result of this ever got any redress for this I don't know But I doubt they could have.
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