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  1. They haven't dealt with anything - let alone the underlying issues. All they are doing is kicking the can further down the road thus ensuring an even more catastrophic outcome in the future.
  2. We are also going to Hell in a handcart. The big state social welfare model pursued in the West since WW2 is bankrupt.
  3. If you default then don't reform then you will still not recover Anyway - how is the Japanese economy doing these days?
  4. And if the West defaults who exactly is going to buy everything produced in China etc? And what exactly will be the value of the Trillions of Dollars China and others hold in reserve? If the West defaults - the only winners will be - The West. Same as if you lend me 20k which I piss up the wall then refuse to pay you back who wins - you or me? Why is this so hard for YOU to understand?
  5. He is probably implying your 'work' involves watching Jeremy Kyle all day Are you a TV critic by any chance?
  6. If you say so. If I did I must have been on acid at the time. What I might have said is that the Governments policies were resulting in record low borrowing costs - on a par with Germany but all this can do is buy time. We have two choices 20 years of austerity or a 5 year piss up followed by sovereign default resulting in the most savage cuts in our history. In fact this is the choice faced by almost every nation in the Western World.
  7. But what do the 'Evil Tory' brigade actually think will happen? This is what really intrigues me. Do people actually believe that we can save the economy by engineering yet another debt fueled boom? Is that what people really think? Perhaps they do.
  8. So no one who wants the Evil Tories out is actually prepared to set out what difference this will make? If a one eyed lunatic drives your car over a cliff It is meaningless who then grabs the steering wheel or whether you stamp on the brake or the accelerator. I'm not even convinced that Labour wants to win the next election because they could easily have won the last one if everyone else in the Labour Party, apart from Gordon hadn't decided we were about to be served up a massive sh*t sandwich.
  9. Well this was Gordon's plan and it appears to have worked. Beyond a one party state I'm really not sure what the purpose was though because the logical conclusion of such policies is complete economic failure even with a one party state.
  10. What exactly does 'sitting on' 750 Billion actually mean in the real World? Seize all this wealth then and see what happens because there are plenty of examples where this has been tried and the outcome has always been the same.
  11. And what are you expecting the next Labour Government to achieve exactly? The last one went on a debt fueled spending spree that left the country essentially bankrupt same as the previous Labour Government. I am genuinely interested, because unless you think that it is possible to print wealth or end a sovereign debt crisis by borrowing How exactly will things be any different? IMHO they will either do exactly the same as the current shower or they will bankrupt the country again in record time.
  12. I suppose this is what happens when you prefer Socialists to Communists The German ruling elite made the same mistake. Turned out that German National Socialists were worse than Soviet Socialists.
  13. Most of the kids who are failing have working parents at least on the estate where I live. Although admittedly many are living in step families.
  14. Shouldn't be surprised given that the Mail backed Nu Labour to the hilt as the editor was best mates with Gordon Brown. As you say Nasty paper for nasty people.
  15. Benefits. Our only hope as a nation is that Labour wins the next election and prints and borrows us to prosperity.
  16. Everything quoted in the article as a problem suggests that the education system is at fault. Kids are the same the World over, why are ours failing? And it's all very well demonising and denegrating our youth but at the end of the day they aren't going anywhere. If the state can't educate them then the state is going to have to pay them to do nothing for the rest of their lives.
  17. I believe it was wrecked by possibly well meaning, but misguided, ideologically driven changes. I actually wouldn't bring grammar schools back but the triage approach adopted by the state comprehensive system is not acceptable IMO nor is the lack of commitment by many - but not all - teachers in the state system. I also believe that the breakdown in discipline in schools in largely due to left wing ideological changes which don't help either pupils OR teachers in the state system.
  18. My life experience is that I was born in a poor working class town to working class parents. Although I went to Grammar School my parents expected me to leave school at 16 and contribute to the family income. As a result I was stuck in dead end jobs for 30 years. As a result of this I decided to try and get my kids to Uni - if they wanted to go. However, since I went to school it has now become incredibly difficult for kids in poor working class towns to get to uni. All my parents had to do was not stop me Whereas I had to sweat blood for years to stop the system ruining my kids chances. I think the social mobility stats back up my own experience to be honest. The reason I started down this route was - someone said they would be very interested why I thought the education system was failing kids from this I, perhaps mistakenly, concluded that they believed there was not a problem and wanted to know why I thought their was. The main problems my kids had were with coursework which dragged their marks down - straight exams is a much fairer system but this is being resisted because it stops middle class kids cheating. The fact that my kids spent the majority of their time in education with a Labour government in power leads me to hold Labour responsible for what happened during those years - which seems fair. Not sure what is unclear about any of this. Anyway for the sake of my sanity I am admitting defeat on this one. As I said before - no one wants to believe - although I don't really blame them for this I didn't until I had to go through the grinder myself.
  19. The thread was supposed to be about young people not being able to cope with life My argument was that this was due to family breakdown and the failure of the state education system. People then asked me why I thought the state education system was failing. I then simply stated why I thought it was failing. The system itself is a result of an ideology - so which is to blame is a moot point. I think the system needs reforming everyone else appears to think that it is either not cr*p or has always been cr*p. My own feeling - which is supported by the UK's plunge down international comparison tables is that it used to be pretty good and then got worse and worse. The fact that Labour were in power during much of this time is apparently a coincidence. My position is that one of the main reasons young people cannot cope with life is because they have been sold a lie and comprehensively failed by the state education system TBH I have no idea what anyone else's position is apart from the fact that everyone seems compelled to automatically contradict everything I post No we don't......
  20. The widespread introduction of coursework in most subjects led to a middle class cheating bonanza and destroyed the chances of most bright working class kids to achieve their true potential. Look at what has happened to the percentage of state educated kids going to Oxbridge after 13 years of Educashun, educashun, educashun
  21. I think you are underestimating your own abilities probably because you were failed by the state education system.
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