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  1. Europe is facing years of serious decline we can either shackle ourselves to them or trade with the rest of the World where all the growth and prosperity is likely to occur this century. If you have never heard of the Continental system then try Googling it. Europe has tried to wage economic warfare against the UK many times in the past and has always failed no reason why things should be any different this time.
  2. The EU will break up in the near future but we could break it now - if we chose to do so thing is - we don't want the blame. The US fears what could happen following the break up of the EU so wants us to continue propping it up - whatever the cost. Simples.
  3. And the point is, that if people starved their kids or were cruel or abused them they got the reward of dying in the gutter when they were too old to support themselves. The current system actually rewards people for treating their kids badly that is why it is so evil.
  4. How it used to work and how it can only ever work in the long run is You have kids and work your balls off to ensure they grow into happy, productive adults who love and respect you. They then look after you in your old age. The current system takes money off people who would make fantastic parents and uses it to pay the most stupid and feckless to have as many kids as possible because they see them as a meal ticket. These kids then grow up and do the same until society is overrun with useless people who contribute nothing This inevitably ends in bankruptcy.
  5. And when they die they will be replaced by EVEN MORE elderly people - obviously!!!!!!!! And what happens when all the people Nu Labour shipped in to pay for our pensions (which we aren't now going to get) what happens when the 5-10 kids each they are having retire What then??????????????????????????????
  6. The question is will the 'debt collectors' be sent in to seize 'goods to the value of' ??
  7. I also remember it well and the reason we are where we are now is because she wasn't allowed to go further. The future is going to be far more 'free market' than many here seem to realise simply because there is absolutely no way of paying for any other kind of future.
  8. Not sure why Germany would need to side with the US. All Germany needs is for the US not to thwart its economic and political aims in Europe. By insisting that the UK should remain in the EU the US has chosen to side with Germany at the current time. Germany has always only ever been a power within the confines of mainland Europe - it has never been a Global super power. As such I would guess that most of the German elites foreign policy planning is based on Europe. What interests me is - has Germany accepted the territorial settlement at the end of WW2? Or does it ultimately have ambitions to recover the ancient lands it lost to Poland and Russia and others? Anyone have any thought on this?
  9. TBH I think we should let Germany get on with it this time. We should never have fought them in either WW1 or WW2 IMO. It was their fault that we did and they lost both times as a result. Perhaps they have learned their lesson and perhaps we have learned our lesson.
  10. Germany can never side with Russia someone once described the history of the 20th Century as the struggle between German and Russian nationalism - forget who. The co-operation in the 1930's was a short truce due to both nations being international pariahs both expected the other to double cross them at some point. The flash point has always and will always be who gets to dominate eastern Europe.
  11. Because US foreign policy has been a disaster for at least 100 years
  12. I don't see it as a conspiracy - I see it as inevitable demographic, social and political forces playing out over a timespan measured in decades and centuries. The political reasons behind the founding of the EU and the creation of the Euro are widely accepted by those who understand these matters what is now becoming apparent is that things have not worked out to plan and that rather than averting conflict in Europe the whole project is now in danger of creating the conditions for consequences it was supposed to prevent. Trouble is, the architects of the project and those whose pockets it has stuffed with gold are now utterly unwilling or unable to change course in order to avert disaster. The USA wants Germany tied into a Western European political, economic and military block that is capable of siezing and holding eastern Europe and facing down a potentially resurgent Russia. It wants this because it doesn't want the cost and sacrifice of yet another large scale military intervention in Europe. Our sovereignty and freedom are a small price to pay - apparently. We are doing what we have always done, which is participate to the extent that we prevent any one country in Europe dominating Europe and then threatening us - perfidious Albion. We have been prepared to pay a high economic price to achieve this, but ultimately are not prepared to sacrifice our freedom as this would defeat the object of the exercise. IMHO.
  13. This is the best chart I can quickly find for the US share of global GDP presumably it fell after 2007? but as everyone else is in the sh*t - possibly not by much. Someone will probably be able to find a better chart but the key point is - economically the EU and Euro have been a disaster for Europe and we will now see the political consequences of this playing out over the next 10-20 years.
  14. So since we abandoned the Commonwealth their percentage of World trade has increased by 50% and the EU has fallen by 50% The EU and Euro are inexorably reducing Europe to an economic basket case. Having problems with the chart, however, what it shows is that in 1n 1973 the Commonwealth and EuroZones share of World trade were 10% and 25% respectively - they are now 15% and 15%.
  15. I think you will find that Germany was physically divided and occupied until 1990 Which kept the peace in Europe for 45 years. It is only now just over 20 years since Germany was reunited and we are once again on the brink of huge political and social conflict in Europe. What you think I am is irrelevant to historical facts and the reality facing us today and what I fear is likely to happen bears no relation to what I would like to happen. Are you really unable to understand that? ??????
  16. I'll stop when you stop deal? Because I have three children and I really don't want the 21st century to be a rerun of the 20th.
  17. I think you are probably right actually. The Conservatives don't give the impression they want to win the next election. Whoever does will probably be destroyed politically for generations. The problem is Labour probably don't really want to win either. Pass the parcel bomb anyone? The trick is to hang onto the parcel until it is just about to explode then pass it on.
  18. What odds would you have got in 1933 on the German state gassing millions of its own citizens within the next ten years? If you had a time machine you could go back and make a real killing sweet eh?
  19. Based on at least the last thousand years of European history the chances of the EU project ending in anything other than disaster really are Nil. And I take no pleasure in saying this because the consequences could be truly horrendous. As I said - the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  20. How about civil wars military coups national socialism ethnic cleansing annexation by invasion secret police death camps That should be enough to be going on with.
  21. Glad to see that at least you are maintaining some sort of intellectual standard and refraining from using the term 'bankster' Perhaps you could use your vast influence here to persuade people that every time they use the term 'bankster' it just makes them look like a complete idiot Cheers.
  22. Unfortunately, the chances of this NOT turning out really badly are almost nil. Very Scary.
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