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  1. Nah, it's the banker bailouts, future promises to boomers and debt overhang.

    Most "benefits" either go to a landlord or are simply the state cancelling it's own demands for cash.

    Sorry, but this is just blah, blah, blah.

    Personally I don't see why benefits aren't capped at minimum wage.

    I would also cap public sector pensions at 30k and not pay a penny out until state retirement age.


  2. The point is, the left can't have it both ways

    They can't complain about benefits being capped at AVERAGE wage

    then complain that people in work don't have enough to live on.

    The main reason people in work don't have enough to live on is because they are having to support people who don't work - but have an income they themselves can only dream of.

    We cannot have a society where the equivalent of the entire population of Greece are 'economically inactive' and expect those in work to pay for it.


  3. Graphs don't allow for population changes.

    Eurozones's percentage of world population has fallen from 7.29% in 1973 to 4.72% in 2011.

    Looks like per head trade hasn't fallen at all.

    Eurozone produces 7 times more trade per head than the commonweatlh.

    And that's a basket case? laugh.giflaugh.gif

    The fact remains that since we joined the EU its share of World trade has fallen from 25% t0 15% and in another decade it will be down to 10%.

    The point is - this gives a lie to the claims that if we left the EU we would have no one to trade with

    perhaps we could trade with the other 90% of the World who aren't disapearing into an economic and social black hole?

    When Napoleon imposed the Continental system on Europe - we ended up with a Global empire and they ended up losing out.


  4. I think we need to be a little more specific about this.it's not the german people that are at fault...it is the leadership(ie the rome-berlin axis),they STILL hold designs on holy roman empire 2.0.

    ...and throw in to the mix the likes of barroso who want politburo 2.0.

    NEITHER is right to britain,and our cousins across the pond know full well too....it's only their politicians are as bought and paid for as ours,by the opposition....and remember that the modus operandi of both the fascists and the communists is to wreak financial and civil havoc before they start having a go at each other(again).

    Obama may think he's doing what's best,but frankly he needs a bit of a history lesson.I think he underestimates just how serious this situation is,and we anglo-saxons,with some of our other northern european cousins,absolutely MUST stick together on this one,and softly,softly politicians are no longer an option.

    this is cards on the table time,and even amongst friends we must be prepared to tell a few home truths,as unpopular as they may be.

    retrospect will AGAIN prove us right.

    this time the fascists are masters at sweet-talk and window-dressing,so we must take the no- nonsense approach.

    Great post IMO

    Hope the Europhiles read it and think carefully about the future.

    Anyone who doesn't realise how serious things are is living in a fantasy world.

    If we want to keep our freedom and democracy in the UK we are going to have to make some sort of stand.


  5. Why are so many people incapable of thinking for themselves?

    Why are so many obsessed with being on a 'team'?

    Left vs Right, Keynesians vs Austrians - apart from the fact they are false opposites, how can any one of them possibly be 100% correct?

    Such a load of s**t.

    I think you will find this is due to millions of years of natural selection.

    Large 'teams' of humans invariably 'out compete' both individual humans and smaller teams.

    Wishing things were any different is an entirely pointless exercise.


  6. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/01/10/swiss-zkb-franc-idUKL5E9CABVR20130110

    ZURICH, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Zuercher Kantonal Bank says it could impose a charge on private Swiss franc savings accounts under certain market conditions, as the country's banks battle to protect profit margins amid rock-bottom interest rates.

    Reports of the possible hit to savers' accounts caused the franc to weaken sharply, hitting its lowest since mid-December before recovering some ground. By 1530 GMT it was trading 0.2 percent lower at 1.2113 francs per euro.

    ZKB said on Thursday it had no plans at the moment to introduce negative interest rates - effectively a charge on savers - and did not expect to do so for the foreseeable future.

    However, it said it might under special market conditions, such as if the Swiss National Bank (SNB) were to introduce negative interest rates.

    In an emailed statement, ZKB said account holders would be free to make unlimited withdrawals in the unlikely case that negative interest rates were introduced.


    Is that a picture of the gigantic arseh*le this thread is eventually going to disappear into?


  7. [/b]

    This is what happens when the state trys to save everyone from their bad decisions, people carry on making them as they are not having to pay the price.

    Infact we are now in the perverse position of punishing the people who made good decisions to reward those who have made bad decisions. :o

    In the type of state we now have - attempting to provide for yourself is the WRONG decision.

    The state wants EVERYONE to be entirely reliant on the state

    because how can anyone then reduce the size of the state?

    This was Nu Labour's big idea and its one and only achievement.


  8. No, this happened when lands were enclosed, well before the welfare state.

    The welfare state was implemented both as an attempt to give back what was taken and to strengthen the status quo.

    To take the welfare away without giving people back the ability to take care of themselves and their families, where there is systemic unemployment, is to condemn people to starve while maintaining the privileges of the elites, in other words the very authoritarianism represented by every communist and fascist regime in history.

    Yet somehow it is a popular policy among those who claim they want more freedom.

    Well exactly.

    If the state did not actively prevent people from providing for themselves

    there would be no systematic unemployment.


  9. All these plans within plans.

    Our leaders must be superintelligent beings seeing the game ahead for the next 100 moves to navigate us through.

    anyone see a flaw?

    The fact that they have plans is self evident

    and if their plans consistently came to fruition then they would indeed be superintelligent

    the problem is - their plans never work out the way they expect

    which of course proves they are not superintelligent -

    but are nevertheless largely responsible for what happens.

    The First World War is a prime example of this.


  10. These kind of exercises are completely artificial and entirely done for political propaganda purposes.

    To get a true picture you would have to examine each individual on a case by case basis and investigate what they were actually receiving, what they were actually entitled to and what they were actually spending their money on.

    There is absolutely NO reason for anyone to walk the streets barefoot

    charity shops are full of shoes and if you walked in barefoot they would give you a pair for free.

    As another example a guy sat in the street begging in a town I visit is a few yards from a Salvation Army centre which I know would help him out if he was genuine.

    Also you could give a drug addict enough to live on but they still wouldn't have money for food.

    The welfare state has created these problems by destroying peoples ability to take care of themselves

    in fact, worse than that, it has destroyed their desire and motivation to even want to take care of themselves.


  11. Who exactly? The term mass consumption gives it away, who the consumer drivers are. The bottom 90% or so of society consuming goods and services day in and day out.

    Roughly 37% of germany's exports go to the eurozone (~60% to europe in totality), so how exactly are they doing in large parts of it? It should be pretty obvious that for significant numbers their incomes are falling dramatically.

    As for companies.... they only spend cash if it enables them to increase their profits, they are in no sense charities. For example UK corps are awash with cash, some £750bn at last count. But they are not spending, instead adding a further ~£75bn a year to their cash piles. No demand = no profits = no corporate investment.

    No, German exports have for years been based upon vendor financing via the banking system. Its still continuing now via the target2 system. Ponzi economics at it's finest.


    When this goes boom, so does germany's "miracle" economy.

    Probably for the first time ever - I agree.

    By the mechanism outlined the elites of Europe have made their citizens debt slaves to Germany for at least the next 20 years.

    They have made themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams in the process

    but of course everything depends on the people of Europe agreeing to be debt slaves to Germany for the next 2-3 decades

    personally I don't there's a cat in Hells chance of this happening.


  12. As someone else has said - this is all very simple.

    The basic principle of Keynesianism is that the State runs a surplus and pays down debt in good years

    so that it can stimulate the economy by borrowing and spending during lean years

    classic counter cyclical spending.

    The problem is - the State ran a buget deficit and racked up record levels of debt during the greatest boom in history

    so it simply cannot now borrow and spend the economy back to prosperity.

    It is no coincidence that most Keynesians are left wing

    as the left have always believed that the state is the answer to everything and that you can print wealth

    which it isn't and you can't.

    The problem for the left now is that the only real solution is to dismantle most of what they have spent since the end of WW2 trying to create.

    The fact that what they have created is a monster doesn't seem to make it any easier for them to accept that the game is over.


  13. I would suggest that there have been plenty of people who have become very wealthy from what Africa has done for them, even would you believe the poverty of others has brought them riches.....they prefer to keep it that way. ;)

    They were poor before.

    And now they are in charge of their own destiny - they are poor once again.

    Are the people of Zimbabwe richer since the white farmers had their land seized?

    Do the people of Zimbabwe have more food?

    Rich people do not make a country poorer

    otherwise the poorest countries would have the most rich people

    and they don't.

    The richest countries have the most rich people


  14. As some people have mentioned life expectancy will shortly start to fall.

    Since the advent of universal healthcare the general health of the population has just steadily declined.

    The people who are 90 now were born in a period of high infant mortality

    they did not have the money to over eat or smoke and drink themselves to death

    and they generally got far more physical exercise.

    The huge percentage of people who are now obese in their teens, twenties and thirties will simply not live to this sort of age

    and this does not account for those who smoke and drink themselves to death.


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