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  1. Agree with other people. You have started to seriously undermine your credibility by making claims such as this. You know very well that the bank bail outs didn't involve real wealth - they were just paper guarantees the idea that this 'money' could be used to buy actual goods and services in the real world is nonsense and you know it.
  2. Actually I am not that right wing - only compared to the left wing mob who now seem to dominate these discussions. I am also aware that other countries have this type of system - I believe Australia uses a similar system to provide education. TBH it seems to me that this is the best way forward - the NHS is an organisational disaster but of course no one is allowed to even question the NHS without being vilified.
  3. So you think editing people's posts in order to misrepresent them is acceptable? I have reported people to the mods for doing this in the past but your behaviour is so patently childish and pathetic I really can't be bothered. Anyway - I will bid you goodnight as I drive my daughter to work early.
  4. Exactly and we might actually get some wage competition instead of 'stuffing doctors mouths with Gold' Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the National Health Service,* explained at a private dinner circa 1956 how he had secured the doctors’ consent for the 1948 settlement. It was a remark made public by Professor Brian Abel-Smith only in 1964. (Nicholas Timmins, The Five Giants, p115.) Unfortunately, the British Medical Association, one of the most ruthless and sectional trade unions the world over, understood this founding principle of the NHS too well. So when Alan Milburn sought the doctors’ consent for his modest, belated competition reforms, he had to stuff their mouths with gold again. Hence the sudden inflation in GPs’ earnings towards the end of the New Labour years. Oh - and this is from the Independent by the way.
  5. So you have absolutely no idea where I stand on the political spectrum then? I would humbly suggest that this says far more about your powers of comprehension than it does about my ability to explain my opinions.
  6. Here's a radical proposal How about someone goes to the Doctor and if they require treatment they are given a credit by the state to pay for that treatment. Private healthcare providers then compete for this business. If a person wants to have a private room or 5 star catering they top it up with their own money. Also if someone could get the treatment done better or cheaper abroad, they could keep the difference. Even Obama doesn't want to copy the NHS.
  7. Because I know it annoys people like you???? Besides sometimes I use a smiley face or a sad face when appropriate.
  8. Apparently if you accuse someone of being a Troll, that means they are a Troll and you aren't The trick is to get in first.
  9. Here's another one for you http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1327766/Mid-Staffordshire-NHS-hospital-scandal-left-1-200-dead-happen-again.html unfortunately these are not isolated examples.
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9721900/Senior-MP-Ann-Clwyd-says-her-husband-died-like-a-battery-hen-in-hospital.html Of course if she had done what many other Labour MP's do and go private she would have believed the statistics - same as you do. Well I really hope you don't have the pleasure of having your faith in the NHS tested, because when the ruling elite start to realise there is a problem - then you really do know there is a problem.
  11. Given that the NHS has now been proven to have left tens of thousands of elderly people, who would have otherwise survived, to die. How does this show up in the stats? Answer - it doesn't. In Socialist Utopias the figures never match up with reality because reality proves that Socialism always fails.
  12. So you don't view constantly accusing people of being Trolls as Trolling? Because everyone else does.
  13. And who supplies the base data for these statistics? And how does the NHS categorize people who enter hospital for minor operations then die of 'old age' whilst in hospital?
  14. Given that it's after the watershed shouldn't you be tucked up in bed with your blankie?
  15. The NHS clearly produces terrible outcomes Or have you not been watching the news recently? Unless of course you are just Trolling?
  16. The EU is CAUSING a resurgence of nationalism How about the countries of Europe just living together and trading with each other as independent states in peace? Why can't they try that for a change?
  17. As you say, homo sapiens are tribal by nature - this is how we got where we are today. When Diana died and hundreds of thousands of people who didn't know her from Adam wept and wailed in the streets. I found the whole thing stomach churning because it was no different than the mass hysteria of the Nuremburg rallies. Needles to say I didn't make myself very popular at the time by pointing this out.
  18. If people recognized the dangers and planned for an orderly dismantling of the EU we could perhaps avoid the worst consequences but this sort of attitude virtually guarantees disaster on a grand scale.
  19. Yes and the Germans didn't invade Czechoslovakia they were just protecting ethnic Germans from oppression. And the Poles attacked Germany first so the German invasion was self-defence ref: 'Gleiwitz' Incident.
  20. You asked what are the options the answer is - we have no options left. And I was paying you a backhanded compliment the fact you got so p*ssed off proves my point.
  21. Germany, China and Japan were nowhere in 1945 We missed a golden opportunity Sadly we won't ever get such a chance again.
  22. Then the answer is clearly more Socialism. TBH I so fed up by the stupidity of the majority of people in this country that I am actually hoping Labour win the next election.
  23. You see I view this as intellectual dishonesty because you understand far too much about how money works to believe this. The bank bailouts cost nothing. Numbers were entered on spreadsheets. You cannot either create OR destroy actual wealth in this way.
  24. At the end of World War 2 Britain had the finest scientists and engineers in the World. We led the World in many fields and our European competition had been devastated by years of warfare. But instead of investing in these technologies and becoming a major exporter of high tech and engineering products the government starved these areas of funds and ploughed the money into creating a welfare state. We could have broken the sound barrier first Launched a satellite first We could have been the World's largest builder of jet aircraft We could have led the world in electronics and computer technology. But instead we decided to construct a socialist utopia where millions of people are left to rot on benefits and those who work are on a constant treadmill trying to pay for this. A once in a century opportunity was squandered and TBH I actually can't see any way back from the position we have now got ourselves into.
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