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  1. Merv is a political stooge - as are all central bankers.
  2. Yeah Right...... It was huge Government deficit spending funded by higher taxes and the largest policy driven credit boom in history during the Labour years that led us into this mess. And now the left wing solution is even more deficit spending, even higher taxes and even more cheap credit. Der.......................... I am thinking of starting my own party - the 'Jam tommorrow Party' My policy is to promise every voter in the country 1 million pounds in 5 years. When I inevitably get elected I will use my time in office to line my own pockets. Then when everything goes t*ts up and the Conservatives get back in and tell everyone they can't have their million pounds each I will tell everyone that this is because the Evil Tories Bankster buddies in the City stole all the money. Then I will get elected again. Genius!
  3. We copied the European Big State Social Welfare model - so we are as screwed as they are The difference is - we have realised the system is bankrupt and are trying to extricate ourselves they seem to think the answer is ramming the iceberg at maximum speed in the hope of sinking it.
  4. Sorry - but this has to be the most hilarious response I have ever got. Germany controls the printing presses.
  5. The reason ordinary people have nothing left to spend is because the Government now takes every spare penny they have. Basically you are just arguing for a Communist state and history shows how that always ends.
  6. QE is funding Government deficit spending Increased taxes are funding Government deficit spending The only way to get growth is to cut Government spending. If people have no money in their pockets, the economy is never going to grow. Printing money and using it to buy Government bonds just causes Stagflation.
  7. My analysis is based on 500 years of European history not sure what your analysis is based on. Oh and we were told, was it 13000 Poles would come here and well over 500,000 actually came.
  8. You do all realise this is Heresy here? I called Stagflation years ago and was ridiculed by the Deflation brigade. We are NEVER going to get deflation because they will keep on printing until we get inflation. The upside is they are writing down debt, the downside is they are eroding people's savings and wages.
  9. More Boll*cks. The difference is the UK can reduce its debts by inflation The Eurozone can't because Germany is owed all the money and they control the printing presses. And when the EU goes pop people will be flocking here in even greater numbers than they are now which is going to cause us enormous problems. At the end of the day we are screwed but they are even more screwed and they know it. In reality everyone now knows the game is up - apart from the usual suspects here of course. We are now well into the blame game phase and the only issue is can France and Germany foist the blame for the failure of the Euro onto the UK and US. We told them it would never work and we have been proved right again and they hate us for it and are desperate to off load the blame.
  10. Railways were invented by the private sector and are in competition with other forms of transport - such as air travel again privately invented and owned. Power generation can also be open to competition, problem is, same as with banking - state regulation has failed. How exactly did the human race survive and make any progress before the state arrived to provide all the things we couldn't provide for ourselves? BTW I believe in a mixed economy, but once the state gets beyond a certain size economic failure is guaranteed.
  11. How much energy is there in one teaspoon of water? Cos we have a Hell of a lot of water.
  12. If we could predict the future we would all be millionaires. I suppose the key is timing.
  13. When did we hit? peak flint peak wood peak coal And what happened? The amount of energy in the universe is to all intents and purposes infinite. And if we were going to run out of fossil fuels before we came up with an alternative why did they have to invent Global Warming??????????
  14. Well if they didn't have a dentist they couldn't do it. We are entitled to free NHS dental treatment but when the cap on my wife's front tooth came off because the root had split we paid 2K for her to have a dental implant becuase these are not available on the NHS. The private dentist we chose was excellent and it has been the best 2k we ever spent as she had suffered years of abscesses prior to the treatment. My wifes father had the same problem and had a bridge fitted by my wifes NHS dentist - this then broke and he ended up losing 3 front teeth and having to have a denture fitted which he hates. The irony is, all his treatment cost the NHS more than the cost of my wifes implant so the taxpayer ended up spending more money to ruin my father-in-laws teeth. Edited for clarity - my wife and her father both have the same NHS dentist.
  15. Central banks in the US and UK are printing in order to transfer wealth from those in credit to those in debt ie the Government. The problem the Euro has is that the people who control the printing presses are the Germans and they are the suckers who are owed all the money.
  16. Its just a race to see who can trash their currency first. So far I think we are winning.
  17. Well this just clearly defines your stance - which is equally dogmatic. Why shouldn't 'private corporations' provide 'public services' ? And who defines what constitutes a public service? As an example - food is essential to life and yet we entrust private individuals and corporations to provide all our food. As a result we probably have the most efficient and cost effective food industry in the World funded by 'tax payers' choosing to hand over their own money to which ever private corporation they think provides them with the most choice and value. Clothing is another essential to life and again private corporations manage to provide a vast choice of incredibly cheap clothing. Perhaps we should nationalise the clothing industry? If this happened you would probably have to wait 8 weeks to get a poor quality beige T shirt which would cost a months wages.
  18. And what is the rate of hospital acquired infections in the US then? Hospital acquired infections has nothing to do with private contracts It is entirely due to that which we are not allowed to mention.
  19. Without a state there would be no such thing as property rights. In nature, property rights can simply be defined as 'the survival of the fittest.
  20. Err....... He/she said it was unaffordable due to bank bail outs What I was pointing out is that the banks were bailed out with magic money so whether or not the NHS is affordable has nothing to do with bank bail outs.
  21. Yes - bloody Americans If you go into an NHS hospital to have an ingrowing toenail removed and die of a hospital acquired infection A sincere apology from the NHS Trust should be perfectly adequate compensation.
  22. There will always be a state of some kind the question is how large should it be and what functions should it perform. Free healthcare, education, housing and money for food sounds like Socialism to me. If it isn't Socialism what is it? It's a million miles from any kind of free market Capitalism.
  23. Socialist regimes are the only ones that have to shoot their own citizens to stop them trying to escape.
  24. If you did a little bit of research you would find that many people have cast serious doubts on the reliability of the statistics coming out of Cuba. For example - infant mortality is kept low by aborting any pregnancy that appears may prove problematic. Also maternal mortality is very high - strongly indicating that babies are saved at the expense of mothers - again in order to boost infant mortality figures. At the end of the day you cannot set any store by figures coming out of totalitarian regimes - because they will never release any statistics that suggest their system is failing in any way Obviously
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