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  1. No labour government could allow RBS and Bank of Scotland to fail because the SNP would then wipe them out in Scotland and that would cost them the election.

    Lloyds could have been allowed to save Northern Rock and Halifax could have been de-merged from Bank of Scotland.

    We would then have had a viable English banking system and a totally bankrupt Scotland.

    All decisions that have been made have been politically, not economically motivated and have been driven by Nu Labours attempts to avoid electoral Armageddon in Scotland at the hands of the SNP.

    In my opinion.

  2. If you like conspiracy theories you could argue that this has been the plan all along.

    Lloyds were blocked from rescuing Northern Rock because the Scottish mafia knew that RBS was in serious trouble and that Lloyds could be engineered into merging with RBS and dragged down in this way.

    Had Lloyds been allowed to save Northern Rock, this plan would have been scuppered.

    What should have happened is, Lloyds should have rescued Northern Rock and Halifax should have been demerged from Bank of Scotland - but of course then it would have been obvious to the British people where the real blame for this whole disaster really lies.

    In my opinion.


  3. Small shareholders in Lloyds were basically shafted by the Big Boys

    Someone on here mentioned the other day that major institutional investors in Lloyds also had big stakes in HBOS, so they forced the deal through in order to save their HBOS investments. They figured that overall their losses would be minimised by taking this course of action.

    The only thing is the scale of HBOS losses were hidden at the time, so in the end I think the big institutional investors have lost out too.

    My own feeling is that the Government didn't want a large solvent bank 'outside' the system. They have also been gunning for Barclays and HSBC for the same reason. Politically I think the Scottish Government in Westminster is trying to cover up the fact that it is Scottish banks, RBS and BOS that have wrecked the British banking system and that the English tax payer is now pumping hundreds of Billions of pounds into rescuing the Scottish economy.

    If Scotland became independent, Labour would NEVER win power in England EVER. Brown and Co. know this so are basically Gerrymandering on a massive scale in a desperate attempt to buy the next election.


  4. Actually I was only teasing you about your avatar.

    No political system is perfect and it is very difficult to compare one against another.

    But probably the only way of measuring the success of such a system is how many people are prepared to live under it.

    If people risk death trying to escape from a country, then I would suggest to you that the political system in that country is inferior to the system in a country people are risking death to get into.


  5. History Geek

    I am a history Geek too and have many books on Aircraft carriers, but as I am getting older my memory is not perfect.

    Of the Unryu class apparently only one saw action. I did know that American carrier production was enormous and that Japanese production was insignificant but I was not correct on the exact figures.


  6. Ted,

    The Russian people were fighting to save Russia and had D-Day not happened Stalin would have occupied the whole of Europe, I don't think there's any doubt about that.

    Whether or not people think that would have been a good thing or not is a different matter.

    The UK and the US invaded Europe to save it from Hitler AND Stalin.

    And we may need them to save us again - unfortunately.

    Anyway - hope we all had a discussion, not an argument.



  7. History Geek

    I think all of those built were either laid down before the war started or were very unsatisfactory conversions. I don't think the Japanese built a single fleet carrier that was started after the war began.

    As well as 24 fleet carriers the Americans built many more escort carriers, their total war production was just enormous and arguably was what ended the depression in the end.

  8. Mouse,

    Hope you will change your avatar back, as the Clanger suits you better I think.

    At the end of the day there is probably little chance that either of us will be proved right or wrong if we both lived to be 100.

    All I can say is that if 6 billion people were given the chance to live in America or Russia, what percentage would choose America, probably 99% I would guess.


  9. Mouse

    10's of millions of people who died in Stalin's Gulags would disagree with you I think.

    And during the Cold War I don't recall thousands of people trying to escape from West Germany into East Germany.

    And the largest act of mass murder ever was when 60 million Chinese starved when Moa collectivized agriculture.

    Compared to all that I feel really enslaved and exploited when I take my kids to McDonalds occasionally.

  10. If you think about it, the Dollar will probably emerge from all this stronger than ever.

    The Euro will probably fail and the Pound and the Yen will be in the doldrums for a generation.

    Like it or not the Dollar is the World’s reserve currency and as a result huge efforts will be made by foreign governments to support the Dollar.

    This is why the Fed can cut interest rates with impunity and why the BOE and the ECB can’t.

  11. Seriously though, I do agree that the EU is just trying to create a copy of the old Soviet Union in the West and that it is doomed to fail.

    What will replace it I do not know.

    Socialism is a good idea in principle, but it will never work because it takes no account of and actually works against the grain of human nature.

    And why don't you just admit that you thought your avatar was a mouse?


  12. Mouse,

    Anyone living in Europe owes what little freedom they have left to the UK and the USA - fact.

    And if you think Europe would have been a better place if D.Day had never happened and the Red Army had reached the channel then there's not much more to be said.

    Oh and by the way, your avatar is a Clanger not a Mouse.


  13. Council Dweller,

    When studying warfare people tend to concentrate on battles, but wars are won in factories, steelworks and shipyards.

    During the war the US built 24 Essex class fleet carriers, I don't think the Japanese built 1, although they did some unsatisfactory conversions.

    Admiral Yamamoto himself knew that Japan stood no chance against American economic might.

    All the Japanese could do was Bansai charge machine guns and hope the Americans ran out of bullets - but they never did.


  14. Mouse,

    What happened in Georgia recently?

    and what did Europe do about it?


    Ever wondered why hundreds of thousands of Poles have moved here in the last 2 years - they're getting out while they can.

    If America turns isolationist and protectionist, which it easily could, the rest of the free World will be in BIG trouble.

  15. Japan will always be stuffed for exactly the same reasons the US will always bounce back - economic fundamentals.

    1) There are too many of them crammed into too little land.

    2) They have no natural resources.

    3) They can't grow enough food to feed themselves.

    In the 1930's / 40's they tried war as a means of acquiring land and natural resources but the USA crushed them like a bug.

    Then they tried surviving by exporting but that leaves them at the mercy of outside forces.

    In the long run the only answer for them is to probably shrink their population to a level which their food production can support - not sure what that is though - 30%,50%,70% - I've no idea.


  16. Fortunately I think the Euro is living on borrowed time, so the pound will probably rise against the Euro.

    However, no matter how bad a state the US economy seems to be in, both currencies will still fall against the Dollar.

    The US has very sound fundamentals that will always ensure it recovers from any recession

    1) Political stability

    2) Massive amounts of land and extremely efficient agricultural production - can easily produce all its own food plus big surplus.

    3) Enormous reserves of natural resources.

    4) Huge industrial base.

    5) A large, mostly well educated and entrepreneurial work force.

    The US will, no doubt suffer a depression over the next few years, but in my opinion it will come out the other side much sooner and far stronger than any other country in the World.

    I think Europe on the other hand will see massive political and social upheaval that will ultimately lead to the demise of the Euro and possibly the break up of the EU itself.

    I think the people of Europe have had enough of corrupt politicians and the day of reckoning is approaching fast.

    In the UK, Nu Labour will destroy the economy, then destroy itself.


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