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  1. Steve,

    America WILL crack nuclear fusion in the next 2 decades at the most and this development will actually occur sooner precisely because of the economic and political problems we are currently experiencing.

    All they need then is to replace fossil fueled aircraft and tanks with hydrogen powered equivalents and Bob's your uncle!

    You can go and live in a cave and wait for the end if you want to, but all of the above WILL happen.


  2. Food aid causes war and famine.

    In normal circumstances, in years of poor harvest, human populations would fall.

    Now, as a result of food aid, populations continue to expand through lean years to the point that a bumper harvest is needed every year just to maintain the ever increasing numbers.

    Ultimately this policy will lead to the worst famine Africa has ever experienced.

    The logic is inescapable unfortunately.


  3. Mirage,

    The fact that you think it is unimportant what caused previous events clearly demonstrates that you are incapable of thinking beyond what you are spoon fed by 'experts'

    Clearly the greatest threat to mankind and the planets ecosystem would be a f**king huge lump of rock crashing into the Earth.

    This type of event has been responsible for numerous mass extinctions in the last few hundred million years.

    If human industrialization continues at something like current rates, in the next hundred years we will posses the technology to avert this type of catastrophe.

    We will then become the ultimate guardians of the Earth and its ecosystems, something which no other species (as far as I am aware) has managed to achieve.

    On the other hand, we could all just go and live in caves and wait for the end.


  4. We have a finite amount of fossil fuels and if we dont burn them then another nation in the future will.

    So taxing them is not going to solve the issue, they will be burnt by someone, somewhere, sometime.

    When they are gone, they are gone, so whats the point on paying literally millions of people's wages to tell us something we already know, and can do nothing about.

    Global Warming whether its mankind induced or otherwise is here to stay, and no amount of taxes and scientists is going to stop it.

    The Government knows that 'environmental' taxes are not going to have any effect - that's not the point is it.

    The point is to find more and more excuses to tax us more and more.

    If the Government really believes in climate change why exactly are we expanding airports?

  5. Steve,

    'Simple commonsense' tells me that Global temperatures are governed by the fluctuating energy output of the Sun - not man made CO2.

    According to recent research the Sun's output has been steadily increasing since the 1970's, when we were reliably told by scientists that the Earth was heading for another ice age. As it happens, even the IPCC have acknowledged that this could be a significant component of Global warming.

    And as for the Earths Eco system creaking, so far up to 20 mass extinctions have been identified over the last 500 million years, perhaps you would like to explain what caused any of these events.

    Intelligent, free thinking people rarely follow the crowd and history has shown that they are right not to do so.

  6. Yes and 2 years ago all the World's economists and bankers were saying that the Global economy would go on growing forever.

    And people on here, 'continuous economic growth deniers', were labeled as nutters by the experts.

    Now some other 'experts' are telling us that human activity is causing the Earth to warm.

    Global warming is just another pseudo religion, fashionable bandwagon, bubble type event.

    And as usual, anyone who doesn't follow the herd or questions 'received wisdom' is branded a nutter by the vast majority of people who have great difficulty thinking for themselves.



  7. An inconvenient truth

    Global temperature has been dropping for quite a while now.

    But obviously because this fact is hugely embarrassing for all concerned it is being ignored in the hope that temperatures will eventually start rising again and the falls can be dismissed as an anomaly.

    The fact is, that if Global warming existed and it was caused by man made carbon emissions then temperature would rise consistently.

    Drops in temperature merely highlight the fact that other factors have a much bigger impact than anything we might or might not be doing.

    And for the younger members, when I was a teenager in the 70's, temperatures were falling and we were told that there was going to be another Ice Age.

  8. Man made global warming is a huge con, eagerly seized upon by the usual anti-American nutcases to bash the USA.

    Apart from anything - this ignores the huge amounts of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by China as they build coal fired power stations like there's no tomorrow.

    Also, I noticed with amusement the other day that just when when Europe allegedly needs America like a hole in the head, France has suddenly decided to join NATO after 35 years.

    Now I wonder why that would be?

  9. Cars may kill more people than terrorists, but it is now highly probably than an islamist terrorist group could get hold of some type of nuclear device in the next few years.

    What do you think would happen to house prices in London if a dirty bomb was detonated somewhere in the city?

    Some people here really do need to get a grip on reality and think about the consequences if our security services were unable to prevent something of this nature happening.

    We are not dealing with the IRA now, we are dealing with people who have no negotiating position, who basically just want to cause as much death and destruction as they can and the fact that they might kill as many of their own people in the process means absolutely nothing to them.

  10. 1929 Crash

    As I spent most of my working life under a Tory government, I was able to pay off my mortgage and now own my own home.

    I therefore only need a minimum wage job to live quite happily, so if all the ex public sector workers and financial services types want to fight me for a 10k a year job then 'bring it on'

    Anyway, don't you have to get up in the morning cos I do, I'm taking my daughter to the orthodontist to have her brace checked at 9 o'clock.


  11. I am suprised to to find a tory comrade .

    you are supposed to be in bed hours ago you said. Still , only some of us have to get up in the morning ! :angry:


    The thing is, unlike some people, I am not a hypocrite. I will be voting Conservative at the next election hoping that they will reform the tax and benefits system that has wrecked our economy.

    If that means I have to get a job, then so be it.

    I wasn't going to bed earlier, I was going to watch the TV because as you point out I don't have to get up early in the morning.

    When I was working I had to get up at 6.30am and didn't get home until 5.30pm (commuting) - that's an 11 hour day and all I was doing was working to pay other people to take it easy, so in the end I thought 'who's the mug?' and decided to join them. Socialism does have some advantages.


    Really going now - nice to 'meet' you.

  12. I think you are wrong.

    There has always been plenty to go around.

    Why spend your days doing something dull, hateful or soul destroying, like so many do just to pay the rent / mortgage to prop up a currupt system ?

    Its just a cultural stance that elevates workers above 'lazy dole scroungers' but the latter are often way more interesting and accomplished that the mugs who pay their benefits. IMHO :rolleyes:

    Funny you should say that.

    I engineered my redundancy 5 years ago from a soul destroying, hamster wheel job and I haven't worked since.

    All thanks to Gordon Brown's fantastic tax credits, which you even get if you arn't paying any tax.

    When the morally bankrupt Socialist system created over the last 12 years is swept away and I am actually better off working than not working, I will quite happily look for another job.

    Until then I can live my life, happy in the knowledge that I am in my small way contributing to the downfall of this corrupt and rotten government.

    People on here keep asking why 'we' are not rioting in the streets - the answer is that people are either voting with their feet or downing tools and in the end these two tactics will be far more effective than a few pointless demonstrations.

    Come the revolution.............


  13. Mr 1929 Crash

    Too late, I already have 3 kids.

    But you still didn't answer MY question.

    Are you now advising people to go out and buy a V8 gas guzzling Range Rover or Jag?

    because if you are not, your arguments are totally confused and illogical.

    And in the same way,

    As we are now critically short of generating capacity are you now advocating re-opening all the mines closed by Mrs Thatcher and building coal fired power stations - like China.

    We could even have coal fires in our homes, like we used to in the good old days before that evil woman Thatcher closed all the pits.

    Won't hold my breath waiting for a sensible reply.


  14. I wanna house

    Perhaps you are older than me, but I was born in a northern town in 1961 and I voted Labour in 1979, because my family were all Labour supporters and I didn't know any better.

    And to my eternal shame I voted for Tony Blair in 1997 because like the rest of the country I was conned into thinking that 'things could only get better'.

    I actually still think that Tony Blair is the smartest politician this country ever had, because he screwed us over and then left to great applause just before the wheels came off.

    But the best leader this country ever had was Margaret Thatcher because when she took office the country was on its knees and when she left office we were the envy of the World.

    Churchill, although a good war leader failed in peace time and but for Hitler would only have been remember for the national disaster that was Gallipolli IMHO.

  15. 1929 Crash

    So you are now advising everyone to go out and buy 4.2 litre V8 Jaguars and Range Rovers now are you?

    Because it's no good giving Jaguar Land Rover money to keep making these cars then telling people not to buy them because they are destroying the Fecking environment.

    The whole economy needs to be restructured and it's going to be a very long and painful process which will inevitably lead to much higher unemployment - unfortunately.

    But there is no alternative.

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