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  1. Not if they can accumulate more wealth by gaming the welfare system than they can by working that's the whole point FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for 99.9% of human history people had children to provide for them when they could no longer provide for themselves having children is the ultimate in storing wealth for the future when you are young fit and healthy you store the surplus food you cannot eat or preserve in your children who then feed you when you are too old to feed yourself. All this is pretty basic human nature - which probably explains why you don't 'get it'
  2. Humans have worked to accumulate surpluses for thousands of years. Domestication of plants and animals began about 10,000 years ago the 'Neolithic revolution' prior to that humans were hunter gatherers and if they could gather and store a surplus they would do so.
  3. This statement is complete and utter garbage
  4. The technicalities of this are irrelevant and no one understands them, because you can come to any number of interpretations based on your own political and economic viewpoint. At the end of the day the BOE is printing money and giving it to the Government. As it is impossible to print real wealth, this process is devaluing the sterling reserves of all individuals and companies via inflation which is constant and far higher than the fiddled figures portray. The only reason they are largely getting away with it currency wise is because the US and Eurozone are doing exactly the same thing. IMHO
  5. Left to their own devices humans work hard to accumulate the necessities of life And if they can produce a surplus they will generally do this in order to cover themselves against unforeseen shortages in the future In Socialist states there is no incentive for anyone to work harder than the absolute minimum they can get away with which is why Socialism inevitably fails. You are talking to someone who gave up work because the state took so much from me that I was better off not working and there are 8 million people economically inactive in the UK now Failure is built into this type of system.
  6. I bought my first and probably only new car in 2007 from an internet car company because it effectively cost less than the price being charged by dealers for a second hand, previous model. This was because the car was taxed, had 12 months recovery, new tyres and would not have to be MOT'd for 3 years and was 1 year newer. When I showed the dealers the internet price they just said they couldn't match it - because they knew the next person through the door would be quite happy to pay over the odds.
  7. When people are free they generate wealth when they are slaves they do as little as they can get away with. This is why they end up holding a gun to people's heads and why people risk death to escape these societies
  8. Countries with relatively small populations and lots of natural resources can be quite wealthy despite the system At the end of the day, the 'success' of the Nordic states can't wipe out 100 years+ of repression, mass murder and complete economic failure. As many people have pointed out many times if Socialism is so fantastic how come millions of people risked death trying to escape from paradise to the evil capitalist west?
  9. The line is that the BOE is printing money and giving it to the 'Banksters' which of course is utter rubbish. The BOE is printing money and giving it to the Government
  10. I own and have read many books on both Newton and Einsteins theories. Einsteins model of gravity as a curvature of space time completely replaces Newtons theory based on forces Newtons theory is only an approximation and his model bears no relation to reality This does not mean that Newton wasn't a genius arguably he was the greatest thinker who ever lived but his theory was not the 'truth' it was just a convenient mathematical model that could be used to approximately describe reality.
  11. No - he didn't modify it Einstein completely overturned Newtons model. The point I am making, which you are trying hard to ignore is that MMGW is only a theory and unless it can accurately predict actual outcomes then the probability that it is correct is extremely low.
  12. Anyone who truly understands anything about science knows that theories are just that And anyone claiming that MMGW is the truth or reality is a liar. The NASA article I linked to stated that more research was needed which is fair enough because basically - no one really knows. Before Einstein, had I stated that I believed Newton was wrong you would have called me an idiot and a gravity denier. Theories are just theories and if as in the case of MMGW they are totally unable to predict actual outcomes then the probability of them being correct is approaching zero. Climategate clearly showed that the data was being manipulated to fit the theory - which should have at least made MMGW supporters a bit less fanatical but at the end of the day it really isn't about science, it has now become a weird pseudo scientific cult that is being exploited by politicians for their own ends. So stop worrying and have a think about who is manipulating you and for what reasons
  13. No one knows. But - here's an abstract from one of his papers Abstract/Summary Recent research has suggested that relatively cold UK winters are more common when solar activity is low (Lockwood et al 2010 Environ. Res. Lett. 5 024001). Solar activity during the current sunspot minimum has fallen to levels unknown since the start of the 20th century (Lockwood 2010 Proc. R. Soc. A 466 303–29) and records of past solar variations inferred from cosmogenic isotopes (Abreu et al 2008 Geophys. Res. Lett. 35 L20109) and geomagnetic activity data (Lockwood et al 2009 Astrophys. J. 700 937–44) suggest that the current grand solar maximum is coming to an end and hence that solar activity can be expected to continue to decline. Combining cosmogenic isotope data with the long record of temperatures measured in central England, we estimate how solar change could influence the probability in the future of further UK winters that are cold, relative to the hemispheric mean temperature, if all other factors remain constant. Global warming is taken into account only through the detrending using mean hemispheric temperatures. We show that some predictive skill may be obtained by including the solar effect. On this basis, if AGW is correct we should be pumping as much CO2 into the atmosphere as possible in order to prevent another mini ice age which certainly would be a disaster for humanity as food Global food production would plummet.
  14. I already explained why they are unpredictable and you clearly did not understand the article. 'Although sunspots themselves produce only minor effects on solar emissions, the magnetic activity that accompanies the sunspots can produce dramatic changes in the ultraviolet and soft x-ray emission levels. These changes over the solar cycle have important consequences for the Earth's upper atmosphere.' You have absolutely NO IDEA what effect variations in sunspot activity may have on the Earth's climate because NASA does not make that claim. Perhaps you know more than they do.
  15. 'I support it because it's reality' It's a scientific theory......... As to trading insults, if you were certain of your cause you would not be so upset by people challenging your beliefs the same applies to all religious fanatics.
  16. To be honest I lose track of your, Fluffy, Kurt and others rants. So are you then claiming that the Sun's output does not vary over time??? http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/SunspotCycle.shtml This is a NASA link, I know it's not the Guardian so you will say it's all lies but at least I tried.
  17. It was the advent of Earth orbiting satellites and planetary probes that triggered this wave of alarmist hysteria and the fact that the theory fitted the objectives of a particular political ideology turned it into the monster it became.
  18. The term is very offensive and was chosen for this purpose. And I don't think quoting leaked E-mails or one of the founders of the Green movement is 'quote mining' Also, since when was I an advocate for any form of Global Government? In addition, as you have mentioned it, there is also mounting evidence that Vaccines cause damage to children, the least of these being the huge otherwise unexplained rise in the incidence of Autism. Individual vaccines may be tested and proved harmless, but the effect of multiple vaccines is largely untested and also there are numerous documented cases of faulty batches which have caused serious harm to the recipients. I am not anti-science - I have been interested is science and technology all my life I have also been equally interested in history and this shows that time and time again bogus scientific theories have been used to impose all kinds of totalitarian ideologies on humanity, with terrible consequences. You may be choosing to ignore this fact, but I suspect the real reason you fanatically support this theory is because you support its totalitarian objectives.
  19. It wasn't an example of scientists being proven completely wrong - there are thousands of these it was a reference to the fact that this was one of the discoveries that led to the theory of MMGW. Had planetary probes not shown Venus to be as it is - the theory of MMGW would not have been necessary.
  20. Another example of flawed logic They were proven wrong so had to come up with a theory to explain why they were wrong. They could hardly not admit they were wrong once planetary probes returned data which contradicted their theories.
  21. Interestingly, the scientific consensus was that Venus would be very Earth like and was probably covered in Oceans. Of course reality was completely different to what scientists predicted. So they then went off completely in the opposite direction. Some careful reflection on the huge shortcomings in their own understanding of what is going on wouldn't be a bad idea IMHO
  22. More left wing nonsense how can there be global emissions agreements when China and India are building hundreds of coal fired power stations and the west is about to go on a shale gas bonanza. And using the term denialist reeks of fanatisism and is deeply offensive as it attempts to characterise people who do not believe in the theory of MMGW as being similar to people who deny the holocaust. People like you are fanatical, deeply intolerant and wedded to the idea of an all pervasive totalitarian state. Have a nice day.
  23. The Government is printing money and giving it to itself. This effectively makes your pension and savings worth less. If they carry on doing it, your pension and savings will be worth nothing.
  24. Thanks, but this isn't helping. And if the Jews controlled everything, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have arranged for millions of Jews to be murdered in the last Century
  25. Sorry but your logic doesn't follow here. The TPTB were telling us they had ended boom and bust - so if I didn't believe anything they said I would be expecting a crash surley? As it happens I correctly predicted a crash on the scale of the 1930's because such an outcome was the inevitable consequence of the policies being pursued. The one question I can't answer is, did the economists who said nothing know what was coming or are they all just charlatans. We now have TPTB creating a false threat - Global Warming and you have people here trying to convince you that it is just another scam. It is you and others here who have been taken in by the propaganda not me/us.
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