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  1. No, because true capitalism is entirely self correcting firms can only get away with paying poverty wages because the state makes up the difference. And its entirely meaningless going back to the industrial revolution and claim that people lived in poverty because people were extremely poor and had extremely hard lives before capitalism transformed the World. What you have to look at is where we are now, thanks to capitalism. The poorest person in a capitalist society can now have the same life expectancy as the ruling elite in previous centuries provided they don't choose to eat, drink or smoke themselves to death.
  2. Are you trying to start some sort of demarcation dispute withe Erranta?
  3. I thought we were going to get long, hot dry summers causing droughts and mild winters thanks to global warming and what we are getting is cold, extremely wet summers and some of the harshest winters in my lifetime (50+ years) apparently also thanks to global warming.
  4. That's capitalism for you. At the other end of the scale the state takes 90%+ of your income in taxation, so it's a good job capitalism can provide you with a 2.50 Tshirt, otherwise you wouldn't be able to afford to clothe yourself. Income tax NI compulsory pension contributions (coming soon) Council Tax VAT Fuel Duty Green levy on energy bills Stamp Duty Airport taxes etc, etc my 90%+ figure is a guess, but it can't be far wrong In feudal societies the state took a tythe or tenth typically
  5. Scientific progress has meant that the necessities of life are now incredibly cheap to produce so why do we now need a welfare state? and how come since the welfare state was introduced there are still millions of people in such societies living on the breadline? As others have asserted, the welfare state was introduced as a way for TPTB to corner the vast majority of the additional wealth produced by automation and computerisation. The state in the UK even takes 10 Billion a year from people who can't even afford a roof over their heads to hand over to the wealthy elites in 'developing' countries. As Dave Spart used to say 'Wake Up'
  6. Well that's what the other guy said pages back. So we have gone from me being ludicrous suggesting that 15 years was optimistic to conceding that an average failure rate is 4-5 years. I think we are making progress.
  7. Well you said it to me in the past. I got ripped for suggesting that they wouldn't last 15 years, which in the light of what people here who actually seem to know what they are talking about seems wildly optimistic TBH.
  8. True capitalism is self regulating, because if the people producing all the stuff don't have any wealth, who is going to buy all the stuff they are producing. What we have at the moment is not capitalism, what we have is the Big State Social Welfare model in which the state bleeds all the real wealth out of the economy, which ultimately stagnates and collapses. There is no difference between this and Socialism or Communism its just the decline and inevitable failure is slower.
  9. The welfare state just traps people in poverty, including the workers who are forced to pay for it. It exists to entrench the wealth and position of the people who designed and administer it. At the end of the day everything the State does, it does very badly in comparison to the free market State healthcare is crap State Education is crap State care of children is crap State care of the elderly is crap The only thing that the state can do that the free market can't is fight wars and I'm not entirely sure that the masses benefited much from WW1 or WW2 or will benefit from the next big show that is probably going to be arranged to mop up record levels of youth unemployment in Europe. Depressing.
  10. No sh*t Sherlock Generally mechanical devices are far more reliable when they are under constant load and not stuck on the end of a steel pole in some of the harshest environments in the world. And Christ knows what the cost of replacing the gearbox or generator is in an offshore turbine is. Pretty expensive I would imagine.
  11. Well this just takes the biscuit. I told you years ago that the gearboxes and generators wouldn't last anywhere near the time you were claiming. It's just like Triggers broom. The street sweeper from only Fools and Horses. He got an award from the council because he had the same broom for 25 years mind you it had 50 new heads and 25 new handles
  12. The reason Northern Rock, RBS and Bank of Scotland were not allowed to fail was because they are located in Labour heartlands - simple as that.
  13. You are clearly an expert, so they will probably ignore you. The ecomentalist concensus here is that wind turbines will last 25 years - which is obviously ludicrous. Anyway - good look trying to inject some facts into the argument because as you will soon realise - it isn't about facts, or science for that matter.
  14. I gave up using tactics like that in primary school. And anyone who knows anything about the history of science would be far less certain in their beliefs. The only people who are certain they are right are religious fanatics scientists would never claim that any theory was 'the truth'
  15. The European Big State, social welfare model is doomed simple as that. And the idea that raising taxes is the answer is beyond parody.
  16. The increase in damage due to weather events is due to population pressure People are now forced to live on land that humans have avoided living on for thousands of years. So weather events that would have gone largely unreported are now focused on because of the far greater impact they have on human populations. When Catrina flooded New Orleans for example, the Old Town which was built on higher ground was largely unaffected. The fact that hundreds of years ago, people were sensible enough to build in areas that were not prone to flooding tends to suggest that 'extreme' weather events were just as common in the past.
  17. Don't Australia have a left wing government at the moment? Cos that explains everything.
  18. The Fukushima nuclear accident really has no bearing on the issue of nuclear safety. It's like saying spoons are dangerous because some idiot jams a spoon in their ear. On reflection it would seem rather foolish to make the reactors Tsunami proof by building them on the top of a cliff then build the cooling plant on the low lying coastal plain. Surely this was an accident waiting to happen???? Plus can anyone explain why, if the supporters of MMGW are so certain of their position they constantly resort to ad hominem attacks on anyone who questions the theory? Half of this thread is attacks by the pro camp on one particular poster who, to his credit has remained largely calm and polite throughout. And the 'I win, you lose' posts are just completely pathetic, to anyone with a mental age greater than 6 years.
  19. In a few decades nuclear waste will be dumped on the Moon. Meanwhile, everyone in Britain will have frozen to death as a result of Global Warming which - as everyone knows, will result in a mini-ice age in the western hemisphere due to ice melt Apparently
  20. Really? I thought it was powered by you running round in one of those wheels
  21. We had a mega thread about these issues a couple of years or so ago. Unfortunately this debate is not about science or economics it is about faith. Personally I think Lovelock was spot on with this part of his analysis, TBH he was spot on about most things in his Mea Culpa shame he can't bring himself to go the whole hog and admit that the theory of MMGW itself is hogwash still he's only 92 so there's still time I suppose
  22. There is an optimum level of tax and once this is exceeded the total take actually falls and economic activity is destroyed in the process. This is the point you cannot get anyone on the left to accept. The State has pretty much reached the end of the road taxation wise and either it cuts spending or all major economies in the West will ultimately collapse. The end game approaches probably another 10 years should do it.
  23. You obviously have no idea what life is really like for the majority of ordinary people especially those with children. You can spend your entire working life trying to get over 'the hump' because as the welfare state grows like cancer the amount taken from those in work to pay for it just increases relentlessly. And the reason that humans did not have an industrial revolution until recent times is that it took millions of years of constant struggle for humanity to get its numbers to the critical mass necessary to support an advanced technological society. How many humans did it take to put a man on the Moon? or does it take to make a microprocessor fabrication facility viable?
  24. That's because welfare systems create a poverty trap not because people are happy with the barest minimum they need to survive When people trapped on welfare try and accumulate wealth, the system takes more from them than they can additionally earn hence the trap. Oh and it seems like you never heard of Stonehenge or the Pyramids or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
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