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  1. I could write a book about this subject. How about this. A level Chemistry coursework with maths content, my son was doing A level maths so got virtually 100% right, other students basically failed but were given C's. A sample of the coursework was then checked by the external board and the C grade work was found to only be worth E's so my sons A was knocked down to a C despite it being worth an A. And we couldn't ask for his work to be marked individually because it is cohort marking and there is no way an individual can dispute the moderation. I have dozens of examples like this - so appalling that no one ever believes me.
  2. Since the end of WW2 democracy in the West has largely involved politicians promising people more and more free stuff in order to buy their votes. Where we are now is just the logical consequence of this process. This has been the true price of democracy. How does Democracy work when the only way forward is shrinking the size of the state?
  3. In the 1930's Germany tried printing then they tried National Socialism then they tried waging war. None of these solutions worked. We are more screwed than you seem prepared to accept and the consequences, WHATEVER anyone now does are unavoidable.
  4. I have three kids, 2 at Uni and 1 training to be an accountant. The main thing ruining our kids life chances is the state education system. My kids have all done really well - but only because as a family we have fought for years against an education system that went to extra ordinary lengths to ruin their chances. Couple this with the state actively undermining and destroying the family - which is the fundamental unit of all happy, successful human societies and there can only be one outcome - misery.
  5. Err....... These communities were built by Capitalists to house their workers, because happy, healthy workers are more productive. Compare the value and quality of these homes to all the council houses and flats built after WW2. And the reason private housing is so poor now is because of planning restrictions which force developers to build high density housing which no one wants.
  6. So this is nothing to do with the number of broken marriages then? Check out the outcomes for children of single parents vs those from stable families. Again, this situation has been caused by a decades long attack by the Liberal left on the family, which is still continuing.
  7. Sorry, but the rot started after WW2 - North Sea Oil probably bought us 10-20 years extra breathing space. For decades people have been made promises by politicians, all trying to outbid each other to buy their votes. Now the bills for all these promises have to be paid and there is no way our economy can generate enough wealth to cover the bill. This is why Government and personal debt has run out of control as individuals and the state attempt to continue living way beyond their means. It wasn't a conspiracy, it was just the logical conclusion of the Social model we adopted in the West post WW2. Well everyone wants free stuff - but eventually someone has to pay.
  8. No public sector worker effectively pays any tax or makes any pension contributions. If they did, the Government could just borrow unlimited amounts of money create millions of public sector jobs then the tax they paid would fund the deficit. It doesn't take a genius to work out the flaw in this cunning plan. Having said that it, was the Labour Party's economic strategy for all its time in office. You really have no idea how screwed we are or how much pain is heading our way
  9. Exactly. Pensions are only viable if a small number are taking out and a large number are paying in. The same applies to welfare benefits which is why the whole system is completely screwed.
  10. So food getting more expensive has nothing to do with 300 Billions of QE? Perhaps we should do 1 Trillion of QE then? If you want a conspiracy theory, how about blaming high food prices on Global Warming when they are actually due to over population and the devaluation of the pound.
  11. It's totally pointless arguing with people. At the end of the day, unless the whole system is completely reformed, it will bankrupt the UK. And if Labour get elected promising more free stuff for everyone paid for by printing 'free money' then we will just end up bankrupt even sooner. The really amusing thing is, the Coalition aren't even cutting at all. At some point there are going to be huge and extremely painful social changes imposed on millions of people who have had a free ride for decades - including the political classes and public sector non-workers. Try not to stress about it - because the end is nigh much nigher than people realise, I suspect.
  12. More fantasy economics from the Big State Social Welfare fanatics. At the end of the day you cannot escape REALITY. Any state which consistently spends more than it takes in will eventually go bankrupt. The REALITY is that sooner or later the sh1t is going to hit the proverbial fan. Someone once said that the meek would inherit the Earth in reality, the Tea Party will inherit the Earth trouble is, there won't be much left to inherit.
  13. With respect If Governments continue printing, then EVERYTHING is INEVITABLY going to get more expensive. On the upside, given the levels of obesity in the UK, there is clearly a lot of scope for saving by reducing consumption.
  14. Bloody Hell It's like the industrial revolution never happened. If no one ever got a real return on capital we would all still be stuck in the middle ages.
  15. Compared to the ballroom of the Titanic a lifeboat is clearly a second class form of sea travel
  16. Got to make a comment on this because I have heard similar remarks made on the BBC. When someone is selling something they charge the maximum that the market will bear, they then deduct costs to give profit therefore VAT comes directly out of profits. If VAT was abolished tomorrow, Wetherspoons could still charge the same for their coffee and I would still buy it, the only difference is, they would make 20% more profit.
  17. There you go again. If only everyone would 'turn the other cheek' Your philosophy requires the existence of God mine does not. Anyway, I am trying to give up posting here but I find it hard to ignore the 'everyone has a right to everything' posts and you find it impossible to ignore my responses. Anyway, I think this quote from Luke 7:36-50 sums up my feelings on our philosophical disagreement 'Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.'
  18. The problem is, you have absolutely no idea how you would behave if you were starving, or if you had a family and they were starving. I have spent my whole life reading how people behave in such circumstances and I can tell you that they do not behave in the same way as they do when they have everything they need for survival. Because you live in a society where everyone is provided for you extrapolate how people behave in these circumstances across the whole of time and space and constantly argue that this is what humans are 'really' like. Well humans are humans and how they behave in different circumstances is well documented.
  19. The problem with your philosophical position is that it requires the existence of God. And you don't believe in God. Which is actually hugely ironic if you think about it.
  20. Clearly it is not necessary to fight the whole of humanity and rights are a human intellectual construct they no more exist in nature than ghosts or unicorns. At the end of the day, humans are just one of millions of species clinging to existence on a spec of dust in a vast, timeless universe. We have no more control over nature or the realities of existence than ants or microbes.
  21. They don't have to agree if you can defend what you claim to 'own' also I edited my post for clarification, if eveyone has an equal right to exist then everyone has an equal right to monopolise resources in order to do so. This inevitably leads to conflict which is decided in the only fair way possible. The strong survive and the weak perish. This is not my opinion, or how I would like the World to be this is just the reality of existence.
  22. It was blindingly obvious what was going to happen because it has happened before. And everything going on in Europe has also happened before. I think the problem is, the world is run by economists and lawyers ie charlatans and crooks when it should be run by historians.
  23. You only 'own' what you can defend and all humans have an equal right to exist which means all humans have every right or none at all.
  24. Given that the education system has been brainwashing our kids into believing that if we flood the country with cheap labour everyone will be much better off Then yes, all they can expect in reality is a race to the bottom, where you need a degree to get a job cleaning toilets on under 5 quid an hour.
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