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  1. No, treally you label anyone who doesn';t agree with you as left wing.

    Even when they are (for example) openly anarchist, openly tory, openly communist or openly anything else.

    It's tiresome. I actually think theres a good brain in there somewhere, GO> if you could stop your knee jerking hitting you in the forehead and stopping it working.

    Now you are Trolling me.

    He made a post which everyone apparently 'misunderstood'

    he then concluded that this was because everyone was too thick to read his post properly.

    I took the p*ss because the previous day he had ripped me for 'stating the obvious'

    Clearly some people are quite happy dishing it out, but cannot take it.

    Disagreeing with someones point of view or poking fun at intellectual snobbery should not be cause for upset or offence IMO

    but if I ever GENUINELY upset or offended anyone then I am prepared to apologise.

    I don't post here with the intention of causing people grief, I just enjoy a heated debate.

    Personally I never learned anything by only being prepared to engage with people who agree with me.


  2. I find it interesting that you think that 'everyone' on hpc is a 'left wing jerk'. It is stuff like that makes me think you deliberately try and wreck what can be a very interesting and informative forum. I think of myself for instance as apolitical and have no time for any of the current shower. In fact I am very much a capitalist who rails against the fact that without an interest rate we no longer have 'capitalism' to help us. Listening to your ill informed views, I, along with nearly everyone else here is labelled a Marxist. I despise fraud and vested interests, particularly of those in power. And when I hear ignorant attack dog apologists for these people like you bent on destroying sensible discussion, I despair.

    More ad hominem.

    You basically just called everyone, myself included idiots because you didn't explain yourself coherently.

    Now you are attacking me for pointing this out.


  3. The monetary benefits Britain has from the membership outweigh the net payments - and this would even be true without the rebate.

    Then there are also other benefits, that cannot be measured in monetary terms.

    In total Britain gets a better deal than the other EU countries due to the rebate, and this is not fair.

    If that is what you genuinely believe then fair enough.

    It's just that every other attempt at creating a European superstate has ended badly

    and the parallels with the 1930's are pretty terrifying IMO.

    Lets hope you are right and I am wrong.


  4. To be fair I make a deliberate policy of ignoring most of your posts because I know what you are like and how you can derail and trash any thread you are on.

    Perhaps I should have said 'are you still married'? If so, your wife must be up for canonisation. :-)

    Well if you know what I am like that is probably because I take great pains to explain my position clearly :P

    And the way I apparently derail and trash threads is by challenging the left wing Groupthink that seems to be gradually dominating this site now we have a Conservative/Lib Dem government, although I notice the mods have now started putting some of the more overtly left wing political rant threads straight into off-topic.

    At the end of the day, If you want a debate, then you have to be prepared to tolerate and engage with those who hold an opposing viewpoint.

    Of course if you don't want a debate then I am a Troll.


  5. I'm all for REAL greening of the economy, i.e eliminating toxic pesticides from agriculture, banning mercury emissions, stop using GMOs, and do anything else that ensures a radical reduction of toxic substances in our environment.

    Carbondioxide is not a toxic substance and should therefore be the least of our concerns.


    Wow, I'm going to have to give you a +1 for this.

    That's two posts in one day

    What is the World coming to???


  6. Are you married? You are extremely annoying aren't you. Note to self - don't try and engage with game over. :-)

    If you read all my posts you would know I am married.

    And you had a chance to engage but decided to insult me instead.

    However, as well as being extremely annoying I am also extremely reasonable

    and tommorrow is another day


  7. Many of the Poles I know went back. However, even nore came to replace them, which is why the total number generally keeps going up. A lot just want to earn money for a few years and eventually will return to Poland for good.

    Well where I live I just see the numbers going up and up

    including mothers with kids in pushchairs and lots of old people who are presumably grandparents.

    Personally I have nothing against Polish people at all

    but the community I grew up in has gone, probably forever.

    I also foresee huge social divisions and conflict in the not too distant future sadly.

    Britain is actually becoming Balkanized IMO and the consequences will cause decades of misery for everyone.


  8. Most parts of London are not bad. Most of the areas west of the A10 in North London for instance are even quite good - these are not "small pockets". Just keep away from Tottenham (this is what an estate agent told me already in 2000). Also, the problems in the bad areas are not too much diversity, but too much deprivation. I dare to predict that these deprived areas will not improve when Britain leaves the EU, in the contrary.

    Can I ask you a serious question then?

    Do believe that Germany has accepted the post WW2 territorial settlement in East/West Prussia?

    Do you believe that Danzig will remain Gdansk and Konigsberg will remain Kaliningrad forever?

    Because my feeling is that 500,000+ Poles have come to the UK because they believe that trouble is coming.

    Personally I can foresee Germany and Russia carving up eastern Europe between them within the next couple of decades.

  9. I find it very hard to engage with someone who seems to be deliberately misunderstanding my posts even when I make the effort to clarify what I originally stated. It is legitimate to criticise me for not initially writing clearly enough for you...but not subsequently.

    If you really do wish to try and understand what I'm saying, I suggest going back and re-reading this thread slowly and carefully having wiped your prejudices from your mind about what views you think I hold.

    You said

    'I get the feeling that many reading my post fail to understand its meaning.

    I'm setting out why 'they' think it works with certain false evidence to back their views up.

    Try and read a bit more intelligently guys.'

    So basically you think we are all too thick to understand what you meant

    whereas most people here would have apologized and explained themselves more clearly.

    And you are now clearly Trolling me.


  10. Which is why most EU citizens who live in the UK would never give up their original citizenship, even if they were born here. I would only ever swap my Austrian citizenship for a proper United States of Europe citizenship, but certainly not for a UK citizenship. The same applies to our son - unless he wants to become a UK citizen. But he would be stupid. His Austrian citizenship and three mother tongues mean he could easily study and work in many EU countries without language or passport problems. If Britain leaves the EU, any EU citizenship will in fact be far more valuable than a UK citizenship.

    My nephews partner is German and she just became a British citizen

    and none of the 500,000+ Poles who fled here will ever go back

    because if they do, chances are they will not get the opportunity to escape again.

    Perhaps they read too many history books?


  11. There you go again. I suggested no such thing. I'm explaining why 'they' think it is a good idea and why, in the short term, 'they' think it works.

    I go on to state that an inflationary bias (not just money printing) favours asset holders over earners and cash savers leading ultimately to the root cause of falling demand, rising indebtedness and financial crises....inequality.

    You said.

    A piece of paper 'makes society richer' because it enables activity to take place which otherwise wouldn't.

    It avoids the natural collapse of demand and default.

    Did you not?

    Well they have printed and demand has collapsed

    so what is YOUR explanation, for this?


    To be honest don't bother.

    Everyone didn't 'misunderstand' your post because they are too thick to read it properly

    they 'misunderstood' your post because, if you were intending the opening statement to be ironic

    you failed.


  12. Hey Cameron, you're not going to win the next election as you're 10 points down to that other useless idiot.

    Since you and Clegg agree on the need for an in/out referendum on membership of the EU why not hold one next year while you have the votes in Parliament to make it so?

    I'll tell you why, because you're posturing politically, talking a good game while doing nothing about it and commiting your party to a referendum in 2018 where it;s a near certainty you won't be in power and likely will not even be around when the rabble that is left when your done fire you.

    Just like on the debt where you talk a good game but have done nothing about it or to cut the size of government. Debt and deficits are increasing.

    You're a miserable failure and a liar who is determined to carry on the disastrous policies of your predecessor Gordon Brown while also probably destroying your own party in the process, all so you can play Prime Minister for 5 years and not actually do anything.

    Well done Prime Minister, we'll certainly remember your leadership and vision for years to come.


    You think they actually want to win the next election?



  13. A piece of paper 'makes society richer' because it enables activity to take place which otherwise wouldn't.

    It avoids the natural collapse of demand and default.

    The powers that be like it because it 'appears' at face value to 'work' whilst avoiding the need to tackle inequality. Indeed it exacerbates it by extending it and allowing the imbalances to become even bigger.

    Why would velocity increase? I should imagine the money is spent but I should imagine velocity is constantly falling as more money continues to accumulate in fewer hands.

    Devaluation is the key reason why people will need to spend more as prices rise and in a desire to shed fiat for assets. But in order to tackle inequality properly we cannot continue to ignore the role of assets and must use tax/price adjustments to effect.


    You are suggesting that printing is a good thing because it forces people to spend which in turn stimulates the economy.

    You have also recognised, however, that it leads to asset price inflation which favours the asset rich, so you feel that this unwelcome side effect should be tackled via taxation.

    Your original assertion is standard Keynesian pump priming but you have recognized one potential problem and suggested a typically socialist solution.

    Two problems here, firstly the people you are forcing to spend their savings rely on the interest from their savings as an income

    therefore the more you try and force them to spend via inflation, the more they will be forced to cut back on spending.

    Secondly, we have reached the limit of what can be raised by taxation in this country so the more taxes are raised the lower overall revenue becomes.

    So both measures, printing and increasing taxes are actually causing the opposite effect you are hoping for

    and are resulting in STAGFLATION.

    TPTB like QE because it does exactly what they want it to which is transfer wealth from us to them while eroding the liabilities of the state via inflation.

    And they - Lib/Lab/Con don't give a toss about inequality


  14. Yes, there would be savings if the UK withdraws, but there would also be losses in trade and/or influence that are difficult to quantify in monetary terms but may well ultimately far exceed those savings. If the referendum happens, it'll be interesting to see some numbers to back up the arguments.

    Edit: I note that the poll on the main German news site currently has 60% voting for the UK to leave the EU (37% against and 3% don't knows).

    We currently have a trade deficit with the EU.

    I'm sure Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedes would lobby hard for the EU to impose a trade blockade on an independent UK.

    Perhaps you could try reading about the Continental System which ended with Britain becoming the World's first global superpower.

    Anyway, I wouldn't worry because there is absolutely no way on Earth that we will get a vote on leaving the EU before the whole rotten edifice collapses under the weight of its own inefficiency and corruption.

    We know what the Germans are up to, they know what we are up to.

    Both of us know the game is up - but we want them to get the blame and they want us to get the blame.


  15. I would have thought that putting 'makes people richer' for instance in inverted commas or using 'they' is a pretty clear signal that I myself do not hold that view. Hey ho. A bit too quick to jump to your prejudices and assumptions methinks.


    The Oh Dear was for the reaction you got

    when many people misunderstood your post

    after you constantly rip me for 'stating the obvious'


  16. Two of my kids have left the UK, probably for good. Both with very good degrees and employable. It simply isn't on their radar to even consider buying house in the UK. My pal and his family have just upped sticks and gone to Australia. He and his missus both in much better jobs. I've been offered two great jobs in Aus as well but for various reasons can't consider moving.

    The numbers leaving and the quality of those leaving, for good, doesn't surprise me.

    This is why I am so p*ssed off most of the time.

    I have 3 kids and the best thing would be for them to leave the country for good and abandon me and Mrs GameOver to the tender mercies of the 3rd World NHS and elderly care system we now have in this country.

    This is also why I am so p*ssed off with people who keep telling me the articles in the Daily Mail are all lies and propaganda

    and then leave themselves for the very reasons highlighted by the Daily Mail.



  17. I get the feeling that many reading my post fail to understand its meaning.

    I'm setting out why 'they' think it works with certain false evidence to back their views up.

    Try and read a bit more intelligently guys.

    I clearly point out they merely paper over the cracks rather than tackling the root causes - such as an inflationary bias exacerbating inequality and thereby end demand via the differential rates of asset price inflation versus price (and wage) inflation.

    Perhaps you should have been a bit clearer in your statement of the obvious

    then everyone else wouldn't have misunderstood what you were getting at.


  18. A little bit about Switzerland for any other left-wing, anti-capitalist, anti-banker posters who are thinking of moving there for a better life.

    SWITZERLAND is not often thought of when we discuss the welfare state. In many respects it is not a welfare state. There is, for example, no national health service and most of the population is covered by voluntary health insurance. There is also no central program to provide a minimum guaranteed income for all of the population (other than for the aged and infirm) as found in England, Norway, and Sweden. Unlike the major European welfare states, the Swiss federal government defers in much greater measure to local autonomy. But in one critical respect it has achieved what the United States and European nations traditionally defined as welfare states have not: It has all but eliminated “welfare dependency,” or intergenerational poverty, and it has done this in a strikingly different manner than other developed societies. Whether Switzerland has lessons to offer the troubled welfare states of Europe or the United States is another question. But first, let us describe how Switzerland deals with the poor, and how it shapes policies to encourage self-sufficiency and to prevent the development of dependent people in its population.

    If the Daily Mail could invent a country, It would be a carbon copy of Switzerland!


  19. I guess my wife and I are two of those two million and we certainly did leave because of absurd house prices, but it wasn't the only reason.

    We also thought that the UK wasn't a good place to raise kids anymore, with education being so dumbed down, pervasive paranoia and snooping by the state, deteriorating health service, ridiculous train and tube fares, an economy that looks like it will be in a depression for at least another decade, there were enough reasons to leave.

    Basically we asked ourselves: why struggle to survive in the UK when we can have a much better live somewhere else?

    (yes the grass is greener if you choose carefully where to emigrate to)


    You probably won't see this because I imagine you have me on ignore by now

    but this really does take the biscuit.


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