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  1. how annoying is that estate agent on there? jeees i shake my head.
  2. No parking No Freehold Does have a bicycle rack though... What do you reckon? hmmmm This is winchester...
  3. Employed full time. Have no idea how im still here, as hardly any work just lots of potential contracts which never seem to materialise. Should be in saudi about now but heard nowt since being told to get jabs. At least i get the cash back for the rabies jabs!
  4. Its a bit late to post but the poll was to ascertain the understanding of the deficit and the measures needed to sort it out. A staggering 80% of those questioned 'didnt think that the debt was much to worry about...' and no real measure would be required to sort it out. I was flabbergasted to say the least but it underlines the basic driving force of joe pubic - only hearing the good news, and an almost complete apathy to where this country is currently aligned. Mix in a spatter of spin type headlines 'House prices rising' and a laughable budget promise of 'zero stamp duty', fold in some
  5. Supervisor to english guy - 'this guy is called Yuri' english guy 'oh . . I'll call him Bill' enough said
  6. BBC 6pm front news item...unbelieveable Keep on spinning. BTW, 2.53million - 7000 does not = 2.46million even with my rudimentry understanding of maths....
  7. Not had CC amount reduced..but Nationwide have reduced my max overdraft amount and are actively reviewing my current account.....(I only USE the account when i go on holiday) Not that bothered but its useful for holiday money when abroad. It seems they are wising up to people who only use their products for their own needs. tut tut.
  8. Similar position here. Your post lies where I currently think the situation is and going to. Without trying to sound too pontificating - no-one needs to own a house, you just need somewhere to live....
  9. I posted on the OP thread but what i dont understand is - the recession has all the ingredients to make it utterly miserable so, but.... with the likes of the Tymes, and Beeb spouting nothing but favourable headlines, and certainly for the majority of people who are blind to the obvious, it seems the economic abyss has been averted - certainly it seems like it in some areas. Whether its likely to change, I am beginning to wonder. Spin spin spin is the order of the day, and of course QE, which has had a direct impact on me - No snowboard hols this yr cos £ to Euro per beer means its just too m
  10. Hey mate if it makes you feel any better - im in a similar position..BUT... I sold out to my ex on exactly the biggest drop day in Jan 2009. Since then prices are up, up and away... bah fah king hum bug .....
  11. Good orig post really. Ive been thinking exactly the same over the hols. In Winchester there doesnt appear to be a recession, nadda, nill pwa. Every restaurant is full - except maybe prezzo on a monday. Every pub seems full, and the high street seems like a saturday every day. Not sure if Winch is the best city for a comparison, but it def 'ain't' happening here...
  12. Another q: Is the money actually printed? or does wherever it is going to just find an extra £bil in its electronic coffers?? And whilst im asking the obvious, who does receive the £cash... Answers on a postcard..
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