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  1. The Hub is a new development in Birmingham City Centre that they say has not sold well. Just noticed this ad on the internet which says they're flogging them at 50% of the market rate: http://www.findanewhome.com/west-midlands/birmingham/birmingham-city-centre/2-bed-flat-for-sale/89ae3b8c-18d8-4307-8c0f-fb5bcd3b7752.fap The £68,420 tag for a 2-bedder is a lot less than what the developer was asking for (is asking for) on their website: http://www.crosbyhomes.co.uk/index.php?u=263 I viewed a couple of flats to let there in the summer. Seemed alright. I wonder if other Brum flats are going
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    Here's another example of falling house prices in Cardiff - http://www.sequencehome.co.uk/detail.asp?id=PNR101015 On property snake at - http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/site/detail/15832327 It's one of the last new build blocks to actually get finished in Cardiff before they started mothballing them. An article late last year reported that at an auction in the Copthorne Hotel they were failing to go for £30,000! It's supposed to be a ghost town. Might be worth watching to see if you could pick one up for the price of a reasonable deposit then live a rent/mortgage free existance. They woul
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    Hi - this delightful three bedroom (typical) Cardiff terrace in Pontcanna was on for about £317,000 last year but a few weeks ago dropped to £279,000 and got another estate agent in on the act: http://www.homesonview.co.uk/Scripts/ShowP...amp;ID=HCP00277 Keep watching dem boards...
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