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  1. 6% by 2016 is a fall. IF inflation is at 5% each year, that's a drop of 25% minus 6%, so it's a fall of 19%. Nice.
  2. He's not saying that markets are free. He's saying that they need to be free in order to discover his definition of money. But Gold was used when there was a free market. The free market chooses gold every time. Because politicians can't tamper with it to buy votes and pay their enemies. There simply needs to be some form of wealth that can be transferred. It's can't be currencies, so it has to be gold. Moreover gold has many, many industrial applications. This post is complete rubbish.
  3. Again, shite reading comprehension. It's your arguments that are shit. Go explain the bit about free markets if you can? How are they free? You obviously haven't a clue and are just trying to appear clever - but you are making a fool of yourself.
  4. Shite reading comprehension. Go back and read the nonsense that you have written, then go somewhere quite and think about it. You will then realise the rubbish of what you are saying. Obviously you haven't a clue.
  5. ''We have a market. A free market. '' Hmm that's a load of rubbish for a start. There is no free market, look at how house prices are being kept artificially high, and how interest rates are being kept artificially low. Rubbish thread, with rubbish arguments.
  6. alas there will be no HPC. We will have to see about that, but it may take place over many years. It all depends on how ugly things get in Europe and whether UK interest rates are pushed up. One thing is sure though, there will be no 1990s style crash.....
  7. One EA was telling me the other day, that House prices in London are booming......
  8. Yes, I know that they share rooms, like 3/4 people to 1 room, so they can keep the costs down.
  9. I would have never believed the things that this country has done over the past few years - the things are so awful, no-one would have thought of them. Especially not an open door immigration policy to provide Labour votes and keep house prices high. It's nuts.
  10. EDIT: But then I don't why I'm even commenting on this piece of rubbish. yup, could well be......but what if it isn't?
  11. Which banks? Here is the full text:- UNCONFIRMED: Two of the world's largest financial institutions are on the brink of collapse - one of them facing bankruptcy by end of January 2012. Both of these firms are heavily exposed to JUNK EUROPEAN DEBT and they are classed as TBTF. Inside sources say that a THIRD bank is also involved - and the third bank is NOT based in Greece, Spain or Italy - but in the UK. The systemic risk posed by this UK firm is estimated as MF Global x 10 - placing many hedge funds at huge risk. <----- (I have no idea whether the information is true, I cannot confirm i
  12. Yesterday, on a facebook page of a ''famous'' or ''infamous'' trader, was a statement indicating that almost everyone in the city is expecting the fall of 2 huge 'too big to fail' banks. The estimated date of collapse is Jan 2012. This is due to junk loads. The entry on the facebook page was removed, very, very quickly.
  13. Just tell them your mortgage arrangement fell through.
  14. ''He bought his first flat right in the centre of London when he first graduated at 22'' Of course - that is fairly typical.....NOT. His in financial services, one of 'big bonus' vampires who helped create this mess....
  15. I'd be happy with it just staying the same, rather than dropping like it is at the moment.....
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