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  1. But what if say you want to buy 1kg... if you buy 10X 100g .. wont the added commission on the smaller bars also be a waste of money? Can understand if your buying 50kgs ..but doubt thats many in this forum.. Thanks quote name='Jin' date='08 October 2009 - 05:19 PM' timestamp='1254989957' post='2185236'] A poor strategy for putting money into any asset class. Why not drip feed (average in) it in over 6months say? That way you smooth out your average price - if price falls you benefit and it it rises you benefit from your earlier purchases Going all in, in one transaction is somthing that
  2. Is all the talk about storing food,and in the US weapons !!! a bit far fetched.. holding gold Iam sure is a good idea.. but do I really need an Uzi and cans of baked beans?? Or iam I being naive ?? and that this sort of social unrest is not so far fetched??
  3. ok thanks.. yes Iam down at the moment.. but at least if my bank goes bust I have something!! sort of an insurance policy.. But hate to see it sink without trace ..
  4. Thanks for sharing your own finical info.... so u have 60% in gold.. I guess you are very sure that gold is a good way to go.. I bought some too but around 640.. maybe not the best timing but seemed a good idea at the time.. Dont think I,ll have to sell anytime soon so just have to see how that goes.Rest is just cash in savings account.. making no interest!! Why r u going for more cash in ISA.. actually what is an ISA.. Thanks for the info
  5. Very true sir.... so i guess inflation is better than a world war.. for the time being anyway..until a new saviour emerges .. scary ....
  6. So if a ship load of Vulcans, with their logical thought process, were to be unfortunate enough to run out of gas over planet Earth.. they would have to say that the capitalist system is pretty much on its last legs... captain..
  7. Thanks for the replies... who r these investors.. the BoE just gave them billions of pounds?.. sounds like a good job? So what can the average Joe with cash in the bank do? is the worst thing to have .. or the best?
  8. Just wondering.... why at the markets up now? what has changed from the doom and gloom of only a few months a ago? Are people being stupid to pour their savings back into stock? if so why so many? nobody is believing politicians,or expert independent finical advisors anymore are they? What can people with sterling cash savings do with their money...(that already have some gold).. buy property, seems not,gilts/bonds.. no longer a low risk investment.. leave in the bank.. and wait for sterling collapse .. or bank to do same.. Any thoughts?
  9. Has to be a fake.... cant spell silver correctly .. dead give away..
  10. Slightly off the topic,but with regards to some previous replies .... re different makers of gold bars effecting price.. How are the Japanese Tokuriki bars regarded ? Thanks
  11. Yes thats the one I tried.. just sent them another so lest see! info here is easy,its getting from the UK thats hard.. Thanks again for your help.
  12. Ok thanks.Tried more than once to get an answer for HM customs,but only one useless reply,then nothing..glad Iam not paying their wages anymore.. So no restrictions with paper work available ? Thanks Robin
  13. Thanks.. I was more asking only about taking gold out of the UK..as cabin baggage... not into Australia .. would be 1kg bars.. obviously they will be found by the Xray machine.. with all paper work is their any restrictions taking out of the UK. except ofcourse the carry on weight limits..
  14. What about taking gold out of the UK.. hand-baggage.. on plane? any restrictions..
  15. Hope you weren't wearing a balaclava over your head when you took the photo,s
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