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  1. Is this just Gordon trying to win the old who has the biggest knob competition - he should stop now - he is the biggest knob.
  2. Found this - www.nepinsurance.com - seems like they're taking their time - 2006 - must be either dead due to lack of interest or get the conspiracy going - killed by the FSA. Anyone know anything about this lot?
  3. Given the amount of money the gov. is pushing into dumb ideas to solve this crisis - what are they actually doing on this - perhaps they think the FSA is full of 'some highly inadequate talent' and therefore cannot trust them to get anything right. Sack them all.
  4. What about that negative equity insurance thing from the Housing report last year - would that fix this without messing up the future economy and keep us all working till we're 80?.
  5. BTL's will always pile into the market on the fall, yields increase assuming rents stay the same. However I doubt their is enough money out there to rescue the whole housing market without 'standard' home buyers coming back onto the market. Everything points to a continuing fall - I'm still at a total fall of near 50% to come to an end in a couple of years.
  6. So what to do in deflation - does this mean don't borrow - in which case house prices will fall through the floor - won't they?
  7. In the 1990's they talked about not having any more bubbles - Brown 'an end to boom an bust', there will be another housing bubble. The impact of deflation will make the whole downside last longer, unemployment is only really just starting and the economy has only relatively slowed recently. After that the rate of change of house prices is like a super tanker, even if credit were to ease tomorrow, the fall would continue anyway given the shape rest of the economy.
  8. House price futures are showing a 47% drop a nice long fall to go.
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