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  1. I was reading something about this, forget where. It said every application to re-finance get's counted, successful or not, all adding to the headline figure. You try to re-finance three times, you'll be counted three times...
  2. Apologies if previously posted Link to Article
  3. This blog The Big Picture is very good at dissecting the current U.S housing market. Well worth a read...
  4. This will add to US woes Existing home sales to fall 8.1% in 2007
  5. "In 2005 a crack research unit was sent to housepricecrash.co.uk by a property bull for surveys they failed to complete. Today, still wanted by the government and with a research paper outstanding, they survive as researchers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the EA-Team."
  6. Exactly, it's not more potential buyers, rather an influx of crash tourists!
  7. Interestingly Adam Shaw whilst talking about STR commented that it was not such a good idea "because property prices are still rising". Two minutes later Mr Shaw is discussing the disapointing performance of some property stocks. During this conversation the analyst stated that "the condition of the UK housing market is very poor and property prices are still falling". Quite contradictory to what Mr Shaw had said two minutes previously but no one picked up on it.
  8. P.O.P - T.A.R.T "People Opposing Property Transactions At Ridiculous Thresholds"
  9. That is quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen on the Internet. Very, very, funny!!!
  10. Doesn't matter what the MEW'ers buy, plasma, lcd or rear-projection. They can't see a damn thing wearing their "Peril Sensitive Sunglasses". Dictionary Definition ------------------------ Peril Sensitive Sunglasses have been specially designed to help people develop a relaxed attitude to danger. At the first hint of trouble, they turn totally black and thus prevent you from seeing anything that might alarm you.
  11. How in gods name is that kind of increase possible? I wonder what definition of the term "extension" is used within the article? It would imply a whole new housing estate rather than a new guest wing and swimming pool!
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