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  1. 11 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    And more that the odd Brexiteer pretending that the referendum wasn't won on a pack of lies, busses and Turks.

    The referendum wasn't won, it was lost?

    By a feeble campaign, by an unpopular government, by a bunch of metropolitans who scorned and insulted country people and people proud of their country. And by an equally divided opposition who were at best lukewarm. 

    I can't think of anything the remain campaign did well. 


  2. 2 minutes ago, pig said:

    Basically you've fallen for the 'get Brexit done' guff.

    Genuinely - I can't see any success whatsoever associated with Johnsons government. Logic tells me I should attribute vaccine procurement to them but truth be told as everything else is on fire - including every single blessed benefit of the doubt I've ever given them - something perverse in my head just won't accept it lol.

    An example of the perversity of it all: While Johnson and his fans rejoice in exploiting or misattribute the NHS vaccine roll-out, for me its actually a two finger salute at all the stupidity and corruption around government procurement and the passive aggressive intent to dismantle the NHS oozing out of every Tory talking head.

    "I want Labour to be as strong and to offer..." bit late for that line, Corbyn has gone and the present government wouldn't be a viable alternative to any government in living memory.

    Yet boris is sailing through it all with a comfortable lead over Labour.?

    Surely Labour must be doing something seriously wrong.

  3. 24 minutes ago, msi said:

    It would show the Elites they can't rely on the Tories to blindly do their bidding and they will need to back both parties.

    Materially they could:

    Review and remove all foreign ownership of UK media - Your opinion is valid if you are part of the country

    Ensure all MPs and Lords are British Citizens

    Remove Non-domiciled status

    Work with Biden to create a global Tax on 'hidden' profits

    Replace SD and Council Tax with LVT


    The last one would ensure all the losers would vote for the other side. That's why they never change it. 

    The rest are a few examples of hundreds of things that could be changed which wouldn't cost the government any money. These should be easy wins for labour. 

    Labour's  weakness on social issues is their reputation for opposing free speech which causes offence, law and order vs  demonstrators who are violent and the national pride thing.

    The Tories seem to have completely obscured what should be labour wins with that last lot. 

    But the real mountain Labour have to climb is trust on the economy. 

    And whenever you talk to labour supporters they just ignore it, or deny it outright; which makes me think they've got no idea there's even a mountain there. 

    To put it simply: People just don't trust Labour on the economy, and they just do trust the Tories. That has to be reversed before Labour can win.  

  4. On 01/05/2021 at 22:25, yelims said:

    Probably be because the Church has a very long history of collaborating with totalitarian regimes from Romans to British committing genocide in Ireland to Fascists  hundred years later and these days cutting deals with Chinese government who want to write a Sinased Bible I kid you not.

    ive no love for the church but unlike Brexiteers they stopped preaching their ideology these days


    perhaps you could tell us more about your knowledge of history and how it was the fault of millions who starved because “greed gentlemen” to quote Boris 

    So the English (most of whom didnt have the vote) were committing genocide and they spared catholic priests because there was some kind of alliance with a totalitarian regime?  


  5. 1 hour ago, msi said:

    Problem being that Labour being Labour gets the Rabid Right drooling "SoCiAlIsM iS rUiNiNg ThE cOuNtRy".  Until you reset the political discourse and the shift in the Overton window, Labour's only chance of power is being Tory Lite.

    That's not necessarily true...

    There's nothing inevitable about socialism running up government debt?

    (Even if we've never seen Labour do anything else.)

  6. 31 minutes ago, Gigantic Purple Slug said:

    There's plenty of wriggle room between the madness of Corbyn and the Tory Lite of Blair and I suspect what will be Starmer.

    Parties are more defined by policy to me these days than ideology. I think Labour would do well to focus on something that really matters to people. Housing is there for the taking, given the utterly grim state of the current situation.


    Not more government spending surely... 

    So how do you sort out the housing situation?

  7. 11 hours ago, yelims said:

    Meh everyone here moved on from the shitty Brexit vaccine discussions nor wants it. AZ lies and promises set vaccination programme couple of weeks (and they are still delivering fraction what was ordered) but by this stage not many people want it and it is dangerous to young people even uk can’t deny that.

    macron was ahead of the curve in calling out the ******** vaccine and company that it is

    On bright side most of UK adult population is now an experimental group and come autumn we would see results, knowing how anything Tories turn to shit probably endup with another pile of bones

    Toxic bigot alert?

    I always wondered if you were destined for the church at one time yelims. And you never did tell us why no catholic priests starved in the famine, so I'm looking forward to that.  




  8. 8 hours ago, dugsbody said:

    Have you see a single brexiter on this forum or others complaining or outraged about how the fishing industry is shafted worse now than they were before brexit? Weird how they were outraged then, but not now.

    Basically, fisherman were just another useful weapon against the EU, just like everything else. 


     The reality with fish is that we can do tit for tat too. 

    So if Norway doesn't want to deal with us, then we shouldn't  buy from them. 

    Boris should just grow a pair and stop letting them continue exporting to us while inhibiting our business.

    Tit for tat has its own dynamic. 

    As for the excuse for the EU dissing the AZ vaccine:  to pretend it's just France, so you can't blame the EU. Feeble. 

    The reality is it was pointless nastiness, which gradually drives a bigger and bigger wedge. I call this the tit for tat. 

    You can't justify the campaign on any other basis, IMHAL.  


  9. You're missing something else: her financial situation. She can't get a mortgage, she's too old. So where's the money coming from? 

    My guess is her own children are getting the mortgage.  (she's wouldn't sell her rental flats for choice) 

    So it's really just a substitution of her children's names for yours? 

    At the end, she is planning to stop her assets going into care home fees (by putting the assets in her children's names well in advance?)

    Once you work out the estate planning, things get clearer. 

  10. 8 hours ago, IMHAL said:

    What I find so sad about this whole affair is the the UK is making enemies all over the show. It's now such a common pattern that eventually even the thicko Brexiteers will notice that there is a common thread....we are the baddies!!! We are the ones who are behaving badly.

    Well, soon enough we will learn that we are not exceptional, we can't and don't deserve special consideratiion and there is a price to pay for being outlaws. I hope that soon enough people wake up to the fact that the payment will be more than just their livelyhoods. Brexit was born out of devisiveness and it is now seekng to export that devisivness....I read it in every Brexiteers posts.........it will fail. 

    There's an inevitability about increasing friction with the EU, as tit for tat gets played out. 

    You just blame england for it all. 

    I'd love to hear your excuses for the EU running down the effectiveness of the astra zeneca vaccine to their own populations. 

    What was that about? 

    All England's fault? Or just deliberately increasing friction for no good reason?

  11. I'd withdraw the offer to sell to her. 

    And wait till she dies.  

    For all you know she could have cancer. And she wouldn't tell you. 

    As time ticks away, the effort of keeping a big house up becomes too much. 

    Plus she can't give her own children a fat lump sum if she can't flip it. They'll be waiting years for a penny too. 

    Meanwhile her 4 buy to let's are getting taxed and disappearing in care home fees. 

    Father died fast when she moved back in  did he?


  12. 10 minutes ago, shlomo said:

    A leaseholder facing a £20,000 bill due to the cladding scandal has been told by the government that people with mental health fears over the issue should call Samaritans


    Just an endless series of attempts at special pleading. 

    The government should grow a pair and say caveat emptor.  End of. 

  13. 28 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    Depends if you work in a vacuuous industry. Front of house in a posh restaurant with impressionable lads with big wallets coming through the door yes probably being pretty gets you further. Clinical skills & competence probably more important if you're a medical profession

    There's always more than one candidate with the requisite skills. 

    Are you going to prefer the one you dislike over the one you like? Of course not. 

    So why do people like the prettier /more handsome one more than the plain one, when the character of the looker often turns out to be dorian gray? 

    It's an in built human bias surely. 

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