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  1. 1 minute ago, dugsbody said:

    Are you actually reading my posts? You're Canadian right, therefore you surely speak English fairly well.

    I said that you and lots of other people don't think Labour are electable because they support BLM, gender equality, trans rights and other socially liberal policies. You (and lots of other voters) don't care much about those policies and either think they're actively harmful to yourselves or that Labour spend too much time on them. 

    Therefore to you they are unelectable.

    Try to read that paragraph until you understand that I'm actually agreeing with you.

    But why should any MP have to change their values in order to pander to people who don't have the same values. It isn't Labour that is broken, it is our fake democratic system.

    Labour should split into two parties, both economically left wing, but one party with socially liberal policies and one party with socially conservative. Then you all can choose which one you support and decide which is electable or not.

    But our voting system is so ******ing broken that we cannot do something that makes so much sense. The corrupt politicians in charge won't let us. And the people are too stupid to understand that if they changed our voting system they'd be able to get exactly what they want, which is an economically left, socially conservative party.

    I'm sorry, I just disagree with you. 

    People want socially liberal and fiscally conservative.  You think they want the opposite. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, yelims said:

    The cheap option are not delivering ffs

    here I promise a billion doses of Yelims vaccine at 1$ each send funds promptly to Btc address here, I will pinky swear to deliver on time my super duper vaccine, do you want me to put that promise on side of bus too?

    It's an emergency. No doubt there are supply problems. 

    But you don't turn down a promise of a lifeboat even if they are running late. 

    Do you really  think it's got nothing to do with political spite? 

  3. 17 minutes ago, dugsbody said:

    They're unelectable in your mind because they support policies such as BLM and gender rights and other socially liberal policies.

    You and many other people don't like that, therefore to you they're unelectable.

    I don't like dirty sleazy toffs stealing my money then pointing at poor people and immigrants to blame it on. Therefore I consider them unelectable, yet the country elected them.

    You're attributing to me things I don't believe. 

    You've just seen Labour go down in flames in an election and you still think they're electable as they are. 

    I agree the Tories are parasites and crooks: that should make it easy for an opposition. 

    You can't really say Labour is electable when voters would literally rather vote for a bunch of crooks than Labour. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, dugsbody said:

    The EU chooses the ones that actually deliver!!

    For goodness sake, no-one running a company here on this forum would continue with a supplier that had not just missed delivery targets but missed them by huge, huge margins. The EU set up alternate suppliers in a hurry, so now there is no need to continue with the supplier that let them down.

    You would never even mention or notice this if the vaccine and supplier in question were not UK based. If you did notice it you'd think "seems sensible" and move on.

    And it's not "the EU" the entity doing this, it is every leader of the 27 member states in agreement. What makes you think you are somehow the reasonable one but all of these 27 national leaders are just dumb?

    You're just repeating your previous point (and attributing to me things I don't believe)

    The EU puts all its eggs in the most expensive baskets, rejects the cheap one, and you praise them. 

  5. 16 hours ago, Riedquat said:

    And just as I was thinking the EU might of got over their pettiness with AZ. Anyone who denies this is a political decision on a medical matter is mad.

    It's really all been quite shocking, the sort of thing where if someone had made a claim that that's what the EU would do in the event of a pandemic as an argument for leaving pre-Brexit I'd have probably accused them of going overboard and to keep their criticisms more realistic for a better chance of being effective.

    It's interesting watching the partisans claiming their side's pointless tit for tat is fully justified while decrying the other side as stupid and dishonest. 

    Here we have a much cheaper vaccine that works. And other vaccines 5 times the price that also work. 

    And the EU chooses only the more expensive ones with complete support from the partisans. 

    With mentalities like that, it won't take long for the disconnect between uk and EU to become an unbridgable gap. 


  6. 4 hours ago, dugsbody said:

    I know, which is why I will not longer participate in our sham democracy. The UK has proven conclusively that it is an unreformable, corrupt, undemocratic mess. Now I'll just selfishly take what I can get and concentrate on being happy in my own circles.

    I did that, it doesn't work. 

    I'm moved on to thinking there's too many people that don't vote. And the ones that do vote get things we have to pay for. 


  7. 6 hours ago, Staffsknot said:

    Wonder why we were doing NBC drills for years before this then. Anyone heard of VX, Sarin, anthrax - not the heavy metal bands?

    Daily Mail wailing again. The reason persistent nerve agents and biological warfare is not a good weapon is that many are not thermally stable so munition delivery is tough / expensive. They are a demoralisation or area denial kit or to force use of NBC kit which is tiring and fkin horrible to do day to day let alone fight in.

    Nobody uses them as so unpredictable and potential for disaster massive.

    Cue armchair experts posting apocalypse from Google searches

    Suck up kick down tories are a much bigger problem than china starting a war. 


  8. 2 hours ago, dugsbody said:

    Similar for me. My team is more than 50% foreign born. 

    Where do you live? The SE (greater London) has had constant huge demand for trades people. Wages have gone up over all the time that immigrants have been supposedly depressing them. Go and get a quote for some building work, plumbing, gas engineer, diy, fitters, brickies. Tell me the wages are depressed.

    Virtually every single study which looks into this states that there has been little to no impact on wages by immigration. People keep talking as if there is a fixed number of jobs and immigrants take them, leaving British people having to work for less. This just isn't true because people create the need for more jobs. For every person in the UK they need more plumbing, gas engineering, haircuts, lawyers, tellers, etc. It is literally the lump of labour fallacy and no matter how many times people tell you that you're repeating a fallacy you'll still stick your fingers in your ears and repeat your mantra.

    Your mind was made up long ago against immigration, then you looked for ways to justify this. You've latched on to a myth, the same one that is always used to justify hating immigration. 


    No one believes that. 

    Haven't you realised? 


  9. 11 hours ago, zugzwang said:


    Unregulated free market capitalism brought us to this point. It allows pricing errors to accumulate without limit until the point of systemic collapse is reached (see 2008). Socialism is the only corrective. Regulated markets to correct the inefficiencies that externalities, cartelism, speculation and hoarding etc cause; and public ownership wherever natural monopolies are found to exist, or physical constraints make costly market failures inevitable (see Enron).



    Capitalism just doesn't collapse . Marx was living in Hampstead saying that and it never happened. 

    Why turn private monopolies into public monopolies? That doesn't work either. 

    Socialism doesn't work either. It won't beat the Tories.  

    Labour can come up with something more convincing than that surely.  

  10. 11 minutes ago, spyguy said:

    The only solid evidence is LR sales info and mortgage lending figures.

    The mortgage figures show a spike in Q121 caused by covid delaying previous sales.

    If the high levels of sales continue beyond summer then I accept your comment.

    However, going by what I've heard informally on bank lending - any minor wrinkle in credit and your mortgage application us shitcanned - I expect mortgage approvals and sales to collapse from end of Q2.

    It's possible that furlough will end and tge FED will raise rates in the same quarter. 

    Now that'll be fun.

    BoE is notindeoendent. Short rate cash rates are set by the FED, no matter what BS people spin.

    At the mo, US offers higher growth than the UK n Europe.

    They are going to offer higher rates soon.

    I heard prices were skyrocketing in US. 

    Lumber tripled. 

    things like corn etc are going up a lot too, so there will certainly be inflation coming down the pipes. 

    And trillions of extra money printing.

    But the fed said they'd let inflation go a bit. Forget the exact words. Was it "somewhat"? 

    So there could be no change in rates and increasing inflation for many many  months.  

  11. 7 minutes ago, Marshall211 said:

    I am not sure why there are so few listings out there. Given that it is a seller's market, high demand should be an enormous incentive for more supply to come to the market. 






    Flats might be depressed already. 

    There's voids caused by covid.

    There's the cladding issue: long backlog for inspectors. 

    There's first time buyers being turned down for mortgages.  

    But it's the rental market that's the big question market. Will all those young people going to pointless universities keep going? Will all those minimum wage workers come back from home? 

    Given that they've got nothing to gain from any of it,  they might gravitate to a different lifestyle. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Twenty Something said:

    You've posted to say that estate agents are spouting BS, people are being 'slapped down' for mortgages, and when faced with pretty concrete evidence to the contrary you have got the trusty crystal ball out to predict the future which proves what about the here and now that you are posting about? If you had posted to say that you think in the future there will be a problem with mortgages being declined then that is one thing, however you haven't. You are one of many posters here who seem to be of the illusion that nobody is lending and the banks have shut up shop, but I would put it to you that what you originally posted remains very demonstrably wrong.


    For what it's worth, I think your prediction that mortgage approvals will drop towards the end of this year is most probably correct. This stands to reason as yes, there is a rush on at present to complete before the end of stamp duty, and coupled with the built up demand from lockdown, there is a lot of movement both metaphorically and physically in the market. I remain of the opinion that this coupled with the ending of furlough isn't going to have any effect on the market, but Biden's spending spree certainly poses a threat to inflation and therefore underlying interest rates. However the MPC voted unanimously again to keep the interest rate at 0.1% a couple of days ago, so short to mid term I see not a lot happening. 

    His point was that there are 3 quarters of activity all trying to go through at once, so it's a spike. 

    And once the stamp duty thing ends, and the spike has passed through, it will go back to where it was. 

    I can't see what's wrong with that view. 


  13. On 07/05/2021 at 10:35, dugsbody said:

    PR may not solve everything but that isn't a reason to not strive for better than what we have.

    Arguing that we need perfection or else we should not make change is a logical fallacy.

    I don't argue for PR because of some theory or another, or some bias for one over the other. I argue for it because people who live in countries with PR electoral systems are happier with their governments (on average) than FPTP. I want to be happier and feel that my vote counts, which i doesn't right now.

    But you're not going to get PR. 



  14. On 29/04/2021 at 13:11, dugsbody said:

    A party with a realistic chance of winning that guaranteed (100%, no ref) to change our electoral system to something where my vote counts, ie. proportional representation.

    If needed, they could offer a referendum on selecting which PR system we use, but no cop outs. As long as they guarantee no FPTP.


    Don't mean to be rude, but you are trusting in unicorns with PR. 

    The problem isn't the voting system. It's the complete lack of probity among politicians. 

    One and all they seem to see it as a get rich quick scheme for themselves (and their friends). 

    (PR they would see as an opportunity for endless gridlock unless you greased their own palms with silver)

  15. 11 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    And more that the odd Brexiteer pretending that the referendum wasn't won on a pack of lies, busses and Turks.

    The referendum wasn't won, it was lost?

    By a feeble campaign, by an unpopular government, by a bunch of metropolitans who scorned and insulted country people and people proud of their country. And by an equally divided opposition who were at best lukewarm. 

    I can't think of anything the remain campaign did well. 


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