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  1. The British traditionally oppose the biggest power in Europe swallowing up the whole place. That's where they're most comfortable. It's more or less a reversion to type isn't it?
  2. Gee, that's one hell of a rant. But the serious questions include relative decline (inevitable given uk produced more than 50% of world's manufactured goods in victorian times) vs growth, rises in living standards vs rises in pieces of paper floating around, world trade vs protectionism, free trade vs ever closer union and finally the extent of EU's effect on uk in all that. I don't think a barrage of abuse helps unpick any of it. While I can admire quality invective, and even like ad hominem attacks, I don't quite get how the rant relates to the subjects?
  3. ( House price bubble starts in 1970 at the earliest. No correlation. ) The working classes were "taxed till the pips squeak" under socialism. Socialism disappeared, along with the sick man of Europe tag, once Thatcher got in. That was her one achievement most people are still happy about.
  4. I wonder what percentage the lawyers are on? I'm sure you'd find any number of lawyers willing to defend epstein for that percentage. And weren't these prostitutes who preferred to stay as "victims" in a millionaire's house earning 2000 a night on their backs, rather than working for minimum wage in macdonalds? It all looks like a money making scheme, lawyers, salacious details in newspapers, sanctimonious hypocrisy, prostitutes posing as victims, the lot. Epstein should have simply said the market decides the age of consent in practice, not the government . It's a case of free market capitalism operating. And he's the pimp to the rich and famous, allegedly. And they're the hookers. And he's claiming the same privilege for pimps that priests lawyers doctors and newspapers get. Because pimps are capitalists and the others are parasites, monopolists, propagandists and perverts. (Not great, but the best defence I can come up with on the spur). Oh yeah, innocent till proved guilty blah di blah.
  5. He married twice? And he hasn't paid for the second divorce yet. Without that, he'd have no financial worries and sleep like a baby.
  6. They can't find the beneficiaries of the Catholic priests? So can't sell it? Odd the executors haven't rented it out.
  7. Theyhad lost all their colonies, were bankrupt after the war, had large swathes of their industry under government control and had a balance of payments problem. They also had a nasty class system and several other problems. How did joining the EEC change all that? It did give them a common market. But "ever closer union" lit a fuse on that arrangement. Wasn't it rather socialism that made the UK the sick man of Europe? And when the high point of socialism receeded, the sickness went away with it.
  8. Government with PR can't agree to change anything... Hardly a surprise.
  9. Some missing items: Balance of trade being more important when you have to ship gold. Ceasing to be a reserve currency being a great financial loss. Government ownership of industries and socialism being a disaster. Colonies and their loss on the finances of the home country. System of dictatorships replacing colonies. Repayment of war debts. Influence of traditional animosity and alliances. Effects of ever closer union on eu. Single currency and perpetual transfer payments or depopulation. Government over spending.
  10. Not the last move, only the first. The Elites would be wise to heed the warning.
  11. I'm not sure that's quite a truth universally acknowledged ; it's the "get on yer bike" policy, which was very unpopular itself back in the day. In practice older people and people with children can't up sticks as easily as the young, and it destroys communities to force them to. Also, you don't want areas depopulating either, so governments often make transfer payments to the more uneconomic regions to stop that. Like everything, it's a matter of degree. Too much of a good thing is... not good.
  12. From the 2.7b figure it looks like imports are going down too, and the whole trade with Europe has been declining for several years. I have to say i don't see many signs of dynamic pivot to remove workers rights, abolish dole, abandon pension ponzi and generally "open country for business", as they call it.
  13. I read they're getting people with 2 jabs being hospitalised with Indian variant in Glasgow. Problem?
  14. We can't really kid ourselves the Tories would have said "no" to the banks either.
  15. One nation tories in a pandemic will give way to balance the books tories after it. People understand that.
  16. I'm sorry I just disagree with you. I think political spite does play a role.
  17. The big issues seem to me: 1. Can Scotland be economically viable as an independent nation (given the current £2,500 subsidy per head) and 2. Can they get permission to do whatever they want up there without getting independence? That's just my down south take on it, so do please correct me.
  18. Do you really think it's got nothing to do with political spite?
  19. I'm sorry, I just disagree with you. People want socially liberal and fiscally conservative. You think they want the opposite.
  20. It's an emergency. No doubt there are supply problems. But you don't turn down a promise of a lifeboat even if they are running late. Do you really think it's got nothing to do with political spite?
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