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  1. Is this tax on corporations going to work? 

    They won't get ireland to agree to 17.5 minimum tax, nor a lot of havens. Why would they give up their advantage? The only way to stop it is to refuse to trade. 

    That leaves tax on sales. But margins are hugely different between industries. Grocery stores only make a 1% profit on some items, so the tax would be tiny if the same applied to all. 

    It seems like looking busy while making sure nothing too much happens?

    And avoiding doing the obvious thing, which is levying tax based on the home country of the buyer, rather than the seller (sitting in a tax haven). 

  2. 34 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    I think you deserve a medal for that mental gymnastics to defend it. I mean bravo for giving it a stab but...

    Remainer pretty much describes anyone who voted to remain, remoaner is what an infantile press pitching to the lowest common denominator has gone for. The fact people lap it up says a lot.

    Now to say remain or leave camp or remainer or brexiteer doesn't take a paragraph and is nicely encapsulating.

    Funnily enough that gammon term you said is just language has had quite a few of the leave camp decry it as hatespeech, Nick Ferrari for example. So let's knock that argument on the head that its just language evolving and in no way bandied about as mocking or insulting. Insulting is how many folks metaphorically knock one out over every lie Johnson repeats.

    But remoaner is not the same group as remainer. They're a subset. 

    Gammon has caught on because it does describe a group. 

    Tory is exactly the same. And whig. 

    It's al ways been the same. But you just want to stop time because ...?. 

    Times change. What was acceptable once becomes unfashionable or fringe or mad later on. Petrol heads is on the continuum. So is remoaner. Flat earthere have reached the end. Witches too I guess, and maybe they're back on the up.   

    Gammon seems to have added power because of a class element. 

    It's no good thinking you're mentally superior - grown up vs juvenile- because you deplore shorthand phrases with real emotive force. 

    They're the very stuff of politics. 

  3. 19 hours ago, Staffsknot said:

    Nope I was pointing out Daily Mail as an example of a paper that does it. If I'd been insulting I'd have called you a typical Daily Wail reader, but I didn't.

    We can't get along because you keep calling people remoaners and wokies ( am assuming not a typo and think we're from Star Wars). You're implicitly insulting them. 

    It's a bit like saying why can't we get along after standing up at the wedding and calling the bride a slappa, then claiming its OK cause you're sympathetic to some of her ideas but her crying foul and having ruined the day is evidence of hysterical hyperbolic people.

    If you want a grown up convo be a grown-up. If you want to call people woke remoaners they'll think you're juvenile

    Just because you don't like shorthand descriptions that makes you a grown up vs juveniles?  

    These shorthand descriptions are effective because there's truth in them. Yuppies, skiing etc. 

    Gammon,woke, Brexiteer etc are just contemporary. 

    People work very hard trying to crystallise ideas into a single word. 

    Try describing media without using the shorthand: It's a paragraph. 

     In general, you need shorthand to describe a society. And in politics you need emotive language to move people emotionally. 

    If you think you're more grown up because you don't use language that may crystallise  people who disagree with you, then I fear you're simply awarding yourself a medal for getting old. 

  4. 11 minutes ago, Si1 said:

    Life's a funny thing. You can do everything right and then one thing can completely ruin all the progress you made.


    I wonder if he's waiting for any inheritance off her rich parents?


    (having said that if they're rich they may be legally savvy and if he divorced her he might lose everything to a good lawyer, or at any rate lose a war of legal costs attrition)

    Perhaps her parents bought the house?

  5. 7 minutes ago, mattyboy1973 said:

    No. Your buyer pays German levels of VAT to you, which you (used to) give to the UK government, who then gives it to Germany. Now you have to cut the UK out of that transaction and deal with the German tax authorities directly.

    So when I buy a German car in germany, it's the German car company paying uk vat to the uk government? 

    Doesn't sound right. 

    Could it be tariffs or customs duties we're talking about rather than vat?

    That would make more sense to me. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, mattyboy1973 said:

    Not my understanding. VAT has been charged at the rate of the buyer's country for some time. This is about how you have to register to disburse that VAT back to that country. When we were in the EU, we could do it via normal VAT returns, now we need to register in each country individually, or setup an office in an EU country to take advantage of the existing one stop shop system. This news is just about the lowering of the threshold, not any fundamental change to the system.

    Who gets the vat on a car I buy from Germany?   It used to be Germany.  

    And when I sell to Germany,  I pay uk vat to the uk government. 

    If they were switching it to buyers country getting the VAT,  then that would indeed be radical. 


  7. 15 minutes ago, IMHAL said:

    The EU's main problem is that it demands that those who sign up to and help develop the EU's rules plays by those rules....obviously that is a problem for the UK who wants to do whatever it likes.

    The solution was for the UK to have developed rules that it would abide by and be happy with...perhaps even checking to see if the people were happy with them too. Too much of an ask I guess..considering that we helped develop the vast majority of those rules.

    In short...the problems with the eu are largely of our own making. You could site the CAP or fishing policy, but being out of the EU creates its own, arguably more significant problems on both these fronts.

    Perhaps dugsbody can provide something? 

  8. 6 minutes ago, mattyboy1973 said:


    If I buy in Germany german vat is charged. 

    If I sell to Germany,  this new charge seems to reverse the old rule that uk vat was charged, not german vat. 

    And make ebay responsible for collecting it too by the look of it. 

    It looks like a switcharound from country of seller to country of buyer getting the VAT. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, mattyboy1973 said:

    It won't make any difference to them - VAT already has to be charged over a threshold, which they will be everywhere. It just makes things a pain in the backside for smaller companies who might make a few sales across Europe. Now they need to set up an office (or virtual office) in an EU company to take advantage of the one stop shop, or else register in every single country they think they might do business in. Make no mistake, this hurts small companies far more than big ones.

     It's a switch to paying vat in consumers country rather than sellers country?

  10. 4 hours ago, Staffsknot said:

    Ebay and Amazon Marketplace will fully co-operate with tax authorities due to operating in multiple jurisdictions. So might find a lot easier for them than think.

    Besides there's a boatload of Cross-border regs I'm sure you are currently unaware of that involves paperwork sharing and collection of stamp duties going through works - Spanish taxes on equities, etc... that have to be sorted and consequently have required many platforms to invest a fair bit in settlement.

    EU are gearing up to protect small farmers and small businesses - we are a small nation 3rd country so we are prime for a kicking on enforcement.

    Some of those big corporations have paid famously little tax for years. 

    It sounds like it will affect them. 

    They may even be the prime target?


  11. On 23/05/2021 at 16:10, Saving For a Space Ship said:

    Tenants eviction ban extension being considered across Scotland


    With the commercial eviction ban set to end on the 30th June & residential eviction ban in England end of May, things are hotting up, unless extended. 

    Evictions in Wales: The key dates for landlords and people renting


    Has the tenant eviction ban gone too far?

    From a VI, but I though this was an interesting proposal   



    Ast for commercial premises is a better solution. 


  12. 3 hours ago, pig said:


    If you (not you personally) need to lie about history, and whatabout remainers (you personally and inaccurately) then yes thats fragile as a snowflake.

    The EU didn't exist in the 60s, it was the EEC. We repeatedly tried to join, presumably out of alarm at the progress of other countries and hoping it would help fix our structural problems. 

    As for decline now, well I'm agnostic on that. We've inflicted a house price bubble and Brexit on ourselves, and we're fighting to escape a disease ridden populist future. Alls good otherwise :)


    Can you show me when you and the other other remainers listed the eu's considerable problems? 

    I said remainers never do.  You've just denied it too.  

    So I'm waiting.... 


    As for agnostic on the future, that's hardly an answer to your remainer belief that brexit is fragile when in fact it's clearly unstoppable.  


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