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  1. He seems to believe in good government. Not claptrap of the left or right. No harm in that surely. You should try it?
  2. Some of those big corporations have paid famously little tax for years. It sounds like it will affect them. They may even be the prime target?
  3. Can you show me when you and the other other remainers listed the eu's considerable problems? I said remainers never do. You've just denied it too. So I'm waiting.... As for agnostic on the future, that's hardly an answer to your remainer belief that brexit is fragile when in fact it's clearly unstoppable.
  4. Can any other remainers produce a list they made of Europe's (considerable) problems? I'm looking forward to seeing them all, because I missed them. (Might provide a bit of balance too).
  5. Remind me of when you listed them personally. I don't think you ever admitted any.
  6. I'd be more specific about not wanting any uplift clause. And I'd ask if the beneficiaries required it. I'd also ask if the solicitors act for all the executors, and whether there is any dispute about selling it between the executors or beneficiaries.
  7. So that pushes up prices to EU citizens, and sellers include it in delivery charges? If all the world changes over to paying tax at end user rather than at seller's location, the big corporations that have been avoiding tax will have to pay. That may be no bad thing.
  8. Brexit is unstoppable, not fragile. Sorry. As for bad faith, remainers never admit all is not sunny uplands in Europe. I've not seen anyone arguing both uk and eu are in relative decline, interestingly, but that too seems to be a fact in this globalising world.
  9. Can you think of any other way labour can win the next election? I'm suggesting they might be in with a shout with this policy.
  10. Because the Tories want cheap labour and "growth" and won't stop. They announced several million more from India recently.
  11. No one is going to sign up to pay eu vat as well as English vat. So good luck with that. EU tax collectors will find it a real hard struggle inside the English courts. They're famously soft on tax (non) payers. Send the bailiffs round to collect EU tax? Really? Do you know any bailiffs?
  12. Is this the only way Labour can actually win the next election? They'll be crying in their soup if they have to drop all the anti English woke nonsense, let's face it.
  13. The mental gymnastics in turning food into an appellation controllee cartel while denying it pushes up prices are also quite comical. Ra ra remainah Sorry, brexit says no. Eu countries that have no jobs for their young people are going to have to stop exporting them to UK and start doing something about their own problems eg spain's youth unemployment rate. UK has not yet shut the door to all immigrants: TPTB are trying to substitute outside EU immigrants for EU immigrants at the moment, so we'll see. If all else fails, they'll have to train locals for the good jobs, rather than importing them fully trained from abroad.
  14. Does the rich having far less count as an upside? Because I suspect a good percentage would say it does. All the left wingers for a start.
  15. Europe was always keen about self sufficiency in food, as the germans had been starved out in both world wars. UK traditionally preferred cheap food (and wasn't fussed about protectionism in food.) Now uk is reverting to type, you'd expect TPTB to prefer food loaded with foreign additives rather than higher prices. Of course inflation is now a worldwide worry. But caused by money printing worldwide, not brexit.
  16. The British traditionally oppose the biggest power in Europe swallowing up the whole place. That's where they're most comfortable. It's more or less a reversion to type isn't it?
  17. Gee, that's one hell of a rant. But the serious questions include relative decline (inevitable given uk produced more than 50% of world's manufactured goods in victorian times) vs growth, rises in living standards vs rises in pieces of paper floating around, world trade vs protectionism, free trade vs ever closer union and finally the extent of EU's effect on uk in all that. I don't think a barrage of abuse helps unpick any of it. While I can admire quality invective, and even like ad hominem attacks, I don't quite get how the rant relates to the subjects?
  18. ( House price bubble starts in 1970 at the earliest. No correlation. ) The working classes were "taxed till the pips squeak" under socialism. Socialism disappeared, along with the sick man of Europe tag, once Thatcher got in. That was her one achievement most people are still happy about.
  19. I wonder what percentage the lawyers are on? I'm sure you'd find any number of lawyers willing to defend epstein for that percentage. And weren't these prostitutes who preferred to stay as "victims" in a millionaire's house earning 2000 a night on their backs, rather than working for minimum wage in macdonalds? It all looks like a money making scheme, lawyers, salacious details in newspapers, sanctimonious hypocrisy, prostitutes posing as victims, the lot. Epstein should have simply said the market decides the age of consent in practice, not the government . It's a case of free market capitalism operating. And he's the pimp to the rich and famous, allegedly. And they're the hookers. And he's claiming the same privilege for pimps that priests lawyers doctors and newspapers get. Because pimps are capitalists and the others are parasites, monopolists, propagandists and perverts. (Not great, but the best defence I can come up with on the spur). Oh yeah, innocent till proved guilty blah di blah.
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