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  1. It's their nice little earner when they retire (early) innit. Doubt it need go further than that.
  2. You're seeing a wave of people rising up against brexit which I don't see. Yes: brexiters are just getting on with their lives and perfectly happy about Brexit. They don't regret it at all.
  3. Brexiters are very happy about Brexit. You're not being realistic. Sorry.
  4. You can't control what catches on. Whether you like it or not, remoaners etc has caught on. BrexiW******, someone who knocks one out over Brexit fantasies etc hasn't.
  5. In 50 years the narrative will be that everyone was in favour of brexit. You've only got to look at the translators in Afghanistan or the pro french in Algeria they get airbrushed out of history. England is the last refuge of lost causes. Just like the quebec ers are the last remnant of royal France. Look at the Windrush generation. Although the leftists hate to admit it, they and the Indians that came over believed in the british empire.
  6. It's not the look it's the substance. Politics is full of language intended to make people ashamed to be the opposite. Gradually, remainers realise they're being airbrushed out of history as the railway tracks of brexit diverge. They'll slide from the losing side, to people who can't accept reality to comical, mad or fringe. Remainer was first category. Remoaner is second category already. It's no good moaning if you don't like the real meaning and history of Tory. It's political discourse.
  7. Tory means an insult too. Was it catholic traitor thief? Something like that. Remainer meant someone who wanted to stay in. But as time has passed, it has changed to reflect people who complain about the inevitable, hence remoaner. What you're trying to do is invent a standard of propriety and a class system of intelligence over language. You're on a hiding to nothing.
  8. Is this tax on corporations going to work? They won't get ireland to agree to 17.5 minimum tax, nor a lot of havens. Why would they give up their advantage? The only way to stop it is to refuse to trade. That leaves tax on sales. But margins are hugely different between industries. Grocery stores only make a 1% profit on some items, so the tax would be tiny if the same applied to all. It seems like looking busy while making sure nothing too much happens? And avoiding doing the obvious thing, which is levying tax based on the home country of the buyer, rather than the seller (sitting in a tax haven).
  9. But remoaner is not the same group as remainer. They're a subset. Gammon has caught on because it does describe a group. Tory is exactly the same. And whig. It's al ways been the same. But you just want to stop time because ...?. Times change. What was acceptable once becomes unfashionable or fringe or mad later on. Petrol heads is on the continuum. So is remoaner. Flat earthere have reached the end. Witches too I guess, and maybe they're back on the up. Gammon seems to have added power because of a class element. It's no good thinking you're mentally superior - grown up vs juvenile- because you deplore shorthand phrases with real emotive force. They're the very stuff of politics.
  10. Just because you don't like shorthand descriptions that makes you a grown up vs juveniles? These shorthand descriptions are effective because there's truth in them. Yuppies, skiing etc. Gammon,woke, Brexiteer etc are just contemporary. People work very hard trying to crystallise ideas into a single word. Try describing media without using the shorthand: It's a paragraph. In general, you need shorthand to describe a society. And in politics you need emotive language to move people emotionally. If you think you're more grown up because you don't use language that may crystallise people who disagree with you, then I fear you're simply awarding yourself a medal for getting old. ,
  11. So you can't produce evidence remainers admit (a long list of) problems in the EU either then. Maybe dugsbody can produce it; after all he's the one making the lie claim.
  12. Blimey. I'd love to hear your take on why people voted for brexit. It clearly wasn't immigrants!
  13. Capital gains only when they sell. And tenants cover all taxes. So you can park any number of millions here for nothing. Sure beats keeping millions in a country where the government may take it.
  14. If they built them, foreign investors who don't trust their own governments would buy them, because holding them is tax free, and the prices would stay unaffordable. And that's if the government didn't take in another swathe of immigrants.
  15. So when I buy a German car in germany, it's the German car company paying uk vat to the uk government? Doesn't sound right. Could it be tariffs or customs duties we're talking about rather than vat? That would make more sense to me.
  16. Sounds a bit like a made up story to me. Just get a divorce and she'll be cured. You're boring her to death with financial lectures clearly. Every time you give her one, she buys another lipstick?
  17. But this change seems to be putting some liability on eBay to make sure it's paid according to the blurb. They wouldn't be happy about that.
  18. Who gets the vat on a car I buy from Germany? It used to be Germany. And when I sell to Germany, I pay uk vat to the uk government. If they were switching it to buyers country getting the VAT, then that would indeed be radical.
  19. Sounds like they flew a kite on uplift and no takers. So I wouldn't mention it again. So I'd just make the offer. Then it's in writing.
  20. If I buy in Germany german vat is charged. If I sell to Germany, this new charge seems to reverse the old rule that uk vat was charged, not german vat. And make ebay responsible for collecting it too by the look of it. It looks like a switcharound from country of seller to country of buyer getting the VAT.
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