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  1. 29 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    Lost at Call of Duty and still blame the guy in charge?

    I think from your armchair you emminently underqualified to make that assessment if you think either of those exist.

    In truth Colonels perform roles Generals did in your Battle Comics heyday as everything's smaller and love to see you say to Col Tim Collins you're a coward or most ranks. You don't want a Patton who'll get you killed for a medal but you don't want indecision and someone who only avlcts when pushed as don't want to jeopardise the pension.

    On the picnic angle yes we'd all rather get paid for being fed and seeing far off places. But the lads with missing limbs points to that being a fallacy and a disrepectful assertion by a bit of wally. The best soldiers are well trained and drilled - because heading overseas they deskill fast not doing the drills and skills.

    If you were trying to say we want a deterrent then that only works as a bluff. 

    But thanks for the hot take and deflecting from SpyGuy's latest daft assertions on a structure he cannot comprehend with one of your own.

    I am beginning to see why some of our bods have such trouble transitioning to civilian life with these attitudes. 

    As for Ukraine - Poland, Bulgaria and the Baltic States would push for action - if you tolerate this then... that's why if Putin did it he'd be a lot more subtle than T-80s on the highway.

    You're way too boastful for my taste. 

    You can suck up and kick down all you like, but in the end you've spent your whole life sponging off the taxpayer. 

     And the less we see of your warmongering the better.  


  2. 7 hours ago, Staffsknot said:

    Just stop now because I'm embarrassed for you at this stage fella.

    EUROPE is not just the ******ing EU and I said Europe and You said Europe. OK that's the pedant bit covered so lets move on to part two.

    NATO is more than a budget which you and Trump can't evidently get into the head. It's not a ******ing savings club nor do you hire out forces like some cheap classic car club knock-off.

    I could run through the details but you'll try and pull some other stat out you backside to prove you're right when you have about as much idea of what is happening as the average meerkat watching a Battlegroup Ex in Kenya.

    Now repeat after me NATO doesn't buy the hardwear or manpower it comes from those nations. You just put the contributions for bloody map pins and paperclips up for the nice & dry brigade.

    Every bullet fired by a soldier comes from those nations and funded by the contributing nation - its why its a standard, its why the link of 7.62 going through a GPMG  may be German made and paid for fired by British soldier. We nicked tons on kit off the yanks and never got billed to blighty. In fact we had one of their trucks for a while as the US Marines couldn't let us sign for anything less than a pallet.

    I went to Afghanistan in NATO and you the taxpayer paid for all my costs from the craters we put in the ground to the bag of crisps on the Tristar over there. 

    But yep you're the expert, we're actually mercenaries. Or option 2 you know FA and are scrabbling to be right with stats you don't understand. You are visiting websites desperate to find anything that might prove the idea you magically had is true - reality is cruel this may have looked suitable but its made you just seem more clueless in my eyes and a bit of a Walther Mitty.

    Now look at those EU nations and their military sizes - that's your potential NATO contribution. 

    Thst thing you are sitting on is not your elbow chief. Figure that one out and give up on this please before you make an even bigger daft assertion of military knowledge. You are the tour guide who missed the orientation session.

    I was trying to avoid being sarcastic and brutally honest but here we are. You are chatting stuff without a clue. Now think are you well versed in the operation of NATO? Then are you the best placed person to comment?

     We're not having a major war. That much the G7 have agreed on.  

    And if putin the poisoner decides to take ukraine by force,  we'll need to concentrate on the long list of equipment reasons why we couldn't possibly fight anyone, and the desirability of a demarcation line where the soviets all used to go on holiday. 

    Sometimes I think you lot fail to realise that the best armies have generals that are all cowards and soldiers who only want to picnic. 

    And are cynical enough to realise things may not work out that well, so they'd better be ready to run away as their first preference.   

  3. 5 hours ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    Nothing there is relevant. The legal text is all that matters, not a incomplete 30s overview aimed at laymen. 

    Semantics. It's a long legal process during which time the EU is able to implement remedial measures, just like we are doing with the NIP. 



    Less and less trade with the eu over the long term may fit in well with the general trend globally. 

    There's no point buying the same washing machine 10 times over just because business likes built in redundancy and the government calls it growth. 

    There's a big rethink going on about our use of resources. Trade is bound to have to make big changes. 

    May not all be for the worse. 

  4. 32 minutes ago, 14stFlyer said:

    It’s all about perspectives.  Most people I talk to think it is the EU negotiators that have taken NI hostage in an attempt to stop U.K.  leaving the single market. 

    These adversarial rather than cooperative approaches and views are not useful, but now appear unavoidable. 

    The default position is wholesale smuggling. 

    Brussels is putting its foot down because boris is shrugging his shoulders. 

    The Irish were always going to arbitrage any differences with smuggling. 

    Are all remainers enthusiastic tax collectors, mentally?



  5. 4 minutes ago, spyguy said:

    The Nordics are good and very much bought into NATO.

    France is good but very overstretched with its old colonies and Islam. And its not French at the pointy end.

    The rest are more hindrance than help.

    The Bundeswehr is beyond shit.They are running around with sticks, shouting bang -






    In the end, it ain't because any of them can't fight. It's because on the whole they don't want to politically. 

    Give them a real cause and they can all fight like lions. Given the 7 year lead time for equipment. 

    I don't think anyone wants a real war. It's all just jostling from a unipolar world to one with several. 


  6. 2 hours ago, Bugger BTL said:

    You are arguing against a point I haven't made.

    I have said that Brexit will lead to more Indian immigration as a consequence of India requiring this as part of the new trade deals. The framework for this is already being put in place.

    I have given no view as to whether this is a positive or negative thing. It is simply something that is going to happen in the near future as a consequence of Brexit. It may be that in the long term, we see much less migration here, but that isn't going to happen straight away, and in the short term, Indian citizens will take advantage of the opportunity that didn't exist before Brexit and has only come into being because of it. Whether you or I approve or disapprove of this has absolutely no bearing on either the issue or my argument.

    We don't have to sign trade deals agreeing to take more immigrants. 

    Let alone have to take more immigrants because of brexit. 

    This government wants more immigrants, that's all.

    Blaming brexit or the Indian government for more immigrants is just hiding the guilty party. 


  7. 25 minutes ago, MancTom said:

    Would they want it? High chance they gain  an extra territory with a built in guerrilla war starting (loyalists are unlikely to accept uniting with ROI).

    How could they refuse? 

    Could they refuse?

    Yelims was silent on this when I suggested it to him as the boris Master plan. 

    It's not that Boris is incapable of doing it or that the English wouldn't  be delighted. 

    The southern irish government would have to call its own referendum to pass the buck I'd guess. 

    Two referendums where both governments would be sincerely hoping they lose.  

    While wrapping themselves in the flag of misty eyed patriotism. 

    Should be quite a show. 

    Fireworks all round. 


  8. 15 minutes ago, yelims said:

    That’s also a solution 


    btw you avoided my point


    why is Boris rowing back on will of people “best oven ready deal”TM which got him elected? Why is he allowed ignore the “will of people”

    I don't think the English care if boris ignores eu rules on shipping goods to Northern Ireland or if he enforces them.  

    Half of them don't care if the eu retaliates and the whole thing collapses. 

    They wanted out and they got three quarters out. So they're happy. 

    But the Protestants  care, as they're still stuck in.  And theyve realised that Ira violence paid so that has its own logic too. 

    Bombs and ballots and boots on the ground. The only real issue is whose boots, and how soon. 

    When is this exit referendum yelims?

    Who can call it? 

  9. 3 minutes ago, yelims said:

    The simplest explanation that this was not a problem until Brexiteers opened the can of worms called Northern Ireland despite warnings not to so


    no wonder Americans are pissed this ******** that was resolved got opened up, and why? You lot still can’t name any positives of brexit 


    1 minute ago, yelims said:

    You can have tarrif free trade deal with EU and peace in Northern Ireland 

    all by implementing what Boris agreed to and campaigned for (hey does this mean he is ignoring the will of people who voted him in?)


    or you can have no peace in Northern Ireland and zero trade with Europe 


    pick one, this is the dead end brexit has led us into

    Or hand over the Protestants to southern ireland. 

    After a referendum. 

    Will of the people and all that.  

    should be a Catholic majority next year shouldn't there yelims? 

    I wouldn't put it beyond boris. And I doubt anyone - biden, eu, southern ireland- would be ready for such a swift  and shameless skedaddle. 

  10. 16 minutes ago, Bugger BTL said:

    If you accept that there is going to be more immigration, not necessarily skilled, from India and potentially others as a consequence of Brexit, accept the consequences and have decided that this is your preference, you aren't one of the Brexiters I'm talking about. Ideally you would also understand that some of them will end up marrying British people, settling and therefore actually having access to the things you talk about eventually in order for it to be a fully informed decision, but still, you're plenty of the way there.

    Still, it is a fact that there are others who do not come at the issue with this level of understanding, and yes, some of them are racists. I'm related to more than one.

    You accept the need for cheap foreign labour too easily. 

    The pension ponzi is going to collapse anyway. 

    Half the population with half the economy is just the same standard of living. 

    The world's population is going to drop soon. The only reason it's still rising is better health care; those that would have been dead at 50 are living on to their 60's. But that won't go on forever, and then it's slow decline of human population for a century or 2. 

    Automation is going to liquidate more and more cheap labour jobs as well. Eg picking crops. 

    I just don't see the future wealth  being through maximising cheap labour. Even if that is all employers want to grow their businesses. 

    The same argument could be made for more slaves too. 

  11. 14 minutes ago, dugsbody said:

    There are already regulatory checks at the NI sea ports, regardless of brexit.

    But of course, the issue isn't a lying prime minister who got elected on an "oven ready" deal, signed the deal, then refuses to comply with it. It is all the other 27 nations plus the US and millions of people inside the UK who just "cannot accept reality".

     So the Protestants can be digested?

  12. 27 minutes ago, dugsbody said:

    I guarantee that if the government had not weaponised this, in a year or so, no-one would even notice the checks, because some of them were already happening before brexit and "the catholics" did not have an issue with this.

    You blame the british government because you cannot accept the reality. 

    Nor of course can the british or irish governments, nor biden nor the eu.

    Yet... it's been the one constant for a hundred years. 


  13. 3 minutes ago, dugsbody said:

    That is not how it is.

    The EU would far rather not have to deal with the NI issue. As far as the EU nations are concerned, tariff free trade with the UK is fine for them. The UK won't align on regulatory issues, so non tariff barriers come in to play. Ok, they can deal with that and possibly make it work to their advantage (just like the UK is seeking to).

    NI is a pain, why on earth would 27 nations in Europe want any control over a small part of the UK? It doesn't add any value and is just a pain.

    I can keep repeating, the NIP is entirely workable and basically a non issue for 99% of the population, since the checks happen almost invisibly as opposed the alternative which is a land border NI/ ROI. It makes complete sense to do the checks at the real natural border. The UK government could comply, move on, and within a year or so no-one would even notice. They are purposely choosing not to because they want to weaponise the issue against the EU, which is exactly in the spirit of what we've done for 40 years.

    Choose the simplest explanation that doesn't require mental contortions to make it work. As above.

    That's not the simplest explanation. 

    The simplest explanation is that a land border is unacceptable to Catholics and a sea border is unacceptable to Protestants.  

  14. 31 minutes ago, pig said:

    Surely leave voters aren't thick enough or gaslit enough to believe this ? Assuming thats the case how would they rationalise this statement ?

    Well, lets see :)


    They're changing the northern Ireland protocol unilaterally. 

    And daring the EU to put a border down ireland. 

    Looks like realpolitik with only a smirk towards just cause (or common coming together by all agreeing mistakes were made).

    That's my best rationalisation. 

  15. 16 minutes ago, pig said:

    I mean this is just total rubbish lol. 

    Immigrants legal and illegal settle all over Europe for all sorts of reasons.

    I'll admit I'm not expecting Leavers to leave their stuck Channel groove anytime soon - being under attack from the Other is part of the psyche after all. 

    But FGS give it a rest sometime :)


    So it's the sunny uplands over there! 

    Fantastic opportunities for all (immigrants)just across the channel! 

    No go areas with Sharia anarchy too. The french government kindly provides a map so you can see where they are. 

    Must  go visit. 

  16. 3 hours ago, MancTom said:

    They will have to offer food quality to go with the inflated prices. If the food is a lot better than the typical takeaway (a lot of which are pretty awful) they can draw customers in.

    No cook. Microwave meals only. 

    Costs too much to train a cook. Easier to get minimum wage and nuke it. 

    Fine dining is finishing it in the oven.

    All comes from a factory. 

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