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  1. In the end, it ain't because any of them can't fight. It's because on the whole they don't want to politically. Give them a real cause and they can all fight like lions. Given the 7 year lead time for equipment. I don't think anyone wants a real war. It's all just jostling from a unipolar world to one with several.
  2. It would be very colonial to walk out leaving as much division as possible... I just can't get that idea out of my head as regards northern Ireland.
  3. The best leave. The dead wood always stays. Some firms end up with a situation where the dead wood is getting rid of the competent. Amazing how long a firm can carry on with abysmal service, quality of work, and ever expanding costs in sales as they struggle to get more customers in.
  4. We don't have to sign trade deals agreeing to take more immigrants. Let alone have to take more immigrants because of brexit. This government wants more immigrants, that's all. Blaming brexit or the Indian government for more immigrants is just hiding the guilty party.
  5. How could they refuse? Could they refuse? Yelims was silent on this when I suggested it to him as the boris Master plan. It's not that Boris is incapable of doing it or that the English wouldn't be delighted. The southern irish government would have to call its own referendum to pass the buck I'd guess. Two referendums where both governments would be sincerely hoping they lose. While wrapping themselves in the flag of misty eyed patriotism. Should be quite a show. Fireworks all round.
  6. I don't think the English care if boris ignores eu rules on shipping goods to Northern Ireland or if he enforces them. Half of them don't care if the eu retaliates and the whole thing collapses. They wanted out and they got three quarters out. So they're happy. But the Protestants care, as they're still stuck in. And theyve realised that Ira violence paid so that has its own logic too. Bombs and ballots and boots on the ground. The only real issue is whose boots, and how soon. When is this exit referendum yelims? Who can call it?
  7. Or hand over the Protestants to southern ireland. After a referendum. Will of the people and all that. should be a Catholic majority next year shouldn't there yelims? I wouldn't put it beyond boris. And I doubt anyone - biden, eu, southern ireland- would be ready for such a swift and shameless skedaddle.
  8. You accept the need for cheap foreign labour too easily. The pension ponzi is going to collapse anyway. Half the population with half the economy is just the same standard of living. The world's population is going to drop soon. The only reason it's still rising is better health care; those that would have been dead at 50 are living on to their 60's. But that won't go on forever, and then it's slow decline of human population for a century or 2. Automation is going to liquidate more and more cheap labour jobs as well. Eg picking crops. I just don't see the future wealth being through maximising cheap labour. Even if that is all employers want to grow their businesses. The same argument could be made for more slaves too.
  9. You blame the british government because you cannot accept the reality. Nor of course can the british or irish governments, nor biden nor the eu. Yet... it's been the one constant for a hundred years.
  10. That's not the simplest explanation. The simplest explanation is that a land border is unacceptable to Catholics and a sea border is unacceptable to Protestants.
  11. I guess only one person in a hundred could tell you anything about the g7 meeting. Eg even who the participants were. The international news over the weekend was Denmark nil Finland one for most people and that's about it.
  12. Why not rent for a year? You might find you don't like the first place you plumped for.
  13. How to get key workers in to work in expensive cities when they would be better off working elsewhere? This pseudo discount is option 1. Option 2 is paying more than half a percent pay rise. It's going to be shock when they realise they're already on option 3.
  14. They're changing the northern Ireland protocol unilaterally. And daring the EU to put a border down ireland. Looks like realpolitik with only a smirk towards just cause (or common coming together by all agreeing mistakes were made). That's my best rationalisation.
  15. So it's the sunny uplands over there! Fantastic opportunities for all (immigrants)just across the channel! No go areas with Sharia anarchy too. The french government kindly provides a map so you can see where they are. Must go visit.
  16. No cook. Microwave meals only. Costs too much to train a cook. Easier to get minimum wage and nuke it. Fine dining is finishing it in the oven. All comes from a factory.
  17. Look forward to hearing about your political campaign. You may find the monster raving loony party has more popular appeal.
  18. The people sitting in calais don't see the sunny uplands over there. That's why they want to come here.
  19. A lot of those foreigners who returned home won't be able to find jobs at home. Which is why they left in the first place. The employers' cry is always "let in more Immigrants". Sounds like we're being softened up for another government announcement of millions more...
  20. Waiting 20 years for demographic changes? It just sounds like clutching at straws.
  21. Southern ireland? Can they veto it? I'm deeply sceptical about whether it will actually tax these companies more; half of them are american. Could it be an attempt to entrench their unfair advantage by means of treaties (which trump national laws)?
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