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  1. Reducing immigration is a positive thing for Brexiters. And getting rid of the right of southern irish people to live and work in england would be another step forward. It's already increasing wages noticeably. But I suppose better wages isn't viewed as a positive thing. Freedom of movement is really about arbitraging cheap labour after all.
  2. There are about 10 billion people in the world. At least 6 billion of them would be better off living in Europe. And most of those 6 billion wouldn't have any time for your beliefs or values. So how is your "fundamental belief that it is right and good" supposed to work?
  3. The Phillipines government charges a large amount for an export permit for those nurses heading abroad.
  4. Not if you're lending it out at interest for those 10 years to other people. . It would be the negative charge to look after it plus the smallest cut of the profits from those other people that competition will allow. Takes you back up to a small interest rate far lower than borrowers pay.
  5. Isn't foreign aid just a wicked scam? First you bomb them, then you steal all their raw materials. Then you give them food aid. And you take a fat wedge in Admin first. And then they come over here because...we bombed their country flat. Why are we even pretending it's virtuous?
  6. The people who voted brexit are happy and watching football. They think we've left, we've taken back control, and life will be getting better. It may all be mistaken, but their mood is positively upbeat. You'd never know it from this thread!
  7. Aren't you assuming the truth of what you're trying to prove? Viz that the EU is "a grand opportunity for mutually enriched lives."
  8. Force is possibly a large part of it. An army turns up and takes over. You become the serf. A couple of hundred years later, you're still chucking and jiving. And another army takes over.
  9. No, I think they've made a political decision to erode debts through inflation for a while. they've chosen inflation (collapse )rather than deflationary (collapse). For a while.
  10. Hasn't the federal reserve said they're not going to raise interest rates for a while, until the unemployment has gone down? So that means they're going to let inflation rip (or be temporary) for at least a year. So how high is it going to go, given that inaction? What are the traditional leading indicators. Commodities? What are they showing? And is there any indication mortgage spreads are rising (at government behest) even though base rates remain the same?
  11. Is a long hot summer of rioting and discontent factored in? Akin to 1968. Youngish people are (financially) fed up and the only ways to sort it out are doubling wages or half ing house prices etc or a combination. So they're being steered towards social issues instead. Will that last?
  12. Divergence is cumulative. So is ever closer union. Sorry. Hypocrite?
  13. The plan is to continue trade with eu and gradually reduce it as a proportion by expanding manufacturing and trade elsewhere. By making it easier and cheaper to start and run a business in uk than elsewhere. Less red tape and less taxes. Just don't mention lower wages and lower employment rights. Something like that. Government currently overwhelmed with pandemic of course so bonfire of red tape and taxes on business not really got going yet. .
  14. OK. Brexit allows us to put our own house in order without being bound more than necessary by EU agenda for an ever closer union, unlimited eu immigration, the inherent problems of the euro etc. The catch of course is that while brexit may allow you to put your own house in order given good government, it won't magic one up. And this one of course has been overwhelmed by a pandemic up to now. The mountain that needs to be climbed is paying off the national debt, cutting taxes and getting full employment. That's what it's all about. Taking back control so a good government can reach those sunny uplands. Or something like that anyway.
  15. Lawyers judges politically neutral professionals vote liberal. Main problem with liberals is they aren't liberals currently. They don't stand up for free speech, or free trade and seem to support socialist tax and spend (and let's bankrupt the country) policies.
  16. Some moral backbone would have been nice. Eg stopping the Tories siphoning money to their friends while giving austerity to the rest of us, and running up the national debt in the process. Being liberal in fact, rather than the oligarchy's accomplice. Or just refusing to join the government and voting on a case by case basis. Anything other than: selling everyone out for a personal pay rise, and then watching the architect of this arrangement having to resign within a month for fiddling expenses.
  17. It's going to be unilateral inaction isn't it? Who actually cares about enforcing eu rules? And who is doing the enforcing? There's a complete disconnect between the two. It's like asking a drug dealer to enforce eu standards and pay vat. Won't they all be copy and pasting fictional forms and just driving through ireland?
  18. The uncompetitive bits go bust and depopulate until transfer payments from north to south stabilise the situation. This rebuilding fund is just the first of what will become an annual transfer payment from North to south. Alternatively the Euro collapses eventually. Ever closer union suggests it will be the first option.
  19. It's the opposite of what's happening, true. This is the future: a game of beggar thy neighbour, with ever diminishing trade between uk and EU. And the kicker seems to be that nobody cares. A few obsessives spewing hate and spitting jeremiads prophesying doom, sure, but the rest of the population oblivious and getting on with their lives. While the bureaucracy keeps driving in the wedge with tit for tat sanctions. Is that so bad?
  20. You're way too boastful for my taste. You can suck up and kick down all you like, but in the end you've spent your whole life sponging off the taxpayer. And the less we see of your warmongering the better.
  21. We're not having a major war. That much the G7 have agreed on. And if putin the poisoner decides to take ukraine by force, we'll need to concentrate on the long list of equipment reasons why we couldn't possibly fight anyone, and the desirability of a demarcation line where the soviets all used to go on holiday. Sometimes I think you lot fail to realise that the best armies have generals that are all cowards and soldiers who only want to picnic. And are cynical enough to realise things may not work out that well, so they'd better be ready to run away as their first preference.
  22. Less and less trade with the eu over the long term may fit in well with the general trend globally. There's no point buying the same washing machine 10 times over just because business likes built in redundancy and the government calls it growth. There's a big rethink going on about our use of resources. Trade is bound to have to make big changes. May not all be for the worse.
  23. The default position is wholesale smuggling. Brussels is putting its foot down because boris is shrugging his shoulders. The Irish were always going to arbitrage any differences with smuggling. Are all remainers enthusiastic tax collectors, mentally?
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