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  1. 38 minutes ago, tep1 said:

    It pains me to say, the people got what they voted for! The warning signs have been there from the outset. Brexit was a Trojan for this government to introduce state fascism that Oswald Moseley would be proud of. Like Nazism, people have neither been listening or paying attention. Those continuing to subjugate opposition with soundbites like remoaner, wokist, antivaxxer, conspiracy theorist, labour are no better etc.  continue to prepare the way for a totalitarian government! 

    But the problem with your state fascism theory is that not even the politicians believe the state can run businesses for a greater national purpose. 

    And there is no clear national purpose (apart from covid). 

    It looks more like a continuation  of  corrupt crony capitalism to me.  

  2. 11 minutes ago, kzb said:


    Do you think anyone actually voted for all this? 

    Are you saying that boomers voted to export their own jobs to China?

    For crying out loud.

    Yes, people did vote for all this. 

    They preferred to close all the factories and export them to China rather than keep subsidising lazy union workers who kept going on strike to extort more money from the taxpayer every month. 

    You'd have to have seen the 1970's to understand why the 1980's happened. 

    Red robbo led straight to Thatcher. 

  3. On 16/04/2021 at 13:19, IMHAL said:

    It's called pointing out the problems that Brexit has brought and holding the leavers to account. Something that leavers are reluctant to do themselves funny enough.

    Project fear was whinging according to leavers, now it has turned into reality I don't see any apologies or responsibility being taken. In fact the oppositite, whinging by leavers that it's 'not quite' the Brexit they had in mind or it's someone elses fault....oh dear!

    No one has noticed any bad effects from brexit round my way. All they're thinking about is end of lockdown, seeing their friends and going to the pub. They' re quite happy with brexit if you ask them, but it's off the mental radar. 

    I think you're reading the runes too much and not getting out enough. 


  4. 3 minutes ago, Social Justice League said:

    The previous and current Tory are bent.  This has been shown in public now, so everyone can laugh at them.

    But the daft serf public in the UK still vote for them because they all think they are capitalists, when the really it they are just retarded peasant slaves.

    The north is full of these types and they all need to be sent off to nuclear war in a tracksuit, the useless cpnt$ that they are.


    But labour is worse and everyone knows that too. 

  5. Boomers used their voting power to take all the assets. 

    Eg high inflation when they were buying houses. This meant a bus driver paying off his property in 5 years. (It also meant impoverishing the old on fixed pensions)

    I don't think it was for ever, just to monopolise all the fruits of the earth for their lifetimes. Me generation. 

    They would never have sent all the industry to China and done the dash for gas. if they were thinking long term. It was always apres moi le deluge. 

    But I suspect that once china gets dominance, it will be permanent. Or that's the plan anyway. 

  6. 2 hours ago, iamnumerate said:


    **Obviously the Government can't be blamed for illegal immigrants.

    Of course it can be blamed for illegal immigrants.

    Letting people in on a tourist visa and then staying permanently went on unchecked for years. 

    The fake student racket. 

    The marriage racket. 

    The government deliberately let it go on, gave them routes to become citizens and subsidised the legal system to stop anyone being deported. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, skinnylattej said:

    OK we will agree to disagree on this point.  I believe that a significant increase in violence in NI will damage the Tories.

    So far, BJ and his acolytes are content to follow a 'hands-off' approach, which I consider risky.  

    Additionally there is also to possibility that Biden tells BJ at the G7 in St. Ives (in June?), to sort the mess out or no-deal with USA.

    Biden should be offered northern Ireland as the 53rd state of the union. 

    That'll learn him. 

  8. 18 minutes ago, yelims said:

    No one wins with Brexit (well except a handful of your elites) 


    ... that is the joke

    As long as the British government doesn't reduce subsidies to Northern Ireland,  it may be resolved. 

    Any chat about cutting off the spigot, and the violence will  start. 

    There is a cynical element that concerns money; and it's the one thing both sides can work together on. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, yelims said:

    I can see it now, a “non binding” referendum with two options “Leave agreed protocol with EU, yes/no” and no flipping option or plan as to what happens if leave is chosen, sigh 

    They have to agree on some arrangement between themselves to make it workable, which they won't.  Then they continue a simmering feud over whatever someone else imposes on half of them instead. 

    Meanwhile southern ireland will be quaking in their boots at the thought of that lot one day joining them. And fantasising that the Protestants will be weakened by the time that happens. 

    It's a way of life; doubt it will change. And God help anyone else who thinks they can take it over. 


  10. 6 hours ago, yelims said:

    The relationship negotiations are over, Boris proclaimed it as best deal ever.

    perhaps you didn’t get memo? EU was quite clear they won’t be negotiating peace meal cake eating fashion 

    maybe yourself and Tories think that letting riots proceed in a part of your on country might change this but that’s just more of cutting own face out of 


    So who's the winner from splitting northern Ireland off from the UK? 

    Certainly not  southern ireland! 


  11. 42 minutes ago, IMHAL said:

    What EU strategy? NI and the GFA was only possible because we where both in the SM and CU. We decided to leave and not be in the SM and CU which meant a border. That's all there is to it. We decided to leave.... if that is what you mean by the EU strategy then I am at a loss.

    The mental gymnastics from leavers are getting spectacular. First we blame them for the extra paperwork and now for the deal on NIP you guys voted for. You do remember the 'oven ready deal' don't you? The one where brexiteers cried triumphanly about an 80 seat majority.  

    It's your gymnastics. 

    We left, Northern Ireland comes too. 

    Customs border has to go somewhere. 

    EU and southern irish didn't want it in the obvious place. Leo what's his name said there would be violence if it was at the border. 

    Leo got his way. EU got its way. Catholics got their way. 

    Protestants were always willing to fight. And now they are.

    It's what Leo and the eu wanted. 

  12. On 09/04/2021 at 16:14, pig said:

    I think my explanation of my understanding of the Clapham Common debacle was clear enough - no point simply repeating it because your response doesn't address its key points.

    We're discussing whether this government is on a dangerous authoritarian trajectory. Police have got themselves into trouble already without the new legislation. Freedom of expression could have been protected, both safely and lawfully. But the police felt that wasn't what the Home Secretary wanted and subsequently were 'hung out to dry'.

    Do you actually think the Polices invidious position is improved with the new legislation ?

    Are the the Police now supposed to decide whether to allow freedom to protest based on what the government vaguely  thinks is too much of 'nuisance' or too 'noisy'  ?



    What was your explanation for the lack of support for violent demonstrations? 

    I may have missed it, but I can't see any great enthusiasm for the cause. 


  13. 5 minutes ago, nightowl said:

    Loose lockdowns? Here? People are criminalised for seeing relatives, being outside for anything outside limited purposes, non essential shops shut, education cancelled, all hospitality closed etc...hardly loose surely? 

    There's not a lot more that can be done practically other than pointlessly mandating masks outside in public maybe.  

    We are still in fairly stringent restrictions now, despite fewer deaths than when we fully reopened last July.

    Without admitting it Sage is persuing zero covid at any cost.

    They're opening up before everyone is vaccinated, knowing that it will yo-yo up again. 

    And keeping the airports open from countries with out of control infection rates. 

    Hardly strict or zero covid. More like still aiming for herd immunity through everyone  under 40 catching it. 

  14. 45 minutes ago, Confusion of VIs said:


    In the long term Brexit will come to be remembered as a failure of democracy, the world's biggest ever red tape generation exercise and possibly the catalyst for the final unwinding of the English Empire. 

    You wish. 

    Now hear the grim alternative scenario in the long run: 

    Brexit viewed as not only inevitable but also morally obvious. Deniers ridiculed or viewed as evil. (I've forgotten who it was that had exactly those views about Algeria splitting from france)

    EU having significant financial problems from its red tape stifling growth

    The final unwinding of the colonial franc and European influence  in Africa,  and its complete replacement by China.   



  15. 1 hour ago, IMHAL said:

    Did the EU make us vote Brexit? I don't think so. It was a decision made in the UK. 

    When will you guys own the problem you created? Never is my guess. That's an issue and will become an even greater issue moving forwards - easier to keep blaming the EU for a deal that the conservative won an 80 seat majority on with the backing of UK Brexit voters.

    You guys always want it both ways. You argue that the population supports Brexit because of the conservative win, and at the same time argue that all problems with the deal are due to the EU. You voted for it.....if you where not happy with it then you should not have. It's quite simple, stop bleating, accept the downsides and be happy/take responsibility for the deal you voted for.



    You're blaming brexiters for eu strategy! 

    Why aren't you happy?

  16. 6 hours ago, yelims said:

    They literally have the option to chose culture citizenship and ability to work live in either Ireland or UK thanks to GFA which calmed all the craziness up there for years

    but no you Brexiteer lot had to go and ****** it all up for no good reason. There are still no upsides to brexit and now the downsides begin to riot as was predicted 



    But it was always the deliberate eu strategy to carve off northern Ireland.  Leo what's his name said there'd be violence if there was a hard border and eu followed his demands.  

    They succeeded. Boris lost. 

    So what are you complaning about?



    8 minutes ago, winkie said:

    Very many did not vote because they didn't have enough information to make an informed decision....they didn't know all the benefits and disadvantages, what brexit would mean and do for them, their families future and the future of our country........some were very keen to leave, they still haven't explained why, why would leaving be so lucrative and advantageous to them?.....;)

    No one I know  thought it would be lucrative for them. 

    And they all knew very well what they were voting against: against the status quo. 

  18. 6 hours ago, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    Another night of violence in NI. Not a peep from the Brexshitiers. Must be good living in ignorance. 

     Protestants aren't remainers. 

    Remainers outraged. 

    Is that news?

    Why doesnt yelims lecture the poor benighted protestants about the superiority of the southern irish constitution, lifestyle, prospects etc like he told it to me a couple of weeks ago. 

    That should convert them.  




  19. Honest work doesn't pay. . 

    Taking money off people is okay or not okay depending mostly on whether it's the rich doing it, or not. 

    Landlord collecting exponential ground rents for doing nothing okay. Selling shares in pyramid schemes to greedy fools not okay. 

    What's the difference? Both are sponging, and adding no value ( in fact creaming off the top). But one is fine the other not. 


  20. 5 hours ago, yelims said:


    brexit was a thin wedge with a Mussolini type figure now in charge of uk 

    Slightly insane analysis?

    Mussolini was theatre. Boris is comic relief. 

    All this kerfuffle about curtailing rights to protest will probably get watered down by the Tories themselves. 

    They may be the nasty party, but they're never going to turn into follow the leader fascists.  



  21. 9 hours ago, rollover said:

    More than 420,000 Irish passports issued in Britain since Brexit vote

    The number of Irish passports issued in Britain surged following the Brexit vote. The number of passports issued to applicants resident in Great Britain – suggested that figure exceeded 422,000 between 2016 and 2020.

    Neale Richmond said: “The harsh impacts of Brexit and the attack on the rights of so many UK citizens has clearly motivated many to realise their Irish citizenship rights.”

    This accounted for nearly 12 per cent of all Irish passports issued within those four years.



    Very few of these 422,000 will actually leave the uk: they're called remainers for a reason. 

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