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  1. Isn't it really empty shelves instead of inflation? Everything bubble has been replaced with everything unavailable. Bit like Soviet end times. The market was so rigged, there just wasn't anything to buy. So in theory cheap but in practice unavailable. Not really inflation except in raw materials like Steel and timber. Stuff is just disappearing.
  2. Come on, the central banks are stuck in a debt trap. Put up interest rates, and the economy implodes. Don't put up interest rates, and inflation explodes, then the (debt based) economy implodes.
  3. The money was leaving. It became really visible in 1980 when the machinery was just being auctioned and shipped to the far east. Fortunes were made while 3 million went onto the dole. I don't believe it wasn't planned earlier; no investment for so many years until england looked run down. Couldn't be chance. The money was leaving! It was socialism driving it, and workers striking, and management trying only to have a class system. The shareholders just ran it all down while they pursued better opportunities elsewhere.
  4. Fire engineers have an incentive to assess cautiously now.
  5. Both workers and management were to blame. Also government for ever higher taxes . If companies made any profit, the shareholders just pocketed it. There was no investment in machinery. I suspect money was already being siphoned towards countries with cheaper labour. It was the start of it. Factories here were just being run down then closed it turned out in the 80's. But it looked like that was pre planned in the 19 70's with everything left to run down and no investment.
  6. boris may go downhill faster than anyone imagines now. Levelling up is what people want. So the Tories pretend that's their mission. But they're the opposite really, rent seekers as you say. At some point people will switch again. But I'm not sure it will be to Labour.
  7. Oh well, you'll footle around declaring you've won the argument for another 5 years then. And voting labour.
  8. You're voting for union. Given your nationalist sympathies it's an offer you cannot refuse. But what I keep pointing out to you and what you keep ducking is: then what? You and I both know northern Ireland is a poisoned chalice. And we also both know the Tories are evil enough to land you with it. So your guess is a border poll will never happen and if it does all will be well? Mine is that the Tories are capable of calling one in the hope of passing the whole problem off to you. Are we that far apart really? Our views on the tory party are pretty much the same; and that's about all you need to draw the conclusion.
  9. They're not living like that. They're living their lives and telling the political classes to go right off. The bitter remainers are chasing their tails trying to make economic arguments, European arguments etc. Brexiters never hated Europe or business, so they're barking up the wrong tree. I might be wrong, and remember I'm only one voice, but I think Brexit is a warning shot against the status quo. People are fed up with it. And if the ptb don't take the hint, it will get more virulent.
  10. They're taking a holiday after a manic 3 months and watching the football. They'll start a blitz after it ends on the theme of inflation fears and low bank interest. That's my guess.
  11. Didn't Dr doom say the central banks are in a debt trap and cannot now raise interest rates? So it's inflation all the way.
  12. I'm extremely sceptical about the claims made for bomad. I've come across bomad's that are installing their children in the flats to pay the mortgage as tenants. Or asking the deposit back when they sell. It's often just an investment into property because the bank is paying nothing. And they suspect inflation is coming. And some are doing it in anticipation of care home fees. Directly something comes along that offers real returns, my guess is they will all stop at once. So much for the claims about early inheritance.
  13. Shamelessly one sided then. Let's have a border poll since you're calling a majority. D) begging the question then. E) you don't have a better one. Unless you think that a to c explained something.
  14. changing catholic vs protestant feuding into catholic hegemony requires a large amount of selective propaganda. This is a nice example. D) none of the above. It's just the remainer echo chamber again. May I suggest: e) it's a sign of revolt against the status quo.
  15. Our money isn't from slave ownership. You had to be rich to own a slave. 7 horses. Most families had 2 horses if they were lucky, like 2 cars today. And socialism is decades after the slave trade. There's a complete list of everyone who owned slaves in 1807. If your name isn't on it, you didn't own any. And that's about 99% of the population. Progress came from low taxes, good banking, inventions and inventors getting rich. Socialism just raises taxes till it kills all that off. When some do gooder tells you he wants you to compensate him for having slaves, just point out gently that he's the one with slave owners blood in his veins not you. And your family was too damn poor to own any.
  16. The north got the dole. But not much else. It annoyed the Tories that it didn't depopulate. I'm not sure governments can afford to do that now long term. The debts are so much bigger and so are the failing areas. Not enough germans to pay for the south every year. (Thatcher used the revenue from oil). And how do you fix italy? It's not really infrastructure. It's government and banks and tax avoidance and a whole culture of corruption. And a masterful resistance to change. And the baleful effect of the euro on a country that likes to devalue its currency by overspending. I just can't see Brussels fixing it easily or quickly when even the judges are complicit.
  17. It's socialism that won't catch on. Christianity... it's such a hodge podge of slave resistance, getting influence at the top, outright theft and violence, professional victimhood and state sanctioned monopoly That you have to wonder if it held back progress for a thousand years. And whose interests it really served. Can't help feeling that one book only is never a good idea. But hey ho, you can bet on religio socialism if you want. I'd think environmentalist capitalism more likely.
  18. Every year more support. Annual transfer payments or else gradual impoverishment then depopulation of the south. Better to fix the architecture that's causing it, but that's not so easy.
  19. Socialism is a non starter for the future. It's a failed philosophy primarily associated with dictatorships. While capitalism has made the world we live in. The young will pick something new as an alternative. They'll have to face the decline in raw materials, wars over what remains, a bronze age collapse possibly, rising sea levels, desertification. The idiotic mantra that all men are equal won't accomplish anything. It never does.
  20. Border poll. Simple majority. And you can't vote no. What's not to like?
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