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  1. New MP's expense approval department Setup....
  2. Liar loans.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...lance-debt.html
  3. They will put her on a fork lift training course
  4. Hamish is Right, They are useless at the Job center. Tell her not to be frightened to contact all the people she knows as it was how I got back on my feet. friend of a friend recommendation.
  5. Contribution-based JSA: This is a non-means-tested benefit, so it is not affected by the amount of savings that you have, redundancy settlements or your partner's earnings. If there is other income, for example, part-time work while signing-on for JSA, or income from occupational or personal pensions and this income exceeds a certain limit, deductions will be made from the JSA. This benefit depends upon certain National Insurance contribution conditions being met together with job-seeking rules (Who is eligible to claim JSA). Young people 18 - 24 years old must meet the same conditions but are paid a lower rate. Contribution-based JSA is only paid for six months and no additional claims can be made for partners or dependant children on this benefit.
  6. Cheers Pharm, I'll let you know what it reaches on fleabay saturday night. Ace
  7. Sorry to hi-jack this thread, been lurking on HPC a long time and only just noticed this thread, my girlfriend and I have just listed 112g of 9ct scrap gold on ebay, pls could ayone give me a rough guess as to what it is worth? Ace
  8. Green snots of recovery Remembered this from some time ago, still makes me chuckle
  9. Drove to Ikea down the Bay friday night to pick up some PAX wardrobes (guess what I did in the weekend!!) but driving past the dark empty unfinsished flats I noticed that most of the lower windows were smashed. My mate driving the van said it was like Nelson Madela House. I'm thinking lo-cost social housing of the future
  10. Ace

    Repossesions Galore

    He was not my mate, I was helping someone move their stuff out when I had a chat with this guy. Dont know why he would have any reason to tell me lies. What website are you subscibed? Ace
  11. Ace

    Repossesions Galore

    Pontypridd, I have not been on here for a long time but things are starting to get interesting.
  12. Ace

    Repossesions Galore

    I spoke to a guy today who clears & changes locks on repo houses, after a quick chat he told me that he is doing approx 25 a day , and the same in Swansea
  13. There was even an article in the local free paper (campaign) saying that the estate agents are very quiet here in wales
  14. Not picking on you but if the BBC world is a separate entity then they should purchase programs like Top gear etc from the BBC (Unless this is already happening) Does anyone one have any info on this situation?
  15. When last on holiday I noticed that the BBC World service was showing adverts (Nokia, Airlines etc) Where is all this new advertising money going?
  16. I always say: I play a big part in the porn industry, then (after binge drinking) show them your three postions and a pop shot routine. always seems to go down well. Anybody got any good one-liners I can use to hold my end up?
  17. Blair reflects on his recent decision to buy those two flats in Bristol. Whereas Brown clearly now regrets his purchase of thirty-five of them!
  18. Tonight on Celebrity X Factor, Tony Blair sings Jimi Hendrixs Purple Haze. While Gordon Brown prepares to sing UB40's One in Ten.
  19. Cheers, the only trouble with a 200sx Turbo is that you look like an 80's porn star when driving it I have signed all the paper work for the loan and in my case it makes sense, most of the money is locked in ISA's and savings accounts with bonuses if nothing is withdrawn. Another point is that I have never had a loan before and I have been told that this affects my credit rating. But I can see how easy it is for some people to get into financial difficulties.
  20. So what future events would be beneficial for both cases ie interest rates rising etc Loan argument: Using Savings argument: I was brought up to save and then buy (only what I could afford) taking out a loan feels bad but I just want to make sure it makes financial sense.
  21. At what interest rate would be break even? (FYI The car is an Honda S2000)
  22. Exactly what I was thinking, but after looking at the figures I have come out a couple of hundred pounds better off by using bank loan and leaving my 10000 complete and earning interest. but I would really like to see some calculations from someone who understands a lot better than me.
  23. I need some advice. Taking a £10000 bank loan with Northern rock @ 5.7% over 3 years with no protection costs approximately £10850 If I had £10,000 in a bank account with a good rate say 4.5% which is better to use to fund a car, ie use my own money and pay back the same amount as loan or just take out the loan and keep the money in the bank account. please show any calculations Pls move this to Investments after some replys
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