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  1. Mini is a good example of quality British manufacturing... good supply chain management, desirable product etc Ok they have the "estate agent" image but that is hardly the fault of the manufacturer. Lotus also. There are others....
  2. So what exactly is wrong with beemers ? They make a product that people want to buy and AFAIK are privately owned - they thrive without state subsidy and will remain strong after all this blows over. The remnants of the UK car industry (not the foreign transplants) could take a leaf out of bmw's book.
  3. The reasons why savers are vulnerable is that (unlike inflating away the rest of the economy) there will be no riots if you cannot withdraw savings... but there probably would be when people cannot afford food. Savers are clearly in the firing line... but they are not done yet !
  4. thank you... didn't realise that you could do this ! I can change my alter-ego on this board now... to reflect my new found optimism.
  5. You can't change your status on HPC between bear and bull. To be clear... I am not bullish about housing (yet !) but I am increasingly bullish about the stock market..... which is tumbling to 10 year lows. There is a time to fill your boots with stocks ... and that is soon - not yet - but soon.
  6. I was a bear but now I am a bull... if that is any help ? The turn is gonna come really soon now !
  7. +1.. and I suggest posting this link on other internet forums too...e.g. MSE, BBC robert peston blog, FT alphaville.
  8. it could be a vote winner ... FFS Sir Fred got his knighthood "for services to Banking" !!!
  9. Irrespective of the fact that he may have legal entlement...... can we all agree that he should be stripped of his knighthood ?
  10. Well I wouldn't go THAT far... but it does bother me that they get to keep their knighthoods :angry: :angry:
  11. well they gotta do it.. .cos' they tried everything else and are shooting blanks now
  12. if they bail vauxhall .... then the country will have a giant sucking chest wound.
  13. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle5780613.ece confirmed ellesmere port
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