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  1. Yes, I'm looking at the high end, around what you mention, and am mainly looking at Chislehurst. Does seem very nice. Could get something decent in Dulwich too, but really, for the price they don't seem anywhere near as good as I'd like.
  2. Dulwich is just one of the places I'm looking at. There's better places going for a lot less money further out of London, but still only a short train ride away.
  3. Other than the £1.5m house that is under offer, there's now another on the park side of Court lane on the market - here. Asking price is a cool £2m! Moving to Dulwich did seem like a good idea at first, but with these kinds of prices for the good locations it's just not worth it.
  4. "now is obviously the best time to buy..." says Mandy
  5. Dunno what the significance is, but the auctioned house has just been removed from the market.
  6. Here's another. New build. Sat on the market for ages at peak price of £1.175m (properties next to it sold at about the same price a year ago) before going under offer. Wife actually viewed this one before it went under offer - now its back on the market at £1m. Was originally one reasonably sized house with a big garden, replaced by 4 big new builds with small gardens. I expect to see quite a few more >£1m houses dropping to below £1m. This is the most extreme case I see. Dropped 30%, in 6 steps, before going under offer, although the original price was clearly OTT.
  7. even so, its gone under offer already!
  8. Well, one's just come on the market, on the park side of Court lane. At £1.5m it's certainly not cheap. Previously sold at £330k in 95, which is a 350% increase! Way too much, but I'll keep my eye on it anyway to see if they start reducing the price.
  9. I got into a sealed bid when making an offer for a house years ago and lost. It is quite tricky because it encourages you to go straight in with your highest offer. In hindsight, I'm glad I lost, as I eventually bought a better place for less. Actually, looking at houseprices.co.uk, I see that the house sold for the same amount as my bid.
  10. Interesting thread. Don't know Dulwich very well myself, but it looks like a very pleasant place and went for a stroll round the park today. Some very nice houses round there, decent sized gardens, backing on to the park. And only 15 mins on the train to London Bridge. I expect that you would have to go quite a bit further out from central London to get anything else so nice. With the limited space to get somewhere right by the park, I imagine that they go for a lot of money. Certainly more than £1m, and quite a lot more in some cases. If they do come down a lot then that's one area I might move to in the next year or so. Looking on houseprices.co.uk, the best houses round there don't come on the market very often though.
  11. Hi nesquick - that's just round my neck of the woods! I'm a bit further up towards Islington green, but they've been throwing up lots of new flats by the canal recently, as well as by the green. They must have a long way to fall with the big increase in supply, so I wouldn't want to be buying one just now. I dealt with Foxton's years ago while renting & looking for somewhere to buy - never again!
  12. Been keeping an eye on the falling prices for detached houses in Bickley/Chislehurst area over the last few months, waiting to see how much they are actually going for, and have the first result! This one sold recently (also here and here) was originally offered at £1,295,000 in Jan last year, and eventually went under offer at £1,150,000 in September, staying on the EAs websites until Mar/Apr this year. Looks like the same one listed as sold on the 9th Feb at houseprices.co.uk for £875,000. That's a drop of 32% from the original asking price, and sold at 24% below the final asking price. Also, check out number 20 on the houseprices.co.uk link above. went up by over 100% in 18 months! Some pretty silly prices around, so I expect there will be more big drops.
  13. That's because it should be a 3 bed house really. Looks like they've tried really hard to squeeze 5 bedrooms into it by putting one bathroom in a tiny loft extension (probably planning permission stops them from doing a full sized extension) and putting a weird combined bedroom/bathroom in the basement. My house has almost the same basic floorplan, and its 3 bed.
  14. Can check - do EAs often leave houses on months after they've sold? And the identical looking one next door sold for £965k in 04, next door but one sold for £950k in 05. Even if it wasn't a complete wreck, it wouldn't be worth what she paid. And I doubt the one she's selling at £1.495m would fetch above £1m.
  15. Looks like the house she bought at auction for £1.1m is now on the market asking £1.2m. That's got to be it. Looks like it and fits the description exactly. And the original one is still for sale. Don't get it. Thought the plan was to do up the new one and sell the old one. Both on the market? Maybe not such a good investment after all
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