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  1. you are nearly correct the part classed as old hatch warren is around the corner from where the farm used to be(portsmouth arms backs onto it) it has about 4 or so houses there the rest of the area is hatch warren
  2. old hatch warren by the portsmouith arms? if so its a nice quiet area may also want to try mathias walk,ellington drive in brighton hill as it backs onto there
  3. the test starts underground at oakley and appears above ground in overton the road between the 2 can have water either side deane is where the problem can get bad ive seen the whole row of houses in loads of water many times and both roads to it flooded
  4. a guy from work lives down that road he said he doesnt get any problems living there the only thing to remember is the road can get fairly busy as its a good cut through
  5. south ham has ok areas,depends on wha part popley and brighton hill(i just moved from here after 10 years) are loads better than what they used to be years ago
  6. depends on how much you have to spend prices about 200k have come down quite a bit but 350k+ havent been getting that much reductions hatch warren brighton hill lychpit kempshott then theres the villages oakley overton bramley cliddesdon
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